Over the years, I've done a lot of resistance-clearing in many aspects of my life, and a lot of regular time and focus in cleaning up my vibration.

There is, however, something negative that keeps coming back despite my many clearing attempts---including multiple "heavy duty" methods such as Manifesting Experiment-4.

In contemplating this recurrent resistance, I have continued to more closely examine another question, which I have often asked myself, and considered, over the last few years, namely:

Is resistance always connected to a negative belief that we think serves us in some way?

In other words, if we have a vibration of "disempowerment," or "poverty," or "fighting"---to name a few examples---must there always be some part of us, somewhere, in the recesses of our psyche, that believes we are benefiting from it somehow?

Robert Scheinfeld touches upon this in a general sort of way when he says:

So this game [of reality] was created and it was a limitation game and it was to convince ourselves that we're the exact opposite of who we really are, and play within that limitation, and that's Phase 1 of the game, is to convince ourselves, create this artificial reality because to me, everything that we call the three dimensional world or physical reality or the universe or whatever you want to call it that the scientists study and that we think we live in, to me is a creation of consciousness, it's a complete illusion, that it's not real but we've convinced ourselves it's real, and we've convinced ourselves that we're limited within it.

Scheinfeld, as far as I can recall, doesn't delve too deeply into why we might choose to play such a limitation game, other than for the fact that it thrills us in the same way that we might "enjoy" a roller-coaster ride at an amusement park, or a slasher movie, or a nail-biting, stress-inducing television series.

So, to go back to my original question, if we are still playing the "limitation game", does it mean that we must still be getting something out of it on some level?

Regarding my own issue, after giving it much consideration, I have been yet unable to discover just what I could be getting out of it. I am wondering if I am spending too much time and contemplation trying to figure this out, and giving the issue unnecessary focus, or if discovering how or why this issue/resistance is benefiting me is the key to moving beyond it.

One thing is for sure, no matter how great things seem to be going in every other aspect of my life--and no matter how much time I spend "away" from this issue, i.e., trying to ignore it completely--this issue has a habit of coming back (sometimes after months of lying dormant) and knocking me way out of the vortex, from the top to the bottom of the emotional scale.

Thanks in advance to all Inward Questers for your feedback, wisdom, and knowledge.

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I've recommended this book a couple of times but Path of Empowerment Barbara Marciniak has a great chapter on beliefs and emotions. In it she suggests quite a few questions to ask yourself or meditate on to gain insights - have you tried writing it out - asking yourself why you have created it? Eventually it will come out as you probe into your unconscious. Sometimes you have to keep asking - ask your higher self to show you the larger pattern or the purpose of whatever it is.

(27 May '15, 19:07) Catherine

Good question Lozenge!

(27 May '15, 19:08) Catherine

Hi @Catherine, I've browsed Barbara's books over the years but never read one in its entirety. Thanks for the recommendation!

(28 May '15, 18:19) lozenge123

Just to add here, personally I would definitely do the work here - it may not be for everyone (I think we can see that from some of the responses here) but I can't overstate the value I have found of just getting to the root of major issues. The number one issue (according to the Pleiadians) is self-worth in its many variations so I always start with that as a line of enquiry.

(30 May '15, 03:54) Catherine

As I say, it isn't for everyone but I actually find life more interesting to be delving into it in this way. My theory is that it may all be meaningless but playing the game as if everything is saturated with layers of meaning makes it way more exciting. If you give the book a go, you'll see my point here.

(30 May '15, 03:56) Catherine

@lozenge123 - Bit short on time at present but thought I would like to add a brief comment here. Adding to what @Catherine has said, Bashar has also said that sometimes it takes a while to get answers to the self-probing questions (the ones that ME-4 is based on). Keep going back to them over time until you get an answer (either directly or through manifested life circumstances) that feels right for you. Bashar's Questions

(30 May '15, 04:17) Stingray

@lozenge123 - The other thing I'd like to mention is this process which has become one of my favorites: Trigger-Feel-Clear . You can force the triggers to surface through making a list of what feels bad about a subject: Eliciting Triggers . Dealing directly with the emotional discomfort (instead of language-ing it) can be more effective since it bypasses too much analysis

(30 May '15, 04:31) Stingray

@Stingray - Thank you for those links, I am checking them out right now. I am familiar with the Bashar questions through ME-4 (as well as his MP3s) but not so much with the triggers process. I'll definitely give it a go. :)

(01 Jun '15, 12:09) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - Here's a fuller explanation of the ideas I was trying to convey (unsuccessfully) in a few sentences :) Manifesting Experiment 5 - Draft 2

(23 Jun '15, 14:52) Stingray

@lozenge123 "Is resistance always connected to a negative belief that we think serves us in some way" No; because the notion of positive/negative does not apply, using the metaphor of physics; original energy creates pure magnetic and pure electric forces that oscillate together to form what is commonly named electrmagnetic energy. It's an oscillating force moving at the speed of light, the Planck_length corresponds to smallest possible piece of matter.

