Compare a person who would use 2 different ways to achieve the same goal of feeling better or feeling good:

(1) Doing vibrational work like focus blocks, meditating, rampages of appreciation

(2) Someone who just watches comedy shows on a regular basis or just listen to something like this Ducks like Rain song whole day long (you could replace that song with any other song that you really like)

Basically, what I have experienced is that a person doing (2) would definitely find it a lot easier and won't face as much resistance as someone who does (1) on a regular basis. For instance, a person might find it a chore to meditate on certain days, but doing (2) wouldn't even be a problem for him on that kind of days. But they still are supposed to get you the end result of feeling better or good, which means that the side effects (finding it a chore to continue on certain days, etc) that come along with (1) should come along with (2), but it does not seem to be the case. Like, a person who does (2) on a regular basis would definitely face a lot less resistance than someone who does (1) on a regular basis.

Why is that the case?

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Just to clarify to anyone reading your question when you are talking about resistance, you are referring to the resistance to doing the vibrational work and not the resistance within the subjects you are trying to feel better about.

For background to this answer, have a read of Distraction Methods vs Clearing Methods first.

From that posting, you can see that doing Focus Blocks would be a clearing method but meditating would be a distraction method that eventually forces you to clear.

Also, watching comedy shows or videos featuring inter-dimensional ducks would clearly be distraction methods.

alt text

To answer your question upfront, you will usually have less resistance to doing a distraction method mostly because you don't have to deal with the issue that is bothering you :) ...the subject doesn't activate because you are distracted from it so you can more easily jump straight to feeling good, and sometimes straight into the that's why distracting yourself into the Vortex seems to be the better option initially.

But it's not as simple as that.

To explain the issues a bit further...

When you are inside the Vortex, it doesn't matter what method got you there. It's only when you are outside the Vortex again that the difference between distraction methods and clearing methods becomes important.

The crux of the problem is that no-one in physical form can stay in the Vortex forever so, with distraction methods, because your issue is still there ready to activate again and make you feel bad, it's like waiting for a robber to ambush you at any moment.

alt text

When/If you are finally ambushed by your unresolved issue, you need to employ more distraction to feel good again. That might require another 20 minutes of meditation (if it is even convenient to meditate at that time) or watching another comedy show you like.

If you are constantly distracting yourself from your issues to get into the Vortex, that is fine as long as you have an unlimited supply of effective distraction material available...AND...(and this is a very big "AND" worthy of some unnecessarily large bold capital letters)....

...AND... do not dwell too long on your issue while you are out of the Vortex.

If you do dwell on your issue when out of the Vortex for more than 17 seconds, you are now making your unresolved issue "bigger" and, to cope with it growing, you will need more powerful distractions to achieve the same feeling-better effect.

If you eventually run out of comedy shows you like, it might not be long until you require hard drugs (or even unhealthily-long duck videos) to keep the distraction-power going :)

Another little twist is that it is possible to reach down from within the Vortex and "magnetically" alter the vibrational setpoint of your issue because you are intersecting it from a better-feeling place when viewed from the Vortex. See 'A Vibrational Twist'.

alt text

But that's a bit of a vibrational balancing act because if you stretch too far, you can end up firmly embroiled within your issue again and, because we all become a bit dumb when out of the Vortex, you can get stuck back in your issue without an idea of how to deal with it.

Really, there's no right or wrong in approach in methods for alignment, you have to balance the advantages and disadvantages of each approach as compared to the perceived importance in your life of the subject on which you are trying to move to a better-place about.

As a rule of thumb, if a subject that is keeping you out-of-the-Vortex is one that is recurring again and again, or is likely to, it is probably better (from a time management perspective) to clean it up on the way to Vortex alignment rather than having to distract yourself again later when out of the Vortex.

With my own Focus Blocks approach, I use the relief generated from semi-clearing a bad-feeling issue to springboard me up the vibrational scale (to Positive Aspects) and eventually into the Vortex (confirmed by a Rampage of Appreciation). So, for me at least, the more "unresolved issues" I can dredge up in my life, the better :) ...and that's kind of handy because physical life is deliberately geared up to generate an infinite number of unresolved issues :)

Perhaps one day someone might come up with a complex computer algorithm to decide for you whether to employ distraction methods, clearing methods or reach-down-from-the-Vortex methods but, for now, the best approach is use whatever method works for you right now :)


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excellent, Stingray

(18 Oct '14, 14:31) Olga Farber

@Olga Farber - Thank you, and welcome back :)

(19 Oct '14, 02:31) Stingray

I don't know why but reading this answer make me feel like a huge amount of energy was summoned within me. I think I'm going crazy

(20 Oct '14, 05:43) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "I think I'm going crazy" = "I'm beginning to wake up" :)

(20 Oct '14, 07:17) Stingray

reach-down-from-the-Vortex methods - awesome way of putting it and I am glad it finally made into the same category as distractions and clearing methods. It never ceases to amaze me, that as if by some kind of magic, issues dissolve or appear less dramatic when I've done something to feel better which is mostly by distracting myself. Often, I am unable to let go of persistent issues during the day, but say, after listening to music while driving (and often singing) or exercising...

(19 Nov '14, 11:35) einsof

...I find myself either not caring about the issue or just finding those thoughts that resolve it - and then I can happily let go. It's with really persistent issues I couldn't let go of, sometimes for hours, that I feel most relief from - which is why I know this works. Feeling good transforms the present-moment perspective...that's the magic. Underlying false beliefs do not get penetrated deeply enough from the Vortex, and I sometimes get the good-feeling that they're resolved...

