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From my personal experience, I have found that we all live in a very complex and stressful world. From the mundane day-to-day work responsibilities to our own personal social lives, we all develop stress very quickly with few ways to alleviate it. I have found that in order to relieve the stress—I go for an adventure across Oregon’s lush green landscape. There are many ways to travel such as: going for road trips, finding guided tours, or simply going to camping sites.

When I want to get out of the house for a given reason—I simply get in my car and go. However, there are many things to take into consideration when doing such a feat. How much money do I have? How many miles do I plan to go? How many hotel locations have I mapped out? If you decide to take a road trip, all these variables need to become your first priority before leaping-out in the big wide world. After all these particular concerns are in check, then is you time to go on this new found venture. I have found that the amount of time along the road and all the people I meet are great ways in building my confidence; taking the stress of my real life out of the equation. In more ways than one, finding attractions (i.e. the genius world record ‘ball of yarn’) on the way to your destination can enlighten your own personal views, of the stress of life, and will give you more insight on how other people work through the stress of it all.

Furthermore with tours across this glorious state, there many different types. One guided tour in particular is the “Sea to Summit Tours & Adventures.” This tour company offers a multitude of trips across Oregon including wine vineyards, white water rafting trips, breweries, surfing lessons, and even more. In addition, you can even personalize your own dream getaway tour yourself. Finally the wine vineyards are one of the best ways to get away from it all. From viewing the majestic points of the Pacific North West to soaking in the wilderness of Dundee Hills, stress just seems to slip away. As an added bonus of it all, you can rest at ease nestled in one of “Vista Hills” tree house wine tasting rooms—sipping on Pinot Noir with its lush vitis vinifera’s blend of black grapes tickling your pallet as the sun sets over the great Willamette Valley. This is another tantalizing way I could possibly think of as a great stress reliever.

 Being a part of Oregon for so many years I have also found that camping across the state can be a great way to unwind and connect myself with nature. Similar to a road trip or any other adventure, there are many items of consideration, before one makes a plan venturing into the wild forests of Oregon. For this type of outing, I would get the basics: map, money, tents, food, water, medical pack, and other items as needed. After all these items of necessity are taken care of it’s time to move on to your next minor adventure. What I have found is that the Lost Lake Resort—with its lush forest and dark blue lake; is one of the safest ways to get that camping ‘itch’ out of your system. Most of what Lost Lake provides for new-found adventures is a magnificent lodge at first arrival with cabins scattered along the lake itself. Also within this pristine area hiking trails lace the grounds as far as the eye can see with the forests inviting as ever. As the day blooms with more enticing views—boats are one of the key ingredients this lake resort has to offer. The adventure can rest at ease from a tiring morning with good old fashion fishing within the lake itself. By the time the sun sets across the western skies—camp sites light up inviting the wary, but ambitious adventurer, for a good well-earned rest at the fire with family and friends. These are my personal stress relief methods at Lost Lake and as well take in all the views that this lovely area has to offer.

Being a part of the hustle and bustle of this world can be exhausting to say the least. We can all ultimately channel these elements into a more positive outcome. What most people seem to think is that we are trapped in our own home-made bubbles—resulting in more stress pilling up within ourselves. But all of this can be alleviated just by stepping out your front door and making the effort to move forward to another world: that has yet to be visited.

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nature is all around us, it may not be necessary to travel very far to get away from too much noise if you learn to shut it out

(12 Apr '13, 19:32) fred

Hello Mr. Smith

Well i must admit, whether travelling really is the best medicine, i don't know, but reading all those great things you describe certainly sparks a journey in the imagination and incites good feelings

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