My Higher Self is...

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The 14th verse of the Tao TeChing

Looked at but cannot be seen - it is beneath form; Listened to but cannot be heard - it is beneath sound; Held but cannot be touched - it is beneath feeling; These depthless things evade definition, And blend into a single mystery.

In its rising there is no light, In its falling there is no darkness, A continuous thread beyond description, Lining what does not exist; Its form formless, Its image nothing, Its name silence; Follow it, it has no back, Meet it, it has no face.

Attend the present to deal with the past; Thus you grasp the continuity of the Way, Which is its essence


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My Higher Self is the part of me that is always tapped in to that Source from which I came - it knows who it is and when realized lives life from that perspective. It is who and what we are all trying to realize but can only be discovered when we go within and connect to that Source from which we all come - it is Communion with God.


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In the same way that I was birthed out into this physical world from within my mother, my higher self is being spiritually birthed as Christ consciousness from within my spiritual self. That's why we need to look within to make the connection. I am the imagination of my higher self. In that sense, my physical being is the feedback loop of my higher self.


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It is being one with God. When you feel harmony, happiness, peace, joy etc. you know that you are in alignment with your higher self. Who you were truly created to be.


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..tall, handsome and speaks fluent Chineese :0


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My Higher Self is completely free of everything we perceive with the mind.


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The character (the idea of me as individuality) and the stage (my identity's perception of the word) are no more....

What is left?

That's the higher self. Yet it's not a my, a higher or greater expression (that would suggest an opposite to that without opposite extremes). It's more like behind.


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