Hi Inward Quest,

I suppose I'll give an example of my situation for context before explaining my reason for the question itself.

I have been having more and more synchronicity in the fast few months (which is comforting for me, having been learning and practicing LOA for about a year now) and I generally use them as confirmations rather than as guidance signs. For example, I see the number 47 multiple times a day in all kinds of various ways and locations. I think I understand the significance I have placed on that number (a massive relationship manifestation, where she is the "4" and I am the "7") but I am now also starting to see things that I don't have any known significance for (such as seeing and hearing "Chicago" in increasing measure; Cubs winning the world series, anyone?!).

I am suspecting/now believing that Chicago will play a large role in my life in the days, weeks, years, to come, but never really had much thought, desire, or any plans for the Windy City. I feel a strong desire for the pacific northwest (OR or WA) but when I am ready to raise a family. For now, sunny California is my bliss!

Will I be manifesting a lot of what is in my vortex based on the synchronistic signs that arise, such as "Chicago"? In other words, is Source piecing the puzzle of my future together and letting me see some "content" on the pieces as they are being placed in their designated proverbial time-space locations?

I wonder how something seemingly so unrelated is appearing so often, and what it might mean for the future...

Thanks in advance for any and all input!

With PLUR, Bawk7

asked 07 Nov '16, 17:17

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This movie's themes may or may not help answer your question. At any rate, I intuited as I read the question that it may become another piece of your personal puzzle! Enjoy :) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1129396/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl


answered 07 Nov '16, 23:40

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