I've been having vivid dreams after listening to Kelly Howell's secret universal mind meditations. Is this normal and related? I seldom remember my dreams but now they seem so vivid in my memory. I've only started on the CD for a few days.

In these dreams, the people sort of (not directly) related to the things I've been preoccupied lately have popped up. I'm not sure if there's meaning in this... Any ideas?

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Pat W

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The theory behind binaural beats is entrainment. Entrainment is basically getting your brain to resonate at a certain frequency.

One of the goals of entrainment is to get both hemispheres of the brain working cooperatively together. If this is happening, it follows that your creative right hemisphere is producing vivid imagery, and your analytical left hemisphere is helping you process and remember it.


answered 01 Sep '10, 04:59

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For the specification "ONE of the goals" -> (+1); but WHAT ARE THE OTHER GOALS??? (excepting the financial interests of producers, their suporters and distributors/sellers? This is well known: almost anybody aims MOOOOOORE MONEY).

(01 Sep '10, 13:27) Gleam

Interesting. Thanks. So it doesn't mean the dreams have any meaning in particular huh?

(01 Sep '10, 14:52) Pat W

They mean something to you.

(01 Sep '10, 23:58) Vesuvius

I had this happen to me as well. Except for me, I had a lot of bad dreams. Old stuff came up and I felt grateful that I had an opportunity to revisit from a more forgiving space and finally putting the garbage in its place. Now, I sleep good at night.

(11 Apr '13, 04:53) free2b_me
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I have used binaural beats of 7.83 hertz for quite some time and changes in the brain have been positive. The brain processes information faster and seems more alert. But you must take into account that just as each person is different, every brain is different and the effects they produce the binaural beats on me, in you may be different.


answered 22 Aug '10, 13:16

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I have also listened to some of Kelly Howell's recordings. I too experienced vivid dreams. I think the brainwave meditations help to clear up unresolved energy, which is why familiar people and places occur in our dreams.


answered 10 May '13, 15:52

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