Recently I have had the experience of having a persistent image pop into my head while I was meditating. The image was of a crater full of water. This happened the day before the meteorite hit in Russia. This was also the day that the asteroid flew close to Earth, so I may have been thinking about that, which could be a partial explanation. However, the image was very clear and distinctly showed a crater full of water, much like the one in the pictures that have been going around since then of a possible impact site for the meteorite.

In the morning, when I told my father of it, I mentioned what I had seen the night before, particularly the water part. He had brought up the meteorite, and I mentioned the water filled crater. We didn't see the pictures until later that day.

I don't know whether to class this as a premonition or a spooky coincidence. The meditation I was doing was a self hypnosis tape for increasing intuition. I never imagined it would work so well.

asked 26 Feb '13, 20:34

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What does the outside image represent inside? Stones of fire extinguish in the water. there is no crater in the lake it sinked in the mud. the crater is where there was no water.

(26 Feb '13, 20:51) white tiger

well me i found something strange today i was reading a sign and on the radio the publicity for that place was exactely what i was reading.Talk about synchronicity.

(26 Feb '13, 20:54) white tiger
(26 Feb '13, 20:56) Leena

@leena i know they said it is sink in the mud and they cannot get to it and some people are selling rock on Ebay saying it is the piece of the meteorite in the lake and to not fall for that.It was on the news a fee day ago.and there is another meteorite that made a crater. strange it was what they have show a fee days ago in the video of the russia meteorite. and now they say it is not the metorite craters.

(26 Feb '13, 21:14) white tiger

it seams someone is lying some where. here also you might like to read:

(26 Feb '13, 21:17) white tiger

@Leena May we have more information about the source of that particular hypnosis tape for increasing intuition ? It sounds groovy ! Thanks

(26 Feb '13, 21:59) Yva

@Yva - Yes me too! I'd be interested to know about that. Btw I just love the word groovy. ;)

(27 Feb '13, 02:50) Grace

The hypnosis tape is something I downloaded to my phone. It is by Erick Brown of I believe that particular recording is the one titled "Develop Your Clairvoyance and Psychic Abilities."

I was mistaken, I thought it was the one for increasing intuition, then I remembered I bought two that night, and I believe this was the one I actually listened to.

(27 Feb '13, 08:35) Leena
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I believe you had a premonition. You might give some thought of how you might help others if this is a gift that comes often. It would be helpful to practice having premonitions while awake and with other people. You could tell them to take a different freeway or how to avoid some trap. You could tell them how they might do good in a pending situation.


answered 12 Mar '13, 22:56

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To answer your question:premonition in the form of image are often seen in dream of premonition. Some time they are seen in vision. The fact is that the person that experience it see it.In the vision i would ask my self is it a real vision or a memory from a dream? Even normal dream with symbol that you might dream in a normal dream might come to you in the day.If you remember your dream write it down in often in your day you will see those same symbol related to the same thing that they where in the dream.

Example: You might dream of a cat passing in front of batman and batman jump on the back of the truck, 3 house, the truck is stopped, then you go some where else and you see the truck still there and the sun is setting down then a guy is coming robert and he goes and the truck is going.

later on in the day you might see a cat passing in front of a guy with a batman sweeter on him,he jump on the back of the garbage truck the truck make 3 house down the road and the truck stop there because it is broken you go for supper you come out of the house the truck is still there the sun is setting down there a guy comes with a shirt with a big ROBERT on it, from the robert repair mechanic shop and repair the truck and go then the truck also go.

in this example,i have put all the dream symbol in one story,sometime it can be multiple different story in the day but often the chronological order stay the same in parallel with your real day life.

If it is not from dream then i would say it is a real vision but often a real vision you will see image or seen in a fraction of a second like you would be there.

And intuition is more like a feeling about something,you feel strongly about(x) this thing or though.

As for are they common i would say yes because they come in different mode: premonition dream,symbolic dream, vision, and intuition.But not every one have them.And not every one of them in all mode.and the mode can differ from one person to the next. Well experience and enjoy.


answered 13 Mar '13, 01:39

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white tiger

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