I have been harrassed several times on this site. I thought that was against the rules. I have never had a moderator come and stop the bully. I don't care if we attract it. If that's the case, the site should never play moderator for anything, because they attracted it too. What is the point of having rules if they are to be broken and then blame the 'victim' . I am not calling myself a victim, but some people around here can twist things around so that it becomes hurtful instead of helpful. We are dealing with peole here, just because you type into a computer, doesn't mean the computer is answering back. We are real live people with feelings. So, if you want to help people, don't bully people into seeing your view.

Why does Inward Quest, where we should feel safe to come and explore, allow bullying and harrassment? That interferes with our learning.

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Fairy Princess


Perhaps you could try expressing your feelings in front of a mirror,you might find the peace you seek there.Love and Light

(12 Dec '12, 10:47) Roy

Ahhh! don't mind what people say..these things happen..Talk about bullying people into seeing their view, back at my school our mathematics teacher used to keep us kneeled for about 2 hours max..for not listening to her command.. ha haaa!

(12 Dec '12, 13:36) mastermind2

@Roy, I have actually been finding great relief in the clearing technique I posted. Today, I did the sets for blame and victim. However, I still don't want to participate if they are revoking my privileges. That is not the expected response to this situation. Why would they allow harrassment, and revoke My privileges.

(12 Dec '12, 22:39) Fairy Princess

well fairy princess the way that i see it the moderator they have punish you for harrassing and doing a bad use of the comment section. so they do not allow bullying and harrassing. so why do you still come back on this? they have took the proper action. you abused your privileges and they took the mesure to stop that.it is pretty clear and simple. why are you coming back on this? the more you haras the more long they will keep the punishement. or maybe you want more?

(12 Dec '12, 23:27) white tiger

I merely defended myself when I felt threatened, being harrassed.

(13 Dec '12, 07:20) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess is the ego needed when harmony can exist?do you need to judge call name not trust not understand and not respect other? open your eyes and see what you do of your own free will you are responsible of it.

(14 Dec '12, 00:01) white tiger

@Fairy Princess

I simply do not have the time to address your concerns. I will, when I have the time. My questions should be in your inbox. Please don't feel obligated to do so - I'm not sure if there is an answer. I tried to post this on your delete thread; but couldn't get any of the comments to open under your ? or A's. I'm sorry if this thread causes you any pain. Even when I don't realize I'm upset; my computer does, even tho it's new. When it heats or acts up; it's time for me to go.

(07 Jan '13, 15:20) ele

@Fairy Princess

I will find a more appropriate thread to address your concerns. I'm one of those people whose vibes can explode lightbulbs & kill other electrical gizmo's. Always been like that.

(07 Jan '13, 15:22) ele

@Fairy Princess

oOps . . . I meant when I get stressed NOT upset. Too many things going on at one time & not enough time. I think it's the Universe telling me to slow down & be in the NOW .

Do you still want an answer to the ?'s you deleted on the other thread or have you figured it out for yourself? You said you feared men & WT. I wanted your attention the other night. You need to be more "aware" if you are living with a fear vibration.

(08 Jan '13, 21:44) ele

@Fairy Princess

As for your answer - it's really good. You should think of a way to form it into a ?.

I really only want the best for you & you're on your way.

No hearts - just love, ele

(08 Jan '13, 21:45) ele
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Why does Inward Quest allow bullying and harrassing? I don't care if we attract it.

I think the better question to ask yourself is..."Why do I allow myself to feel bullied and harassed?"

If you truly don't care if you attract these situations, then don't be surprised when they pop up in your life. You are the sculptor and the artist of your world and anything that happens in it comes from you and you alone. There is no other person actually "out there."

Everything in your life is just a (mirror-like) reflection of something inside of you anyway. You are the one creating everything that happens to you, and the particular version of everyone that interacts in your unique version of reality.

alt text

If you want to change the reflections that you receive, simply stop giving your power away. Stop focusing and putting attention towards the thing that you don't want. Even if means turning off your computer or staying away from what is bothering you for a lengthy period of time. Use that time away from your problem to focus on other things that make you happy.

