Any universal law has a counterpart ..?LOA is not the exception. What it is the law of no attraction and how to avoid its effects?

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Hello Robert!

It doesn't seem inevitable that any particular Universal Law must have a counterpart. More properly, there is the action of a phenomenon according to a Law, or there is simply an absence of that phenomenon.

To illustrate, we can say that strictly speaking, there is no such thing as Darkness ... Darkness is merely the absence of Light. This can be demonstrated in that you could flick a switch at night and flood a sports stadium with light, but you can't flick a switch during the day and flood it with dark!

So Light is a phenomenon that manifests according to physical laws, but the only 'law' Dark would require is the "absence of Light", which isn't really a law at all - it's just a state of affairs.

Similarly, matter either responds to the Law of Gravity (Attraction) or to the absence of Gravity (the absence of Attraction) (Mind you, there is always some Gravitational force present, even in Deep Space!)

So extrapolating from all that, whilst Attraction would be governed by the Laws of Attraction, it's opposite simply amounts to an absence of Attraction.

And it follows that the absence of something doesn't require any laws to govern it! :) Which is why the absence of people living at the South Pole is also why there is no Police Station down there ... in the absence of people, there's simply no requirement for Laws to govern their absence!

All The Best!


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I believe we are always attracting, consciously or subconsciously. As we are All energy, what we attract is dependent on our thoughts and feelings. So even if you are not intentionally applying the LOA, the LOA is working. Example- many years ago I used the LOA to created a successful business, this I did intentionally, with success. A few years after, my best friend was murdered, which I took very hard. My vibrational level was very negative and I manifested numerous negative experiences. When I came out of this state of being I realized how very real the LOA is...for positive or negative results. The LOA is ALWAYS at work.


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to me the question may be rephrased as the natural cycle of action and inaction;

the ancients talked of the days and nights of Brahma.


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