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To say that Wade and I have been blessed beyond belief since we moved into our own home is an understatement. We seem to have entered Manifestation Paradise! We have been given tables, couches, have found incredible things at flea markets and antique shops, and generally have furnished a whole home with very little expense.

One of the days we were cruising a pawn shop, I saw a Ty Collectible Bear for sale. It was rather charming, but had too high a price. I did want it- it was a lovely plush blue bear, and I pictured it sitting in our living room, which has the general blue theme of our house. For some reason, though, I let go of the wanting of it. I said to myself, with a shrug, :If God means for me to have a blue Teddy Bear, He will provide it.

Yesterday was Sunday (December 23rd, 2012), and Wade and I went to Church as usual. The Pastor did a special service for Christmas, which included a candle-lighting ceremony and very nice music. The theme was that we should all be lights for others in this world. Wade had never been to a candle-lighting ceremony. It was ironic- I had been going on and on all week about how I wanted to go to a Christmas Eve Candle-Lighting Ceremony this year- and it happened right in our own church.

Anyway, at the end of the service, our Pastor, Terry, carried out four boxes. I wondered what was in them. To close the service, Terry opened the boxes, and said he had a whole Ty Beanie Baby collection to give away as a way of saying Merry Christmas to all of us, especially the children.

He first pulled out a pterodactyl (ironic for a Creationist LOL!) and we all started to chatter as we saw this fun booty. Then, Terry reached into one of the boxes, and showed us a Beautiful Blue Bear. I laughed! There was the Bear! I spoke up, and asked if I could have that bear, and he gave it to me....Then we found out that there were a lot of grown-up kids who wanted stuffed animals. I wasn't the only adult to get a Beanie Baby.

Isn't Manifesting wonderful?? And of course, I knew that God had heard me that day in the Pawn Shop, and made sure that I got my bear, for free, for Christmas. It just has been going on and on this way for Wade and I. It blew our minds.

Tonight, we went to Walmart to shop, and as we drove home, we saw beauty in the sky. Around the moon was the most beautiful rainbow ring. I have never seen a ring around the moon so lovely. As we drove over the mountain back home, we stared at the moon, and counted our blessings.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Trust in God, for He hears your every prayer. Every single one!

Many Good Wishes to all my IQ Friends,

Christmas Eve, 2012,


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@Jai- love the blue teddy, peace and love to all

(24 Dec '12, 04:49) blubird two

@jai- the teddy is so..cute..,i also want it..n ur story is lovely jai..just like you n,light n blessings..on ur way sweetheart :))n merry christmas..,may this christmas brings lotts of new surprises to you..n ur sweet family.

(24 Dec '12, 06:36) supergirl

Merry Christmas!

(24 Dec '12, 08:32) Fairy Princess

To you, too!!!!

(24 Dec '12, 08:41) Jaianniah

What a nice and uplifting post, Jai. I am so happy for you that your little bear came to you. Very cute. Peace and love to you and Wade.

(24 Dec '12, 16:13) LeeAnn 1

@Jai - Same from me, what a sweet story, and what a cute lil bear! I'm so happy you're so happy. I wish every joy and blessing for you and @Wade for Christmas. May it be - may it always be - everything and more than you had always dreamed it could be. Love, Grace :)

(24 Dec '12, 16:25) Grace

Thank you, @Grace! You truly live up to your name, dear! Merry Christmas!♥♥♥ Jai

(24 Dec '12, 16:44) Jaianniah
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