There have been comments directed towards me or comments in general that I haven't agreed with here at IQ. I simply don't give them any power or focus. If I don't feel inspired in a positive way to respond, I simply won't respond. Even if numerous comments in a row are made, I know that it doesn't affect me in any way shape or form unless I allow it to affect me.

When you put yourself in the victim mentality, you will definitely attract some kind victimization. I made myself the victim for the majority of my adult life and I sure found plenty of ways to be victimized. Ever since I started caring about "attracting my own reality," I no longer become the victim in any circumstance. If something that I don't prefer happens to me, it is an instant signal to look within and find out what is wrong at the core of my being.

Bashar has stated many times that "the world could be crumbling down around you in all directions, but if you hold the state of being that you prefer, you will not be affected by those things that are not part of your being-ness frequency."

Abraham Hicks - Trying To Control The Uncontrollable


answered 12 Dec '12, 13:48

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@Cory Perfect answer!

(12 Dec '12, 13:53) releaser99

@cory very nice. perfect picture. of what as happen,that little cat was at my door.3 days before all that started. i have tried to help the little cat. but if the little cat does not want to see,what can you do?

(12 Dec '12, 14:13) white tiger

@white tiger, I didn't come to your door, you came to my post.

(12 Dec '12, 14:25) Fairy Princess

@Cory You are righ, I will go back to ignoring them. I did for awhile, but they persiseted. However, this doesn't explain why IQ would allow him to harrass people, and take away my editing privileges.

(12 Dec '12, 14:26) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess you asked the question. and you are pushing for me to try your technique. from months ago. and i have told you what is not working. from my experience. you are standing on the foot step of a building and the one that went to the top of the building is telling you. but you cannot accept it. is it my fault?

(12 Dec '12, 15:22) white tiger

@Cory - Well said. Thank you.

(14 Dec '12, 09:24) figure8shape

@Fairy Princess I can't speak for the moderators here at IQ, nor can anyone else. Going back to my answer though, you first have to be in a mode of allowing harassment to even have this situation occur in the first place. If somebody is typing words on a computer (and that's all they truly are is just digital letters and numbers on an LCD screen) you don't have to respond no matter how much is written. There has to be something inside of you that is allowing your negative emotion to...

(14 Dec '12, 13:09) Cory

@Fairy Princess ... be felt in the first place. There is a reality that exists right now where you are not bothered by this situation at all. Line up with the belief that petty things like this will not bother you and you will start to see situations like this transform before your eyes. Your reality is yours alone. You are so loved that you can feel any emotion you desire at any time, even extreme negativity. Don't allow the reflection of your life to control you. Be the reflection that you...

(14 Dec '12, 13:15) Cory

@Fairy Princess ... desire to see and be. Use your THT method or whatever you feel comfortable with and work on this issue. Don't let an insignificant situation like this keep you in a low frequency. Learn from it and grow from it. There really is nothing out there hurting or attacking any of us. It all resides from within.

(14 Dec '12, 13:18) Cory

Thank you, I am using my THT method and clearing my way through the emotions. However, I don't want to participate here if I can't delete my old posts and have the other priveledges that were taken away while I was defending myself. If people read the post and my progress, they would see that all occure as I approached victim, which obviously needed clearing. If I didn't need to do the work, I woudn't have created the clear your way through the emotions thread to begin with.

(14 Dec '12, 14:02) Fairy Princess

Either way, the question I am asking here is about IQ allowing the harrassing comments, but revoke my priveledges when I defend myself.

(14 Dec '12, 14:03) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess In response to your last comment, maybe that is a question you should ask on IQ Meta. You may get a more direct response to the specific answer you are seeking over there. None of the members here can answer that question for you.

(14 Dec '12, 15:12) Cory

@cory you can bring the horse to the water but you cannot force it to drink. when the horse is thirsty enuff it will drink. for now the horse scream i am thirsty and refuse to see the water and drink.and the horse is mad by it self.

(14 Dec '12, 15:29) white tiger

Great answer, Cory! Walk away from the computer - go outside - get fresh air or click on another link.

Never give your power away.

