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Simple enuff answer look around someone somewhere needs help and is willing to pay for it.Go there and help. As for fast cash it does not exist,cash always go at the same ha ha ha. You probably mean make alot of money then it is the amount.More work more money simple math.As for education do not worry to much even those that have education and a paper to prove it often have cheat to get it. and it is not because they have theory that they can do reality.2 different things.

(31 Jan '13, 01:29) white tiger

Example: some study to install wire(cable, phone line, etc..) yet when they climb in a ladder they are afraid and not able to do the will see that there is alot of stuff like this in this world. but since you have no paper or annything go for a manual job. but you have to be ready to work.Money does not grow on tree.

(31 Jan '13, 01:43) white tiger

First thing get to know your self. What are you able to do and what are you not able to do? What do you like and what do you not like?Then look around the job is waiting for you somewhere.You might not find the right job right away,but you need money so work.And play the monopoly game like every one else.

(31 Jan '13, 02:06) white tiger

@flowsurfer If you can write properly, you can make money writing on, etc. even today

(31 Jan '13, 02:18) releaser99

I have tried to work in writing through iWriter but the research required to write a $4 article which is sometimes not even accepted is exhausting and depressing. I tried to force myself to stick to it at least enough to make a core minimum of money and I wrote over a hundred articles but I quite simply burned out, I couldn't force myself to write, the words did not come out and I felt dumber with every article.

(31 Jan '13, 02:41) flowsurfer

@white tiger They won't even let me work at McDonalds. This may be a cultural thing because you are in Canada and I am in latin america, or maybe it's a problem from the fact that I have very little life experience and don't know how to find these manual jobs that are supposedly around. I like having money. I don't like working. There is nothing extra in the equation. If the job requires manual, robotic labor I can force myself to do it. If it requires creative work I can't.

(31 Jan '13, 03:12) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer go to the field in the farm, or go on construction site,go for small compagny not for big company.Big compagny seek to make the more cash often at the expense of the employe,often the boss does not even know what is going on in is own compagny.Go for small compagny often the boss is working also and appreciate is employe and is in need of staff.Do you think the farmer or the construction worker care that you have paper or not in small compagny?he needs staff to help him.

(31 Jan '13, 03:41) white tiger

Do you need a paper to pick up product,move stuff or to nail some nails in the wood?in big compagny that have alot of people asking for job yes,it makes a cut and reduce the number of people that can work for them. in small compagny that do not have much people waiting to get a job,they will not ask of you to have a degree at university to move stuff for them.look at farmer it was often the work of all the family they did not have anny paper.they where all learning on the job.

(31 Jan '13, 03:45) white tiger

Look at canada right now they importe immigrant with no paper to make them pick up food in the field for construction they have lower the qualification requisite because they do not have enuff you see that paper thing is often a problem and does not prove annything.sometime people have the paper and you will ask them to do the job and they are not able.some do not have the paper and are able. if you are using a computer right now you are not that stupid are you?

(31 Jan '13, 04:00) white tiger

What are you good at right now,that you could work in?And where are the place that do not ask alot of paper or lots of experiance or place that ask some experiance that you have?

(31 Jan '13, 04:07) white tiger

@white tiger I don't know, that is the problem. Everywhere I look they either ask for a core level of schooling (high school) and/or special training, the kind that takes years to complete. And nearly everyone has a high school diploma so they have no real reason to bother with someone that doesn't. Unemployment here (in the city) is at 11%. Elsewhere in (or out of) the country I would have to actually make a real living, without free rent from living with family.

(31 Jan '13, 04:12) flowsurfer

I know what you mean,like jesus said they are applying the letter of the law but not the heart of the one point they will wake up.And see that intellectual knowledge and experience is not the same theory and reality is not the same thing.Ask someone intelligent with lots of paper to repair a old car by himself and he will find out that many things are not writen in the book.There is still knowledge that is not writen and it is better that way it can give job for people like-

(31 Jan '13, 04:30) white tiger

you that learn on the job.Law are there to serve the people not to cause them problem. can you search on the net for job around your area that do not ask for qualification like etc.. or go take a walk and look in your area if there are job offer. go and might be lucky.some have the paper and are not able to do the job if they try you and you are able who do you think they will pick? i have tell you before a journey of a thousand steps start with the first step.

(31 Jan '13, 04:41) white tiger e.q.s. The comment @Zee has is a great start and cost nothing but your acceptance. @LeeAnn 1 made a very good point too in that question

(31 Jan '13, 07:07) ursixx
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Frankly, you may have to do some unpleasant, manual labor for awhile. Eg...farmwork or cleaning offices. Once you have even a little money coming your way, get your documents that you need and get your high school diploma. You already know that without those, you are limiting yourself greatly. Once you have all of that, then the world is much more wide open for you. Imagine that feeling often....all of the opportunities you will have to choose from. For now, do what you HAVE to. No one is coming to your door with money, I promise you. Sorry to be blunt, but take some action and then you will actually have some opportunities later. As you move along, so will your confidence.


answered 31 Jan '13, 10:32

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LeeAnn 1

take some action ... i like it :)

(31 Jan '13, 10:53) blubird two

recognize and turn into positive, all that negative stuff mentioned in your question, and you'll end up raking in more money than you ever dreamed of :)


answered 31 Jan '13, 02:54

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blubird two

I don't understand how. I'm not even mentioning them as negatives, they are just "facts". I mention them to avoid getting answers that would be awesome for someone else but have no value to me. I literally have no idea what to do and I need to generate results sooner rather than later; I don't know how to use introspection to resolve this matter.

