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As stated in a previous message:

I've read a lot of books around LOA, karma, etc and they saw 'you sow what you reap', 'there is a boomerang effect', 'you get what you give' and in the universe, there must be balance.

We attract people, events, situations, things by virtue of of thoughts, words and actions, with the feelings behind those thoughts and the intention and motivation behind them.

When I was 18-20, while I was at college and uni, I had a lot of success applying these methods. I'm 23 and just dropped out of uni and I'm not succesful as before, however, I will use those 4 points again to seek what I desire.

1) I'm a male, so I had the mindset and thoughts that: every women is beautiful and sexy and I looked for the good qualities in them, this gets magnified back according to LOA.

2) I aligned myself with my desires: when I was 18, I worked out, brought quality jeans, leather jacket, I had a good hairstyle, I had a confident posture and like attracts like, what are your best parts: your eyes, body, fashion sense, social skills, humour, do you feel you have strength of character and what qualities do you have which are attractive, etc? You have too feel good and align yourself with your desire, if you want a sexy parter, be sexy yourself and reinstate the good things about yourself and your body!

3) Be more loveable and to re-emphahsise point 1, respect the opposite sex and treat/view all as handsome/sexy/beautiful lol.

4) Live your life, have an ambition, fill your life with interesting hobbies, join clubs, their is nothing more attractive when you're living your life, going for an ambition and taking your mind off when you have better things to do!

5) As others have stated in my previous message, what can you offer? (thanks guys)

6) Love couples and the best parts in people.

Good luck to everyone! :)


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Barry Allen ♦♦

One day I'll get on my high horse and rise to the my glory. Witnessing as all the attachments rise with it, through consciousness I'll witness the magnificent theatrical play being played as I become its puppet master. ;>

(13 Dec '12, 05:14) CalonLan

@Indigo- I'll accept this as my first Xmas present!! Really thankyou for putting the thought to post this, I found it of immence value, thankyou again.

(13 Dec '12, 08:59) Nikulas
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Hi Indigo11 try our lovely Eldavo's Apple Technique for a romantic partner

it certainly feels delicious to me ;-)

alt text


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wow..the pic is so beautiful... :)))

(13 Dec '12, 08:08) supergirl
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