You can always email a moderator. At the bottom of every page is a contact link. I used it & I got an immediate response & assistance from no other than Mr @Simon Templeton. Thanks Simon! My issue did not fit Meta criteria, so I used the contact button.

(08 Jan '13, 21:08) ele
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This reminds me of a very unpleasant discussion that i had with my mother a few days ago. I was very angry about the conversation i had and so i did a focus block on this and then i watched an abraham seminar.

They said to someone in the seminar (I'm just rephrasing):

"Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? You usually cannot be both at the same time. So choose now!"

We often think that we have to be right in order to be happy. But often it's quite the opposite. We don't need someone acknowledging that we are right or acknowledging that someone should be punished for behaving not the way we wanted to. We don't need this kind of thinking in order to feel happy now.

When you are pushing to be right, you are in combat mode.

You set yourself up for:

"They/You don't understand me."

"They/You don't WANT to understand me."

"If they really cared about me, they would SEE what I am saying, and agree with me. They don't care if they hurt my feelings."

"I am not loveable enough!"

Do you see the dark, lonely road that leads to?

Giving all your power to feel worthy and love-able over to another human being!


answered 12 Dec '12, 11:41

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@releaser99 "Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? You usually cannot be both at the same time. So choose now!"

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It all comes down to a simple choice now doesn't it.

(12 Dec '12, 13:55) Cory

@Cory You are welcome. Yes, it is so easy if you have to simply choose between wanting to be right OR happy. But what i realized is you must first realize FULLY that you are trying to be right. Often the mind wants to justify or rationalize in order to be right and so it says something like "I don't care about being right, but look at the other person and what he did!". Or it says "Yes i want to be happy but...". There is no "yes, but...". There is only "be happy" or "be right".

(12 Dec '12, 14:05) releaser99

They took away my edititin priveledges though. I don't think that is fair management. I don't want to participate here if I can't edit, delete, etc...

(12 Dec '12, 14:20) Fairy Princess

@releaser99 - I don't see "right" and "happy" as being one or the other. Can't you consider yourself right and be happy with that, regardless of what other people may say?

Do others have to agree with you in order for you to be happy ? Then you will never be happy.

(13 Dec '12, 04:30) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill No, you are wrong and i am right... just kidding:). In this context that's a valid point and of course you can be happy and be right for yourself. The practical issue in real life is often that we are pushing to be right and start complaining. And then we feel angry. So the question above is just a tool for when you feel negative emotions to check if you are unaware of your pushing to be right.

(13 Dec '12, 05:22) releaser99

@releaser99 Except the question is not this question. The question isn't what should I do, or why did this happen, it is, Why do they allow bullying?

(14 Dec '12, 07:32) Fairy Princess

@releaser99 - Oh yeah? <grin>

@Fairy Princess - let me be a little in your face and say It IS about what you should do! THT! Down deep, you know this. The only way out is to change yourself. Only you can do this. Only you can make you happy. THT!

(14 Dec '12, 09:33) Dollar Bill

Yes, @Dollar Bill, I am doing THT and the clearing your way through the emotions. The irony is that if people were reading the comments, they would see how things progressed as I approached victim. I can't get through all the sets fast enough. I feel much better than what people seem to think. However, I don't want to participate here if I can't go back and delete my old questions and answers if I want to. Revoking my editing cababilities in this situation is just uncalled for. I will wait until

(14 Dec '12, 14:07) Fairy Princess

I will wait until they are restored before I continue to contribute outside this post.

(14 Dec '12, 14:07) Fairy Princess
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In my own experience, I have found the best approach in these scenarios is to ignore, or detach completely.

However, it may so happen that you are in a situation where you must see this person on a regular basis (the workplace, for instance). In this case, if you must sometimes interact with the person, you can still emotionally detach from whatever they are saying or doing. In other words, you find a way to make yourself not care.

This skill can take time to learn and get better at. The ultimate pinnacle of this skill is when someone can literally scream in your face, and you will just not care. Or they throw a punch at you, and in an emotionally detached manner, you parry the blow, strike them back as a purely safety-enhancing move, and then when they are no longer a threat, walk away without feeling anything. This is the highest level of combative psychology that the (good) martial arts teach.

