hi..friends :))

i wanna know what is the relationship between graphics and manifestations???

basically, this question popped in my mind after bluebird 2 answered my question- "Is writing our desires on a piece of paper necessary to manifest them or is simply projecting them in our mind ok? "

i am very eager to know about this .."graphics-manifesting relationship.."

ur answers wil be highly appreciated and loved..

stay happy,stay blessed..:)))

love,light n blessings ur way..

supergirl :)))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

great question :)

(29 Jan '13, 08:27) blubird two

I second that. :)

(29 Jan '13, 11:44) lozenge123

@bb2 n lozenge123- thank u to both of u.., n special thanks to bb2..,"darlingg u inspired me to post this question..,thank u :)))

(29 Jan '13, 11:50) supergirl

well, there aren't many replies yet, i'll conjure something up :)

(29 Jan '13, 11:55) blubird two
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Hi Supegirl,

This is how the law works, like attracts like. Or You will get what you will give energy to.

Lets say you are drawing a picture, May be you are drawing your goal in your vision board or may be you are simply drawing anything for your pleasure. In both the cases, you are the master, creator. You let your imagination flow and decide how the things will be. What color you will put into it. And you keep on modifying it unless you are satisfied with your creation. And the result will be a splendid picture drawn in your canvas.

Now look into your subconsciousness, through out all these process you are choosing/rejecting and finally approving and taking many decisions. You are giving energy to some objects, and discarding the unwanted thoughts. Your soul, spirit, heart and mind everything starts vibrating with a frequency to match your desired goal. And this is the key.

I would rather say graphics will be a mean to align yourself with your dream and uplifting your vibration. Same thing can be attend through visualisation, or may be with some other mean. Do that what makes you feel good. Remember path are many. But don't get so focused with the path that you will miss to see the beautiful flora around.

Enjoy the path, and the end result will definitely be enjoyable. Try to be a painter who takes pleasure in drawing, think every moments and every happenings as if they are destined to happen, and they are taking you one step closer to your goal.

This is a PRESENT, and present is a GIFT. Live every moment with your heart. Life will be a party then. :)

With Love


answered 29 Jan '13, 23:09

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@EuDave- bautiful answer.., thank u so much.., i specialy likd this one."Enjoy the path, and the end result will definitely be enjoyable. Try to be a painter who takes pleasure in drawing, think every moments and every happenings as if they are destined to happen, and they are taking you one step closer to your goal.".. :)))) ...truely life is a journey ,not a destination..., so,enjoyy the journeyy..,destination wil be surly enjoyable thn.. :)))

(29 Jan '13, 23:31) supergirl

@SuperGirl, Exactly, What an awesome moment is that when a child, from middle of the drawing, takes some steps back, looks at the half made picture from distance, and smile, That is the joy of creation. And I am sure we all have done this with many of our tasks. This tells we are the creator from beginning. Only we need to master the art. :)

(30 Jan '13, 00:54) EuDave

"live every moment with your heart", a beautiful artistic description, love it :)

(30 Jan '13, 01:10) blubird two

@Eudave "Don't get so focused on the path that you miss the beautiful flora around" .. very true Dave. This is a really good answer.

(30 Jan '13, 02:46) Catherine

@Eudave great answers on this and on the quoted question looking forward to more of the wisdom you share ...welcome to IQ

(30 Jan '13, 04:21) ursixx
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The key word for me here is "precision" ... graphics allow our thoughts to be represented with mathematical precision, that is what makes a great artist, we perceive perfection through his art.

There is a natural life force, a rhythm, a vibration that is the chef d'orchestre of the whole of nature, today it is sometimes named the schumann resonance. The expression of thought in material symbols allows us to tune into specific vibrations ... all things in our physical world have an individual vibration, from the tiniest the size of a planck length to the largest, the size of galaxies.

The whole of nature is expressed in this way, a beautiful visual example of which is honeycomb, a mass of hexagonal wax cells built by honey bees ... bees live in perfect harmony with nature and the hexagon shape cells they build are a reflection of the energies that they perceive ... base earth energy can be represented by this graphic

alt text

consisting of two opposing triangles, and it is clear how the hexagon literally fits into the star shape ... the process is the inverse of stellation, stellation being the process of constructing two dimensional polygons by extension. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stellation

The fact that each physical object has it's individual vibration can be extremely useful ... for health problems for example, being able to tune in to the vibration of a person and analyse it, gives us the possibility to detect discordant vibrations that lead to and cause illness and modify the vibration to bring it back to a healthy one, the same process can be used to cure existing illnesses ... a very useful graphic in this case is the lozenge.


answered 30 Jan '13, 02:02

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blubird two

@bb2- thank u so much dear..fr the wonderful answer :))

(30 Jan '13, 05:04) supergirl

thank you for asking such a penetrating question

(30 Jan '13, 05:14) blubird two
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