How do you stop someone from bullying you professionally and trying to ruin our business? Did I attract this trouble with this person and how do I make her stop?

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@Gypsymama, please edit your question and add more details to it. I will reopen it once you've done so. Thanks

(25 Feb '13, 23:51) Barry Allen ♦♦

A year ago I was in turmoil with bosses, now after daily study of living vibrationally things are starting to mellow out. I still have to practice all the time, however the study from abraham hicks and bashar in particular have helped me to shift. For me it all came down to focusing on what I want and stay in a feel good place, not blame or feel blamed. In time my alignment and vibration have become more firm.

(26 Feb '13, 04:22) clearheart
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