Much easier, however, is to simply ignore the person before it gets that far. And to cultivate a state of being where you do not attract these things.

And it should be even easier on an online forum!

Remember, you never have to respond to anyone here.

Occasionally, I might read a post here that "irks" me slightly. I always take a good moment to think about whether I really want to respond before making the decision to do so, so that I am fully aware and conscious as to why I am doing so...and conscious of the type of energy that is moving through me. Sometimes the person surprises me, and we end up having an interesting exchange of views, and I find myself the better for it.

If the exchange begins to make me feel unpleasant, however, I simply stop posting and abandon the thread.

Bottom line is, non-reaction is key.

Eckhart Tolle has talked at length about this subject in his books...I recommend them. Although he's not a LOA guy per se, this is one of the areas where he particularly excels.


answered 12 Dec '12, 14:44

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@lozenge123 - I agree. Eckhart Tolle is extremely helpful in dealing with resistance (of all sorts). Thank you. Nice response.

(14 Dec '12, 09:30) figure8shape

@lozenge123 Great answer. Thank you.

(14 Dec '12, 13:28) Cory

@figure8shape - Thanks! Yeah, dealing with this stuff is Tolle's forte, IMO. The more I get into LOA, the less relevant some of his stuff seems, but on dealing with conflict situations--that is, if you've already made the mistake of attracting them--he's got great advice.

(14 Dec '12, 13:30) lozenge123

Yes, this is wonderful! I love to use the "I don't want to discuss this anymore" method. Then I use my intentions and distractions to stick to that. Only I can keep that fire blazing,however new choices saves me.- Here is the thread that brought me here and now I understand about the fires :)


(15 Dec '12, 09:56) clearheart
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I am confused because I can't find the posts that have led to this "question."

After finishing writing this post, I have come back to the beginning and want to say that it may be a good thing that I cannot find these posts. I might get into justifying and taking sides. Both @white tiger and @Fairy Princess have much to contribute!

It seems to me that the "moderators" rarely interfer with IQ. That they feel that as a person reaches an accumulation of points, they become a moderator. The points are derived from what the other members feel worthwhile and/or valuable.

As a person accumulate a certain number of points they become a "junior moderator". Greater points and they become a "senior moderator" with more editing priveledges, ie, to be able to edit other peoples' posts (not comments). These points can come slowly as a person integrates into the basic ideas of IQ.

Those that don't "fit" here usually leave on their own.

So IQ has been designed to be self-regulating. I think that Simon, Barry and Kathleen are slow to take action, often watching (possibly ignoring) comments between members, preferring that we work out our own resistance. This is one of the wonderful things this site has going for it.

When I first joined IQ, I, too, had a hard time with @white tiger. I am ashamed to admit this, but I found his posts trite and obscure. I was a pompous ass about this. But people here pointed out a lot of the same things, that I was reflecting back disuesful aspects of my own personality.

I went to work on this and a marvelous thing happened. I began to see a depth and profundity in @white tiger 's posts. It almost seemed that someone had edited his posts and took away all the things I had found objectionable!

But then I realized that the posts had NOT been edited. I was seeing with different eyes. Suddenly his posts (and others) took on a depth and profundity that I found very meaningful. A lot of other things in my life also changed for the better!

Yeah, I can still get my ass on my shoulders and decide that someone should be different, that they are posting disuseful stuff. But then I have a strong look at myself and reaize that there is value in the person.

Now, I enjoy @white tiger's posts and see no attacks. He states his point of view very simply and there is value there for me. Like all of us he is not perfct. You may have to read slowly and carefully, but he has much to contribute.

I also enjoy @fairy princess's posts, her passion, her THT and her explorations.

"As iron sharpens iron, so men sharpen men." (and women)

It is through our relationships with others that we define ourselves. Let us value the differences rather than trying to change them!


  1. Thank you for the links, though I did not check them out. I don't want to go into that stuff, sorry, hope you understand. This is not a contest where each side adds up the problems. I like you AND white tiger. You are both powerful contributors.

  2. @Fairy Princess - Let me begin by saying I know your pain. It can be hard to be the perceived target of a bully. All the rationalizations don't help.

