I ask this as a follow up to a question raised earlier from Michaela. From my interpretation of Abraham's teaching I believe that we do not have to experience suffering or pain or any negativity. The negative feelings comes from our resistance. It does not matter what the experience is. However suffering does have its place in that it reminds us that we are out of alignment with Source.

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Every coin has two sides. How do we know what joy is if we haven't experienced the opposite? I think negative emotions like sadness etc. are part of the human experience but we really only create suffering when we resist these emotions. To go completely through life without experiencing any negative emotion would mean we would have to become totally detached from those we love. I think again it all comes down to choices and sometimes as a human being we choose to become attached knowing that eventually we will suffer when that person or thing passes away because everything on this physical plane is impermanent.

I think the key is finding balance and realizing that we can live without a lot of the self created suffering when we don't resist what is.


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Hi, My issues with Stingray are not about Stingray they are about me. Something just rubs me the wrong way and I cannot figure it out. It's me not him.Must be another ego thing, alpha male something, lol. Thank you so much for caring Michaela. Why did I post this comment here? Well look at the title of the question. And it buried enough for only you to see for now. xoxo

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People who never feel pain never feel joy either.

There are people who are "emotionally flat." These people have disconnected themselves from their feelings because they have trouble dealing with their emotions. They have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships because they seem to lack empathy.

Sometimes people believe that if they allow themselves to feel a certain negative emotion, then they will feel that way forever. But prolonged feelings about something only persist because the person dwells on them. If negative feelings are allowed to occur unrestricted, they quickly dissipate.

More info here: http://helpguide.org/mental/eq4_emotion_communicates.htm


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But what if you learn how to adjust your vibrations quickly to reduce pain. Is that a bad thing?

(14 Jul '10, 00:10) Drham

@Drham: If you can do that, then you don't fit the description of an emotionally flat person. It's not about reducing the pain, it's about not suppressing the pain. Reiterating: If negative feelings are allowed to occur unrestricted, they quickly dissipate. To put it another way, you cannot suppress negative emotion without also suppressing positive emotion.

(14 Jul '10, 03:54) Vesuvius

Yes, we have to suffer before joy and... again after.

I think nor the suffering, neither the joy cannot be permanent, once and for all. Only the change is permanent and the joy cannot be setted an automatic pilot. The suffering signals that we are non-aligned with the new conjuncture, but realizing again the rezonance, we are again on joy, but not for ever... Joy and suffering are the + and - of the evolutionary wave of our life.


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If we have never suffered, we have nothing to compare it to.

Everything is relative, so without suffering joy would be experienced very differently.

I believe this is where you get people taking things for granted, like a spoiled rich actor in Hollywood crashing milliion dollar cars, has no clue what it is like to be the sick person in Uganda.


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