"Alphas" is an interesting program about people who have a particular "superhuman" skill. One guy can read electomagnetic signals. He can follow cell phone conversations, locate people by using traffic cameras. He does this all with his mind.

Others have super human strength, superfast reflexes, more

Alphas - Wiki

The people are aware of their superhuman capabilities and use them as a team.

This is background to my question. One of the characters poses an interesting question. Are you aware that there are many people with superhuman abilities that don't know they have them? She calls high level constructon workers, people who clean windows in tall office buildings from the outside, "Light Bodies". They do things that seem to defy gravity.

Women who carry huge loads on their heads in foriegn countries.

People in skilled trades that do things that seem impossible for the average person. Are these people unconscioulsy using Source connected abilities without realizing that they are connecting with "superhuman" abilities?

An earlier question has some interesting ideas.

Does everyone, within them have superhuman abilities?

Would you please expand on this from your own experience? Or comments about the validity of this idea?

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Dollar Bill

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Barry Allen ♦♦

we all have abilities. it is just that we do not use them or notice them. but one should know him self,that is the first place to start.

(16 Dec '12, 05:41) white tiger

will also add many wants to be batman,or a dark night but they do not know what is batman in the first place. they see batman as a strongh guy kicking ass. but what is batman power? is he really dark? is it that he know himself and can know other? and using what he as (analytical mind) is trying to make the world a better place? you see power come from with in not from outside. will also add why does he have to be dark? so people identify them self with him?if they would call him the white night

(16 Dec '12, 16:16) white tiger

would people go see the movie?you think a white knight cannot kick ass? but batman is a white knight he does what he does to help people.the guy that can read electromagnetic signal in alpha in this world would be called a foul or a psychotic,out of people judgement. but would they be in truth?

(16 Dec '12, 16:19) white tiger
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I have not seen "Alphas", but I feel that people with extraordinary powers or modalities are going to be showing up in all corners of the earth very shortly.I believe that we will be hearing of and witnessing miracles taking place daily.Love and Light


answered 15 Dec '12, 09:27

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Roy, they are here right now, but most of them may not realize their powers. They are often at the top of their fields.

Have a look around. I know a mechanic who can walk up to a car and disgnose problems without equipment.

I have a good friend who helps me buy artifacts on eBay. I can send him a link and he can tell me, from lousy pictures, "Get this!" or "Leave it alone." He has been helping me for ten years and is never wrong. Often these pieces are far outside his personal knowledge.

(15 Dec '12, 09:46) Dollar Bill

I Am One who does not fully realize or fully allow, yet :)

(15 Dec '12, 10:01) Roy

Actually anyone can learn to have super human abilities and do miracles! But first you have to master your mind, body and spirit...and it's not an over night process.. This is all explained in David DeBold's book "Miracle Mastery". There he gives tools and explains how things work and why they work in such ways.. it's very fascinating. He is talking about extreme abilities lke invisibility, bi location, teleportation, telekinesis, even materialisation,... :)


answered 15 Dec '12, 12:49

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@Marin what other details are given in that book.Pls tell us...

(16 Dec '12, 03:49) Sayantan

The author is a scientist so all is explained in great detail..he travelled around world and met many people with these abilities and witnessed them. These people do not show themeselves to public and to just anybody but if you know where to look, you'll find them..i haven't finished reading the book, I read just 1/3 or something..but I can tell you this book is not BS. It gives genuine exercises to build up your energy(breathing exercises,what to eat..), take control of your mind(meditations..)

(16 Dec '12, 04:49) Marin

and take control of your spirit(how to stretch your aura..)

take a look http://www.allthingspsychic.com/miracles/

(16 Dec '12, 04:52) Marin
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I have never heard of Alphas but have many times watched Stan Lee's Super Humans.

Also on a fictional note the show Heroes, and the movie Push.


answered 16 Dec '12, 04:05

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Wade Casaldi

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