You know what to do. Stop these "it isn't fair" and "the moderators should do something..." posts and dwelling on this unfortunate episode.

You have an enormously powerful technique! THT! USE IT!!!!! The rest of this crap doesn't matter. Focus on your power!!


answered 13 Dec '12, 07:43

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Dollar Bill

edited 14 Dec '12, 09:04

Here are a couple of links. I could find more, but I don't want to go looking for them. http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/62451/clear-your-way-up-the-emotions

(13 Dec '12, 07:55) Fairy Princess

I can't even go back and delete my old questions. That is not cool. I was deffending myself against a barrage of attacks, and I got punished. I don't care how spiritually advanced anyone here is. I don't want to participate if I have my priveledges stripped, especially since I was deffending myself. When Mr. It's Not In Me It's In You falsely accuses me of wanting to kill them, what message does that send?

(13 Dec '12, 07:59) Fairy Princess

Great answer,Dollar Bill. Love and Light

(13 Dec '12, 08:45) Roy

@ Dollar Bill - Thank you.

@ Fairy Princess - Remember: Nothing has any built-in meaning--only the meaning we choose :) Continue to focus on what you want and you will receive more of that and less of the other.

(14 Dec '12, 09:22) figure8shape

@Dollar Bill You make some very good points with this answer.

(14 Dec '12, 13:26) Cory

Yes Bill - you made some very good points which I thought were true..

"So IQ has been designed to be self-regulating. I think that Simon, Barry and Kathleen are slow to take action, often watching (possibly ignoring) comments between members, preferring that we work out our own resistance. This is one of the wonderful things this site has going for it."

(06 Dec '13, 01:50) ele
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If you give attention to anthing, from any perspective, you are largening the problem and causing it to heat up more; hence it will be in your reality regardless. Energy flows where attention goes. It doesn't matter if you want to end bullying, you are still putting the spotlight on bullying.

Also, why not try the approach of welcoming 'bullying.' I agree with @Cory; use this experience as a springboard approach to discover your beliefs that are causing you bad feelings!

And I think you will find Bashars explanation of judgement to be very helpful as well, again, this ties in with his whole philosophy of 'passing the test.'



answered 13 Dec '12, 09:00

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I love this. What I find exciting is that every attraction allows me to grow more fully into my idea of who I really want to be. Yes, I prefer moderators to keep a safe enviroment ,however I still look at everything as an opportunity to grow in faith and knowing.

(14 Dec '12, 06:48) clearheart

C'mon people..If the spiritual enlightened cant live together in one place peacefully, what hope does the world have?


answered 12 Dec '12, 13:39

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@mastermind2 - agreed! Peace needs to start from within each individual. Perhaps enlightenment relates to the peace within.

(13 Dec '12, 04:23) Dollar Bill

mastermind, the reason I had to laugh when I read this is cause it's so true. We are bound to get out of alignment even when we know so much, and then there we are doing or saying things that don't add up to what we know. and so true, imagine those who are always on fight or flight mode.

(15 Dec '12, 10:01) clearheart


Best answer! Seems like the religious people on IQ, are the least tolerant of another user's religion or beliefs.

(07 Jan '13, 15:25) ele
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The entire universe responds to your anticipation and constantly brings forth your anticipation into a "physical experience"

Everyone that is in your life psychically (unconsciously) responds to your anticipation and tries to participate with you in making all your anticipations into "real" experiences.

Examine everything that is within you right now (ideas) and let go of that which you do not want to happen to you.

When you clarify within yourself and loudly to the world the list of things that you DO NOT WANT TO HAPPEN TO YOU, The thing, which you do not want, now begins to exist within you.

As you think it, discuss it, and complain about it, IT begins to gather more and more momentum and validity within your consciousness as a valid experience that is intertwined with your physical experience.

As long as you express it in ideas, IT is waiting in the wings for the next opportunity to exist, physically, in your life.

Others that interact with you, psychically pick-up your ideas that exist within you and unconsciously act towards you in a manner to help you experience those ideas.

Their behaviour towards you is a product of your own anticipation and the inner "living picture" of what you see happening to you next.