(19 Nov '14, 11:35) einsof I blissfully go about my day just not wanting to deal with some issues, but inevitably creating new issues before getting thrown out of the Vortex. The 3rd method in the category is a great one indeed, and can help finding perspectives on old persistent beliefs/issues, and perhaps should be used together with other clearing methods, but no doubt, clearing methods are needed to sort out deep persistent issues; IMHO.

(19 Nov '14, 11:35) einsof
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How not to remember just seen Abraham's (quoted by Michael Buttgereit)

"The reason you FEEL like you are right

Is because.... Law of Attraction
Keeps VALIDATING the BELIEFS you hold

You are not the DISCOVERER of truths
You are the CREATOR of them

So it's not a matter of RIGHT and WRONG
It's a matter of FOCUS and VALIDATION
And focus and validation"

So I won't speak of "how it is", only "how it is for me". :)

1. As The Bible says, there is "a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them". Some times meditation works better for me, some times, a movie or a fictional book can serve me better. For me it's kind of the same, if to see it wider: in everything there is something for me, in which my life brings me something valuable for me at that particular time.

2. I find that the vibrational exercises are more challenging to do if I try to step up too big a step. When I choose an exercise with smaller steps up, it works easier.

3. There was a post here, someone offered to stop looking at improving the vibration as a work of going up, rather to look at it as sliding down. In my vibrational work I had a process called "Ladder", meaning, climbing up to higher thoughts - after that I renamed it to be "Reliefs" - to remind myself, that it's relieving, releasing the tension, that it's actually going easier, not harder. But then it felt to me like, not actually doing the work, going into doom with those reliefs, so I change it into "Reliefs into Bliss", to remind myself, that actually going with reliefs, choosing the easier route of easier, relieving thoughts, I'm going into bliss.

I don't know about you, but for me watching a movie usually doesn't include efforts (if the technology is working), while the exercises I used to treat more as doing work, so it's also the matter of preconceived notions. I'm working on changing this attitude - rather analyzing, where it feels how, so that I could change th e underlying beliefs, where it's really at.

4. Actually "if the technology is working" is a very important aspect: I find that when I'm not very aligned, even a movie will not work for me, and to find a song in such cases, that I would feel good with, is kind of impossible. Even the songs I love/loved - they all turn into something annoying or just inappropriate, when I'm not aligned.

So for me it looks like, movies, music, books, when they work and help to align and feel good - they all come already as a manifestation of me coming the better feeling route. Meaning, first I have to do the effort of changing the route to the better feeling one, I have to come up with some better feeling thoughts, in order for the world to start bringing me some upbringing reflection I could use then outside me.

And that pretty much sums up it all - for me vibrational work is always an available, working way to change a route, to a better feeling one, and then when it starts working, I can choose, what to use to upbring myself further or just enjoy it.

..P.S. How good to be back :)


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Olga Farber


hmm.. seems like a lot of old timers are popping back up here on Inward Quest after a period of lull and inactivity ? Whats happening ! :)

(18 Oct '14, 06:24) kakaboo

I don't know about others - I was moving an apartment, and it was a very engaging process :) I learned so much in it, vibrationally, AND it took all of me. Now when I'm again kind of settled.... I'm glad to be here, with my swans again :)

(18 Oct '14, 06:27) Olga Farber

Probably not entirely on-topic, but this is something about comedy films I realised today. They are not all what they are claimed to be.

As you will see in my latest reply to Stingray's 30-day Vortex Challenge, I spent most of today and yesterday in a great-feeling place.

Today, I marvelled at at how easy it has become for me to get back into the vortex even when something kicked me out. With that satisfaction, I sat down to watch Flubber, that old Robin Williams comedy with my daughter.

You won't believe how bad I started feeling after half an hour. I have no idea why, but I knew I was totally outside the vortex and it felt BAD. I sat through the film only because I had promised my daughter I'd watch it with her today. After the film finished, it took me 15 minutes of Faster EFT, focus block, BOPA and other things to start feeling good again.

This vortex thing makes strange changes in you, I tell you. Who would have thought a comedy film would make me sick?


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exactly what I said :) that the uplifting movies, music etc. are a manifestation by themselves, and if it's a manifestation of a pre-aligned stream, then they're not very uplifting

(19 Oct '14, 11:31) Olga Farber

You are absolutely right. Just to test your theory I agan sat down and watched Superbad for half an hour. I have seen it before and enjoyed it. Now, while watching I laughed at the jokes, but afterwards I again felt bad and I was out of the vortex once again.

It looks like I have to say goodbye to the TV and films that I used to like before.

(19 Oct '14, 12:39) cod2

You say, but if jump in my car - and think to put on a tune and sing to it, it's not so much the song that uplifted me in itself, it was my desire to put the song on and sing along and drive. So I don't see why a movie would not work: question is, did you deliberately think of it for its sole purpose to make you feel better or do you actually want to, for sheer joy of it? I don't know how else to put it; I guess it's what you actually genuinely enjoy doing that does the trick.

(19 Nov '14, 11:43) einsof

There's a lot in singing/playing musical instruments anyway; at the end of a day I enjoy testing my vocal chords and in 15 minutes I am someone else. A movie however is so time consuming and that alone will put me off (I will get resistant thoughts that there's so much I gotta do that is more valuable to me)

(19 Nov '14, 11:46) einsof
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