So I'm studying the focus blocks and today I'm writing lists of things that bother me in my life lol.

I'm going to buy a set of dice today and perform the focus blocks method.

My question is, can you develop character traits by using this method? Say I wanted to be more humorous with people, or say I wanted to be more hardworking or productive?

I guess my question is can I place ANY desire whether it's abstract, concrete, a characteristic, a new car, a relationship, and past relationship, work situations etc...

Please give me examples of desires that others have had that they have had success with.

I'm really enjoying this newly found knowledge and it is blowing my mind how amazing this stuff is. i feel like a new world is upon me.

Thanks for you answers :)

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As Michaela says, you can use Focus Blocks for everything - it's just a manifesting method and you can manifest anything you can think of.

I've had hundreds of conscious manifestations - even some (perhaps many) that others might call miraculous but I don't think they are extraordinary otherwise I wouldn't have received them. There's even one especially significant one that I know everyone reading this will know about :)

But I don't particularly play the game of discussing them (even with my girlfriend), or showing off the results to others, for three main reasons.

  1. It doesn't achieve anything. Things that manifest do so within the parameters of this physical reality. Whatever comes, anyone can trace back to some law of this physical reality. So anyone that wanted to dismiss such a manifestation could do so quite easily as saying it was going to happen anyway, it was just coincidence or luck, or cheating of some kind, or whatever. The Law of Attraction will bring you whatever evidence is consistent with your belief system so I would be wasting my time by listing my own personal results. Those who believe will continue to believe and those who won't, still won't. You cannot assert a belief upon someone.

  2. It introduces resistance. I've noticed there's a kind of resistance that gets set up when you do something with the knowledge that you are doing it to prove a point, even if at some time in the future. It's incredibly hard to manifest something as a demonstration to others as a result. This kind of comes back to the point above.

  3. I like my privacy. I've been in the public limelight (I'm not defining what I mean by that) on occasion in my life and I don't like it. The message is important to me, not the messenger. I prefer my privacy and talking too much about things that have manifested for me can lead to my anonymity being compromised.

The manifesting experiments I've listed so far really do work if you try them sincerely and with an open and non-demanding mind.

But if you need proof before you are willing to try them, you'll never try them. :)


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Focus Blocks can be used for any desire - from material things to relationship issues to personal characteristic traits. The key behind the Focus block process is to get one to a place of releasing resistance and getting to a better feeling place around the given topic.

To date I have only used Focus Blocks for a few material things and the process has proved to be very successful. I do intend to use them to clean up my vibration on a few other things and from what I've experienced so far I have faith that the process will work. You are so right - once we really get to understand this stuff, we do begin to experience a new world.


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