The statement "I have been harassed several times in this site" maybe a recalled memory to you, but when you express it, it is still alive within you right now.

The fact that it still exists as an experience right now (as a memory) within you allows that experience to be broadcasted as an anticipation of something that you want to avoid in the future.

This living picture within you of "that which you want to avoid" becomes the psychic blueprint that everyone around tries to "live up to" every time they interact with you.

Therefore, everyone around you behaves in the manner in which you do not want them to behave.


Because that is the "living picture that is in your mind".

If you want the "bullying" to stop, you have to stop dwelling upon the memory of being bullied.


answered 13 Dec '12, 23:43

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The Traveller


@The Traveller: so nice to see you timely wander by

(14 Dec '12, 07:10) ursixx

Yes, I understand that. But why does IQ allow it? They do other moderator stuff like, take away my editing privelegde when I was being harrassed. So, until they restore my priveledges, it is glaring.

(14 Dec '12, 07:37) Fairy Princess

@The Traveller - "If you want the "bullying" to stop, you have to stop dwelling upon the memory of being bullied." Absolutely!

However "stop dwelling . . . " is like saying, "stop thinking about green elephants." For this to work with me, I need to replace that old memory with something completely different. Find something else and enjoy it!

(14 Dec '12, 08:55) Dollar Bill

@The Traveller, right on target!!

(14 Dec '12, 09:51) MoonWillow
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This seems like a good case to imply rule 14


answered 12 Dec '12, 17:02

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(12 Dec '12, 21:15) Dollar Bill

Thanks! :)

(12 Dec '12, 21:17) Fairy Princess

i do not think that calling anny one names out of judgement is good for anny one. tell them the truth that is alot more effective. we do not seek division but harmony.

(12 Dec '12, 21:20) white tiger

@white tiger - I am not saying that I think this rule applies to you or anyone in particular. The point is that when there is a negative situation, it is best to ignore it and walk away. The more a person feeds negative situations and negative people, the more strength these situations develop.

(13 Dec '12, 04:19) Dollar Bill

@dollar bill i am just saying that judging and name calling is good for no one. and harmony understanding and truth destroy annything negative.negative only come from ignorance,inequity and judgement in the first place. with truth you remove that ignorance inequity and judgement so negativity as no reason to exist,and become the lie and illusion that it was in the first place.as long as people do not do that they cast stone at each other and it is not helping anny one. because they remain in-

(13 Dec '12, 05:25) white tiger

ignorance and do not know what they do.

(13 Dec '12, 05:28) white tiger

@Dollar Bill: I agree with you 100%

(13 Dec '12, 13:18) ursixx

@dollar bill will also add that if every one ignore those negative people how will they ever learn from their error?if you do not give them that chance,then they will never change and you will always be trap with negative people. if there is nothing to be done with them out of their own free will then i agree with you.also darkness does not remove darkness. light remove darkness. go in a dark room light up the light where is the darkness?

(14 Dec '12, 05:29) white tiger
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As in life, as on this site...

Some people believe they know the ultimate truth and they've defined their truth as the only truth...
Alas, they've failed to realize that all truths are true and that all tools work for certain people...

And inspired by their own definition and belief they're standing atop a giant pedestal of their own creation...

And sadly, from their vantage point they can only look down upon the ignorant masses who need their guidance...

And in their sanctimonious tone they call others to their truth, the only truth; and that's their folly...

Although everything is a reflection within your Uni-Verse, Pop1...
You can use the opportunity to discern whether the lesson is indeed for you or for the other spirit...
Your reaction or your response shows you where you are in understanding and makes you stronger...

To end the unwanted reflection, no reaction and no response is always prudent ♥


answered 07 Jan '13, 20:42

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edited 07 Jan '13, 21:23


I understand that remaining neutral is a key Eddie,and that the all truths are simply, That... I do not get "that all tools work for certain people".Am I missing part of the message?Love and Light.

(07 Jan '13, 21:22) Roy

Hi Roy, because we create our own experience of reality...

