it is not surprising that these two concepts are linked to God. God is Love and lives in no time, because the time for him has no reason to be.

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love is the quicker path to a cure. and time is relative to finite forms. and without a change to heart, we will be here much longer in duration. love is that link to our spiritual selves, compassion

(23 Feb '11, 01:18) fred

When we approach any situation from the perspective of unconditional love, I believe we can bring about healing because without a doubt love is the greatest power in the Universe.

It is really an illusion that time heals because all time occurs simultaneously and there is really only ever the present moment or Now so in fact all healing can only occur Now because past and future are merely thought forms. When we let go of the past and don't spend all our Now moments worrying about the future we step into the Now moment where all true healing takes place.


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Love and time are not enough. Time is just something that passes, and love is something that must be accepted into your heart for it to have any affect.

The real cure is fixing your thinking.


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That darn "stinkin thinkin" will do it everytime

(14 Aug '10, 16:31) RPuls

For me, Love and Time have healed me in some ways.

My father died suddenly, and with no warning, in 2006. I was devastated, being "Daddy's Girl". One thing especially hurt me back then. As I was stepping into my mom's house, she greeted me thus, screaming, "This is NOT about you!". I felt like I had been hit with a cannon. Her words bit my soul.

As time has gone by, I decided to make it my mission to get to know my mother better, and to call her frequently, just to be there for her. I slowly learned about forgiveness as I learned about my Mom- she always felt that I "stole" something from her, being that "Daddy's Girl".

I learned in my College class about "Death and Dying" that it can take ten years to recover from a sudden loss, a sudden death. I can attest that this is true. In my case, time has healed me. I can now look back, and grab hold of those great memories I have stored up regarding Dad, and love them, and be grateful I have them.

Regarding Love: love must be capitalized in this case- we are talking about a Great, Huge love, a Godly love. This Love does heal, and in a big way. When you have been hurt, God can heal you if you let Him in. God's love is a tremendous healer.The words of David ring out from Psalm 23 much more clearly if we look at it with Love: "Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, For Thou Art Near me..."God is always near. Reach out when you hurt, and grab Him. I picture flinging myself at the feet of Jesus (my Higher Power- yours may be different) and I sit at his feet, and I picture Him stroking my head, consoling me. This is a very healing exercise, and I recommend it.

I hope this answer helps clarify things a little for you. I do not know how I missed this question!

Blessings, Jai


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Yes, love, and time does cure everything, since it is a fact that with loving care, and in good time the patient’s health can continue to get better, and better, if so be it!

I feel that love is everything and love is from the heart; it means everything and nothing just an imagine thought form. I feel that time is everything, and time is all that we have, but in essence time is nothing just an imagine thought form. But together love and time is perfect timing for the cure for love!


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