Hey guys,

I'm very homely and I've always dreamed of having my own home. I'm 23 and heading back to uni at 25.

I know how I would act/feel inside the home, what I would wear, I know what different themes I would have throughtout the home such as the living room, bedroom and I would go up to my bedroom at night and wrap myself in my warm quilt and take a shower next morning and have breakfast.

I believe anything is possible, and there are unlimted ways to manifest. I believe letting go is crucial, I'm not even expecting it.

What should I do, I have to stay in the now and be positive, your approach/thoughts to this?

Your comments are appreciated,


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Ok you (and probably everyone else here as well) are going to hate me for this answer.

However, over time you will come to realize that this is how things work.

Pretend that you have never hear of the concept of the law of attraction and the idea of "manifestation"

Now if you wanted to live in your own home what do you need to do each day towards that goal?

How long will it take you to, realistically, reach that destination?

Now start doing all those things towards that goal.

Do something every day.

Now on top of this activity add on your belief in the concept of the law of attraction.

Absolutely believe in the success of this desire.

You may ask yourself, what is the difference between believing in the law of attraction and not believing in the law of attraction?

The difference is your ability to harness the energy that bridges the gap between your consciousness and reality.

Is there a difference?


Can you test its power with the example YOU have presented in this question?


Because you have to understand the power, you possess by taking tiny baby steps.

Manifesting a house is a GIANT LEAP.

Besides, the word "manifesting" is very misleading because it seems to suggest that your house just appears as if my magic.

You have to understand the relationship between your consciousness and reality.

If you create a vision of you juggling three balls and meditate upon this for months with great conviction, but do nothing towards it, you will find that nothing has changed.

If you do practice juggling every day and constantly tell yourself that you are not going to succeed you will find that you are actually putting the power of attraction into motion, but paradoxically you will attract your failure of success because that is the "vision" of your attraction.

On the other hand, if you create a vision of eventual success at juggling while acquiring the skills necessary, you will be magically guided from within yourself towards the right advice, the right source of information, and the right timing, for each step that you will have to put into motion by your own physical effort.

But you will not feel lost because your "vision" of success becomes the invisible guidance system and it automatically aligns the necessary books, libraries, conversations, desire to practice, etc. into alignment until your actual physical effort results in the success that you are looking for.

Without this conscious use of the attraction phenomenon, you can still become a juggler, but you will have to depend on your ego to guess its way, constantly not knowing if it is the right thing to do.

So don't start with a house.

Start with a smiley face.

See how long it takes you to experience a smiley face.

Learn to recognize your moment of success.

If you see it on TV, on a Tee Shirt, on a Coffee cup, hear it in a conversation, see it on a child's pencil or eraser....all of those qualify as a success.

Now go for something more difficult like a free cup of coffee, tea, or a bottle of water.

Picture it, experience it, have it, live it, and keep it a secret from friends and family until it shows up in your life.

Any time you receive one of these items where you did not pay for it, (being invited for dinner at a restaurant where you did not pay) qualifies as a success.

The important thing here is for you to recognize when you have succeeded.

It is important to recognize that you are not "manifesting" anything.

You are using your consciousness to cross paths with an experience that you are already working on.

Even in the case of the free coffee, tea, or water bottle, you still had to show up to the location where you crossed paths with the "event" in your imagination.

Once you figure this out, you will realize that your question here is too far removed from the understanding that you are seeking.

Once you understand how to "attract" a smiley face, or a cup of coffee, you will no longer need to ask how to "manifest" a house.

In order to "manifest" a house, you definitely need to have a working understanding of how to "manifest" a smiley face and a cup of coffee.


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little help along the way for @Indigo11 http://goo.gl/vwc4y

(15 Dec '12, 17:27) ursixx

Brilliant ursixx!
That was hilarious :)

(15 Dec '12, 17:34) The Traveller

@Traveller great stuff and @ursixx ;-)

Want to tell you both , you are so loved ♥♥♥

(16 Dec '12, 21:51) Starlight

@The Traveller, intriguing, why would you assume people would hate you for pointing out that actually an action is needed along with the right mindset and not merely sitting on ass and thinking wishful thoughts to get what you want? Perhaps because that's what most people do? lol.

(17 Dec '12, 03:13) CalonLan
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I agree with Traveller's answer to a certain extent. You do need to "show up," so to speak, because your house is not going to appear magically. It could, of course, but that was not my experience. But no need to take intermediary steps, though, as suggested.

What I did was to go online every evening and look through homes that were for sale in the communities that interested me. (I was not planning on buying anything immediately because my finances were not optimal. But I thought, no harm in dreaming.) I did this for about 3 months, and then one evening while looking at the houses, I saw a message that said get pre-approved for a mortgage. (I thought, too, that even if I did not get pre-approved, I would learn what I needed to do to get pre-approved. Pre-approval would let me know how much house I could afford and put me in a good bargaining position.) I did, and the rest is history. From the time I got pre-approved for the mortgage, two months later I was a homeowner.

From my experience, I simply put my focus (my life energy, if you will) on my desire. The only thing I did was to put forth the effort. I did not know anything about the law of attraction at that time.

Desire is good because it moves us to act and create, and when you turn your energy towards it, it will show up in the physical world -- sometimes as you envision and other times in another form.

So, get online, look in the paper, and/or go out and about and look around and get yourself a home.


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I manifested a new car once, so why wouldn't a house work? It could work! It might take some time, but you might as well get started! You have nothing to lose other than a few moments per day. I say start now, persist, and let us know when you have moved in.


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I also reflected on your car manifestation when I read through this: @LeeAnn

(17 Dec '12, 03:03) ursixx
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