When we attract a tool to us, any tool which resonates with us, by it's very nature that tool will work for us, that's why we attracted it to us :)

When people say: I've found THE truth, and you must believe me and follow me etcetera, you know they are to be avoided like a plague, lolz, :)

(07 Jan '13, 21:30) Eddie

Hi Eddie,Happy New Year.It is my understanding that WE ALL are Divine conduits. Each with a message to share,some resonate while others do not.It's all a matter of choice.I am just happy that we are catching up with the Rhythm.Love and Light.

(07 Jan '13, 21:57) Roy

@Eddie- Hey Eddie, a very happy new year to you and @Roy (and @everyone). I'm going to watch as your answer slowly reaches to one of the higher votes

(07 Jan '13, 23:56) Nikulas

Thanks Nikulas, HNY to you too! It's not really about the votes my friend, many read who don't vote anyway :)

(08 Jan '13, 03:18) Eddie

Thank you Eddie :)

(08 Jan '13, 08:49) Fairy Princess

Up, up & away - I command you to rise - with one click, magick will happen!

As always, love, love your answer Eddie.

I was late to the party - I was your #16 on the other thread - that click took me over an hour to make stick! You're worth it!

(08 Jan '13, 20:57) ele

Thanks ele, my words are simply a reflection of what you already know :)

(08 Jan '13, 21:29) Eddie
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I have only seen a few unkindnesses here over the years and all of those were later apologized for. However, I have an open mind to what you are saying. Could you please provide some examples of harassment and bullying here on IQ for the sake of clarity?


answered 12 Dec '12, 09:15

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LeeAnn 1

The most recent is here, white tiger's comments and answer. I usually ignore him after the past times, but I fell for the bait this time. I also wanted to make it clear that I didn't want to kill him, like he accused, but knowing that he must feel that way about me, to put that on me like that was very unsettling, and there is no button to report comments, so I got the moderator's attention another way that backfired. I am working on myself to not attract this, that is why I made the question

(12 Dec '12, 09:39) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, if you can't handle picking fights with people, then maybe you shouldn't do it.

(12 Dec '12, 10:29) Bedazzled

@Bedazzled When did I pick a fight?

(12 Dec '12, 10:55) Fairy Princess

In the link, in your answer, where you gave White Tiger a couple of "examples" of how you could "communicate an answer to him." That was an inflammatory answer, or at least, it seemed like one to me.

(12 Dec '12, 12:34) Bedazzled

That was an honest, sincere and to the point answer to the question. It occurred after several people felt attacked by him.

(12 Dec '12, 12:47) Fairy Princess

@Bedazzled Did you read the other answers to get a feel for what had been going on already and how other people responded to the same question?

(12 Dec '12, 12:49) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, you might consider doing a Focus Block or EFT with regard to these upsetting exchanges. These exercises have helped me in the past.

(12 Dec '12, 14:47) lozenge123

I had not seen that thread or perhaps had not read through all of the many comments.....I didn't know about it. But it's only words on a screen. They only have to bother you to the point you let them. This may seem to be easier said than done, and too simple, but that just isn't true.

(12 Dec '12, 18:04) LeeAnn 1

Wishing love and peace to everyone who visits and posts on IQ.

(12 Dec '12, 19:19) LeeAnn 1

I don't want to see the thread either. Also a great remedy to conflicting ideas with another is to simply agree to disagree and know we are all in this together as far as living and dying, however we don't have set sail on the same raft together.

(15 Dec '12, 10:06) clearheart
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Hello. I just want to send you soooooo much love. Please look at this and then I hope it can help you sweetheart.


love and light



answered 12 Dec '12, 15:57

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks! Love!

(12 Dec '12, 21:17) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess u r soooooooo welcome... so welcome...

(14 Dec '12, 21:13) TReb Bor yit-NE

I'm surprised to find that there are actually rules here on this site, given the fact that free thinkers like many of people are over here, would not need them.

Rules and moderation defeat the purpose of free thinking society.


answered 12 Dec '12, 09:07

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They moderated it enough to take away my ability to delete my own posts, etc... but allow harrassment. The oposite of what I would expect.

(12 Dec '12, 09:31) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, to delete your post or your comment? Because comments have edit and deletion disabled after a while automatically.

