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How long should meditation last?

For the exercises in the Master Key System where there is no length of time specified, how long do we meditate?

Hello I have practicing exercises in the master key system, mediating everyday. it has help a lot lower my resistance and manifest things to my reality. Only I've been wonder if I'm over doing it. Because I saw a thing on youtube which recommends you go into mediation equal amount of minutes as your age. Then I heard from Abraham-Hicks 15- 20 minutes is more than enough time. I've been mediating for 36 minutes. You think thats overkill. I am sometimes exhausted afterwards. Anyone have any clarity on the best means to getting there from here?

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Meditation is not supposed to exhaust you! It is supposed to recharge you and revive you....while at the same time, balancing all your chakras and bringing your mind to a place of peace while quieting your body. You should feel calmer, more centered and definitely ready to do anything you need to do, not drain you so you cannot do anything afterwords.

I would start off with about twenty minutes of meditation, and work up from there. I have had times when I have found myself having meditated for two hours or more- it seems to come naturally after a while to just go with the flow. You can achieve amazing spiritual things with meditation if you choose- but most people are content with just a session of about half an hour.

I guess not everybody is a guru. I hope these guidelines help you.




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I think intent is the dominating factor here. Trust your instincts and do what you can with an open heart for as long as you can in order to succeed.

Concentrated consciousness takes a lot of effort. Start small (maybe a few minutes in the beginning) and work your way up to 15 minutes.


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