I've been looking for the "best" technique for releasing resistance. I put best in quotes because I don't really know if there is a best.

My work is helping people to achieve their goals via the LOA. As such I like to find the best techniques I can to release resistance, not only for them but also for myself.

I came across Faster EFT, and I'm really a huge fan of it. I really enjoy the process. I've been debating whether to get certified as a practitioner of it, so I can use it with clients.

But, then I'm thinking whether it matches my own personal style. I am a big proponent of mindfulness, and I find that mindfulness, if someone is able to successfully hold it, can be an extremely effective method for overcoming resistance as well. I'd say it's almost a more direct method, but it's also more difficult because our negative emotions can really hold a lot of energy to them, and it's easy to get swept away.

So I guess my question is, is there really a best method? Or is it just whatever matches me and my work? I like to do things as direct as possible. I don't want to waste time. If Faster EFT really were the best, say because of the points that are tapped, or whatever other reason, I'd want to use it.

I like to have as many tools as possible to use. I was trained in NLP as well, which I use regularly, and I'm attracted to Faster EFT for its use of NLP. It's definitely helped me in many ways in the time I've used it.

asked 03 Nov '15, 10:00

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The Magician


Focusing on releasing resistance is like being on a merry-go-round, it just keeps going on and on in circles, I suggest focusing on what is wanted rather than what is not wanted, manifesting effortlessly

(03 Nov '15, 10:42) jaz

Lol I see your point. That's one thing that concerns me about EFT of any form. It seems like I'm focusing a lot on the resistance when I use it. it's relatively easy for me to enter a place of feeling good normally, so I only like to focus on it briefly to get rid of whatever is there.

(03 Nov '15, 11:02) The Magician
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Hi @The Magician focusing on releasing resistance is like going round and round on a musical merry-go-round, it never stops till you get off. Having said that what is resistance but an automatic belief that no longer serves a purpose and thus becomes limiting. A limiting belief is an opinion based on earlier information that's no longer valid or is incomplete.

So to release resistance modify the belief simply by recognizing that it was originally installed using incomplete or obsolete information. Open up to the thought that a lot more info exists now that rejects that belief. Choose an option which is preferable and search for evidence to corroborate it.

Once you've done all this and gathered lots of supporting info it's easy to accept the new option as being in agreement with reality.

Here's a video that explains things in clear, simple easy to understand terms


Have a great day :)


answered 04 Nov '15, 04:39

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Thanks @jaz. Do you think that's what happens with Faster EFT? I saw a practitioner the other day and it did really help with the issue I went to them about. We cleared up some negative memories from the past that were forming a subconscious pattern for me.

So I'm not sure if I'm completely convinced that using Faster EFT to clear out resistance on a subject is the same as focusing on resistance and making it bigger. I think it's possible, but I'm not sure that has to happen. What do you think?

(04 Nov '15, 10:16) The Magician

I've no experience of EFT @The Magician, however I've explored many different ways of releasing resistance, what's important is what you think and whether a method works for you. Nowadays rather than searching to release resistances I prefer to practice manifesting what I want without delving into how it all works, though sometimes I do just for the fun :)

(05 Nov '15, 01:44) jaz

I've been trying Faster EFT for the past couple of days and it seems very interesting with regard to releasing resistance.


answered 21 Jul '17, 09:19

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There really isn't. Some people respond to certain methods better than others. I don't like any EFT or LOA, didn't feel any results. Perhaps you need a change in your routine. I listen to affirmations (someone else's voice) rather than writing or saying them myself. I notice a difference when I just listen.


answered 22 May '21, 20:31

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I find that for me the best techniques change, evolve. Sometimes EFT is the best, other times other processes - I list many of them in my blog on the right panel. Usually I use several of them in the same day.

I also write to some app every inspiring/empowering me quote, and then it "randomly" gives me the support.

And I also would like to offer you to look at your wording: you're saying "overcome resistance", Bashar would probably say it's fighting fire with fire. What about "allowing the good to come", "allowing the beauty of the moment to look through", "not deciding - receiving", "don't seek improvement, just seek relief" - does it feel nicer? ♥


answered 29 May '21, 10:49

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Olga Farber

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