(13 Dec '12, 03:31) CalonLan

Sorry, but I don't understand your question. The first part is missing. They disabled it when I was trying to get someone to stop harrassing me. It was a self deffense thing. I felt threatened.

(13 Dec '12, 07:19) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, you have to read it in context with what you have replied to my post.

(14 Dec '12, 02:02) CalonLan

an incomplete sentence is an incomplete sentence. I don't understand the question, "to delete your post or your comment?"

(14 Dec '12, 07:40) Fairy Princess

"They moderated it enough to take away my ability to delete my own posts (to delete your post or your comment?) ..." All you need to do is to take a step back to see pieces fall together in one grant picture.

(14 Dec '12, 08:10) CalonLan

Never assume. Thanks for the clarification. The answer to that question is both.

(14 Dec '12, 08:26) Fairy Princess

Alright, then that was not fair towards you.

(14 Dec '12, 08:43) CalonLan
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Fairy princess the reason is that you are the one doing it. there is no bullying or harassing coming from me. you are the one trying to ignore and delete some pieces of the puzzle to play the victim. you have asked a question i have answer. if you are not able to accept it and want to push the issue judge and blame and not understand what i said to you. is it my fault? if you call me name drunk,monkey etc....... and delete it from the site so it does not show. is it my fault? if you spam my mail box with a load of comment is it my fault? if i answer you to help you out and you still do the same thing is it my fault? to the mesure you judge also will you be judge. am i telling you the truth? do i need to judge you? you are doing a pretty good job of judging your self. are you not? but if you do not want to see it keep deleting pieces of the puzzle. but the puzzle is still there. and it is not because you do not see,that some other will not see it.


answered 12 Dec '12, 13:14

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger


What happened bro? :\

(12 Dec '12, 13:31) mastermind2

@mastermind2 fairy princess pushing her deleting technique she as asked me month ago if i tried it. before she put it again on the site that week i have hear the same question coming back 3 time even add a black cat come to my house. i told her what does not work about it to help her out even if i know that 99% she would not accept it and would make a war out of it.would not want to see and push the same question what she did 3 time. you can see it on the eazy delete technique, and here.

(12 Dec '12, 13:41) white tiger

@mastermind2 so what happened the same thing that i know would happen month ago. you can take the horse to the water but you cannot force the horse to drink. when the horse will be ready and thirsty enuff it will drink. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7INnvnHrlg

(12 Dec '12, 13:51) white tiger

I have not tried to push anything on you. If I edit my post, it comes to the top of the list. If you don't want to read it, don't click on the link. If you comment on it, it brings it back to the top of the list. If you don't want to try it, you have no business criticizing it or saying that it doesn't work. It is like the story of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

(12 Dec '12, 14:30) Fairy Princess

However, if you tried it, and it didn't work, I could answer questions to help you. It can be difficult for some people to grasp. That is why I made videos. That would be a different conversation. You would say that you tried it and tell me what the results were, and we would go from there.

(12 Dec '12, 14:32) Fairy Princess

But to simply refuse to answer the question of whether you tried it or not is absurd. As you can see, it does matter in the direction the conversation goes.

(12 Dec '12, 14:34) Fairy Princess

And when Mr. It's Not In Me It's In You, accuses me of wanting to kill them, what message does that send?

(12 Dec '12, 14:36) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess you say to not answer is absurd.yet look what as happen when i have answer you to help you out.yet you do not see and push in the same way. is it my fault? you are the one that needs help. but you do not see it yet. keep deleting things that you do not want to see. and say to me i see. it will be a endless vicious circle for you. until you really see ,and stop deleting what you do not want to see. but understand how the pieces work together. then you will not have to delete anny-

(12 Dec '12, 15:32) white tiger

@fairy princess thing and you will see the big picture. but for now you are blind, and see only what you want to see. if you want to fool your self, why do you blame me? once you stop judging and seek not conflict,then maybe you will be able to start to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY7vamVg99E

(12 Dec '12, 15:34) white tiger
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same reason God allows suffering on earth, to help with the learning of those who don' t understand it yet.


answered 07 Jan '13, 15:28

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