(31 Jan '13, 03:01) flowsurfer

think again my friend

(31 Jan '13, 03:20) blubird two

Please speak to me as if I were an actual human being. I don't care about making a lot of money in the long term. I care about making some money in the short term. I don't see how to use any of the qualities I described in my favor. I have thought about it. A lot. If just thinking again was enough, I wouldn't bother asking for help. How do I think differently?

(31 Jan '13, 03:31) flowsurfer

ok ... lets take the phrase "i just need a way to relieve some of the stress" the feeling of wanting only has relevance in the absence of having it ... the following will enable you to turn this from negative to positive

just letting go of everything can do wonders, it allows the natural flow of energy to flow through you ...

(31 Jan '13, 03:43) blubird two

I will sometimes feel "I want to eat yogurt". My impulse is to go to the store and buy it; but I don't have the money. Letting go leaves me in my bed sleeping all day because there is nothing worth getting up for.

(31 Jan '13, 04:02) flowsurfer

laying in bed "because there is nothing worth getting up for" is posing a condition, it is a resistance ... lay in bed and let go of everything, meditation is void, empty ... personally i love this one from bashar

(31 Jan '13, 04:13) blubird two

So you suggest I meditate my way to fast cash? Serious question. Because the sense I have is that meditation just detaches you from life, it doesn't actually produce any positive result in it.

(31 Jan '13, 04:17) flowsurfer

ok flowsurfer, thanks for the feedback :)

(31 Jan '13, 04:32) blubird two

I feel the need to ask because I have meditated; sometimes with success (in the sense you describe). No flash of insight came to me, or random money or anything other than a very momentary distraction from circumstances. So I'm asking why you propose I meditate. Will more or it help? Because the fear I have is that it will just distract me more and leave my problems to grow.

(31 Jan '13, 04:44) flowsurfer

"Does meditation produce actual objective results?" ... i like this probing question and suggest you post it on inward quest ... nice one flowsurfer :)

(31 Jan '13, 04:45) blubird two

Meditation releases resistance , thereby allowing

(31 Jan '13, 09:23) Starlight

the art of allowing Starlight ... love it :)

(31 Jan '13, 09:40) blubird two

Yes @bluebird two , the more chillaxed , the easier things fall into place .

(31 Jan '13, 10:16) Starlight

you've got me there Starlight, what does chillaxed mean?

(31 Jan '13, 10:51) blubird two
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Hello FlowSurfer,

Before you look into answers from others, lets first ask your self, How are you feeling now? Powerless, Helpless, Unfortunate, Victim, Lack ??? If your answer is any one from these words,that is your true state now. So now you are clear on what you are attracting at this very moment. !!!

I know you may tell that you have tried all the positive visualization, affirmation etc etc. But still now you are beating the drum of these emotions, and attracting more of them. Why ? May be because you did not see the results. Or these things could not turn the situation for you. Right ?

FlowSurfer, lets just understand one thing here. When we make some positive affirmations or visualizations, the universe does not respond to our word or thought. It responds to our emotions. And even if you have spent time on trying all these method, you have become desperate over the time to see the result, so in turn you have given the emotion of lack. "Why money is not there? Why this is no happening? And So on"

Now lets discuss on why it takes time? Because you can not jump from one end to another with a single jump. Your current state of being is not attracting wealth and abundance, instead it is comparing your own situation with others who have abundance. But remember there state of vibration is more lifted than yours. So you can not get the same desired result as them applying the same principle. Cause you have to first fill your inner gap, inner void and lack. You will make progress only based on your current state of vibration.

It seems like more you are trying to pushing the things to work in your way. While in the eyes of the nature, this is upstream. Money is out there. And it will come to you once you release these inner huddles.

Due to lack of time, I am leaving the answers here, will continue writing later on how you can changed your focus from lack to abundance, and how you can lift up your vibration. Good Luck. You are the creator :)

With Love


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@EuDave The understanding of how emotion/vibrations is really a very important step in ones development. The acceptance of this. The belief in it... opens the universe.

(31 Jan '13, 07:12) ursixx

Actually, the feeling is more like enslaved. I feel the only way to make money is to become someone I don't want to be, to abandon all my dreams and force myself to turn into a robot. To work at becoming good at something I don't care about to work doing something I don't want to do and then on top of that give half of what I earn as a reward for that sacrifice to Caesar so Caesar can do things I find repulsive with the fruits of my sacrifice.

(31 Jan '13, 07:34) flowsurfer

The difficulty is that I don't really want "a job", or "a business", or "a way to make money". If money doesn't come to me as a side benefit to living, it feels worthless to me, I literally cry looking at how empty the trade is. I may think "I could make money this way" but there is the counter thought "I have no desire to live like that". So I don' live like that, at least not for long, and what would you know, I remain without money.

(31 Jan '13, 07:55) flowsurfer

I tried to pack the money-making into a few years so I could get that weight off my shoulders. The result was that I crashed and burned, and lost years of my life that most people spend being young (even those that work) and now I deeply resent work because it took, and threatens to continue taking, the one thing that I value the most in life.

(31 Jan '13, 07:59) flowsurfer
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