(24 Jun '15, 00:14) jaz

in other words energy just "Is" ... just like electricity is a force that can be judged and labeled "bad" because it can kill or judged and labeled "good" because it provides useful power to enable people to communicate via internet for example :)

(24 Jun '15, 00:19) jaz

@Stingray - Thanks very much! I appreciate you coming back to this thread to link to the new stuff. At a glance, it looks like valuable information. Hope you are well, and all the best. :)

(24 Jun '15, 01:17) lozenge123

@Stingray I appreciate the feed back @lozenge yes I entirely agree, at a "glance" it looks like valuable information

(24 Jun '15, 03:31) jaz
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What you need to do is find a way to spin this 'negative' subject into a positive. As you have found sometimes focusing on something to eliminate it is often unsuccessful because of all the focus that you're putting there. If you focus on something it has to grow in your reality, that's just how law of attraction works.

Ultimately what we're all trying to do is lean towards the positive end of the stick across all subjects in our lives. As that's the end of the stick where Source/IB is fixed.

Let's take a subject that most people view as negative: debt. Your inner being and Source do not and will not ever see debt as negative. It's still a positive thing in your IB's eyes. It's just a choice that's out there for people to experience if they choose to.

Let's say you're trying to get out of debt and into a new reality that contains plenty of money. You can't get to all the money if you focus on the debt and feel negative emotion. Focusing on the debt could be observing it and feeling bad about it, labelling it as 'bad' and trying to run away from it by pretending you don't feel bad about it (what you resist persists) or even just ignoring it. If you ignore it because you think it's negative then it will remain. To move out of a debt state you have to find a way to agree with Source on your debt. Remember Source thinks your debt is a good thing. Source's viewpoint is always on the positive.

Source wants you to look at everything and feel positive emotion. Whatever the subject you always have the choice to jump up with excitement about the subject or cry about it. It's your perception of the subject that matters, not the actual subject.

You have to find a way to re-brand the subject to a positive. By doing this you are holding yourself into a positive state on that tricky subject, there's no bad feeling there. The more subjects you have re-branded as positive the more you hold yourself in a positive state.

In the positive state you hold yourself in complete alignment with your IB and when you're in alignment with your IB you can have all the contents of your vortex delivered to you. In other words, by conjuring up positive feeling about debt you've aligned with Source and when you're aligned with Source you're in a positive state so all the things that you've asked for will come.

From the negative state you're asking for more negative, more things that you think are negative. From a positive state you're asking for positive things and more things that are positive can show up for you.

Eventually you get to a state where everything that surrounds you is positive because that is the state you're in mostly. You also have the supersonic skill of being able to look at anything in front of you and feel good about it. Even the subjects that we think of as 'bad' won't affect your positive state. That is the freedom you're looking for. The freedom from negative, recurring thoughts and emotions. It's never about the actual subject. It's about how you are perceiving the said subject.

If there is a subject that keeps knocking you out of the vortex it's usually your IB prompting you to clean it up. Until you can view that particular subject through a positive lens it will remain in your life where you've set it - in the 'negative'. Your IB is screaming at you "hey buddy, you've got to LOVE this 'negative' subject, look at it as I do with joy, excitement, love and then when you see it as a positive thing, then when you look at it it will make you feel great! Then you can CHOOSE what happens next either keep it in your life as a fabulous positive or let it just float away from your reality. But, if you keep focusing on it as 'negative' if that is your setpoint, your point of attraction then I have to keep bringing it to you over and over as a 'negative' and on it goes for us...."


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Hi @Yes, these are all classic principles. Thanks for the refresher! :)

(29 May '15, 11:48) lozenge123

Hello @lozenge123 you're very welcome :)

(30 May '15, 04:37) Yes

you play with that component
of your mind that is a
biological brain and
make it king, open your eyes


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All the answers are already there.



and here.

I have effectively taken LOA, which has a limited and confused view of how things work, and the messages of Arnold Patent and Scheinfeld (which are also limited in their own ways), and combined them to create one whole paradigm.

But people here don't want to know.

They are fixated on LOA.

So be it.

Each to their own.


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to answer your question if it is coming back it is because it is not solve for you. if it would be solve for you it would not bother you and if the same issue would arise you would know how to deal with it and solve it. so what is the resistance in you that cause that false belief and blind you to the truth?

if we look at Robert Schenfield resistance it is that this world is illusion and vain.

you see in this world of limit and division that the conscience of each individual comes and take flesh in a physical body, it is not illusion ,it is real since you are experiencing it as conscience, when you encounter obstacle and resistance do you not find way to get over those obstacle and resistance? do you not experience and enjoy it? do you not learn and grow from that experience? when someone face the same obstacle and resistance and is not able to overcome it do you not help him out so he also can grow and learn from it at the place of getting stuck in ignorance and negativity, thinking and having the negative belief there is no way to solve this and no one will help me? according to you is the resistance and false belief outside of you or inside of you? the physical world is rule by the natural law. and yes that physical body made of flesh will go back to dust. but you as conscience soul, spirit, light will you overcome and be the light that you can be, or will you become darkness stuck in negativity and false belief?

meditate on this.

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.


Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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