I love the Manifestation Experiments, and see the sense in "getting happy" which will eventually lead us to manifest what we want.

However, there are times in our lives when we are so overwhelmed with grief that it's like we must cry to feel better. This is one of those moments for me. I've been trying so hard to not cry that it is making me feel worse.

By crying and just letting out this sorrow, did I just erase all the "joyful" work I've been doing with regard to the matter at hand?

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Pat W

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There are no right or wrong ways to feel better when you in a moment of sorrow. You don't have to sit there miserably doing Focus Blocks :)

Just go do whatever it takes to break the spell. Cry if you want, go have a nap if you want, meditate if you want, go for a walk if you want, watch some comedy on TV, listen to some music...whatever it takes for you.

Once you've regained your center and poise again, you can return to deliberately molding your vibration into a better place...since those other fixes are only temporary and you'll need to keep returning to them unless you can permanently shift your vibrational setpoint regarding the painful subject.

And don't be concerned about crying - or deliberately feeling miserable for a short time as an emotional release - if you wish. It is your dominant vibration on a subject that the universe is responding to, not what you feel once in a while.

I've been through some very dark times myself in the past and you can take it from me that you will reach a point in your life (if you make it your ongoing priority to consciously feel better whenever you are able) when feeling any form of sadness will seem alien to you and feeling good consistently will just become as effortless and natural as breathing.


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Thank you. I felt much better, and yes, I have regained my poise. It's amazing how quickly I got back into a calm steady state after crying. Of course, it helped too that I read the Three Magic Words, chapter on Faith. Awesome!

(11 Aug '10, 00:36) Pat W

To cry when we are attempted by any strong psychic or physical pain, is a physiological (normal, naturally created) mechanism of defence, no matter the individual is woman or man; at woman, defence's mechanisms are a few more effective. Chemical composition of tears is very different, pending on determining causes: sorrow, varied pains, overwhelming unwaited happiness, eye lesions or chemical agression (e.g. onion), etc. In the specific case of a great suffering., tears are a very concentrate solution of stress hormones, eliminated from the brain by the case of optic nerve. Sobbings have the role to favour the sooner move away the exceeding stress hormones (like cough for expectoration), for re-establishment of biochemical balance of brain.

Knowing these, we can see cry as a need of selfdefence and a signal of a suffering (excepting the unsincere, "blackmail" cry). Craying isn't a shame, nor a discredit, but a selfhelp and a S.O.S.

Then cry if you need. After - it will better and the mind clearer.

Remember: the greater pain is the own pain.


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I think tears or crying are a great way of releasing or letting go of repressed feelings and are beneficial to the growth process.

The key is to be able to differentiate between compassion for oneself as opposed to self pity. The former is often needed when we've spent a lot of time beating up on ourself and we have to forgive ourself and let go. Self pity on the other hand places us in the grip of the ego, playing the role of victim, and is detrimental to our growth.

I would say, by all means go and have a good cry but be willing to let those feelings really go and you'll find those moments, needed for crying, become less and less.If you don't become stuck in self pity, I think you'll find that the tears brought relief and you won't have undone any of that "joyful work".


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Thanks Michaela. I got relief from the crying. :)

(11 Aug '10, 00:37) Pat W
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