Recently I fell hard and hurt my lower back, what kind of message could this be for me? What did I do wrong or what should I pay attention to? What do you think?

Thank you

asked 09 May '13, 04:25

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love this question ... whether it's a "sign-from-god" depends what you mean by god

(09 May '13, 04:48) ru bis

The Universe likes to give me a good whack when I'm not paying attention (awareness).

(09 May '13, 05:03) ele

Be more careful...

(09 May '13, 23:39) Dragonflybreeze

shimbalaie, keep your feet under you when you move and that you have adjustments to make since the body of a youthful human has aged some

(10 May '13, 17:39) fred

Yes be more careful. There is no need to analyze too much. probably some bad vibration from past. Just from the NOW try to see how you can be joyous, happy - maybe this taught you to take health more seriously.. be more grateful for already the good parts of your health, lucky you are than others who are in much worse shape... How can i follow my inner higher self from now on ... would be great question.

(10 May '13, 18:18) abrahamloa

If there something i am not playing full out?? that i can improve my joy towards.. etc... ask healthy questions that lead you to better answers.

(10 May '13, 18:18) abrahamloa

Please take it easy with your back.. it is an important part of your body. Speaking from one with past back injuries..

(10 May '13, 19:00) Dragonflybreeze
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Assuming this wasn't a happy event for you...

  1. Think about how the results of this incident make you feel right now e.g. angry, helpless, vulnerable etc.
  2. Think about what else in your life makes you feel that way right now
  3. That is what you need to pay attention to

There are no accidents. Everything is a vibrational match.


answered 09 May '13, 04:55

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or in other words who or what is giving you a pain in the a$$ (low back)?

(09 May '13, 05:02) ele

thank you guys! I will think about it Stingray, thank you!

(09 May '13, 05:59) shimbalaie

Stingray, I will to disagree with you on that point.... God makes NO mistakes, but humans do. "to err is human". It is sometimes, simply a natural learning process.

(10 May '13, 18:59) Dragonflybreeze

i think what Stingray means is his past vibration created the accident. And to know what that is, they can pay attention to what in their life has similar vibration to cause it. But yes you can then change the vibration to what you want. Thats the learning part.

(10 May '13, 19:28) abrahamloa

So then how would then explain a child, toddler perhaps, just learning their environment?? .... Like cause and effect. Where they learn balance, temperature, taste, etc. by an experience. Not to touch too hot of water after they touch it and it hurts.. Or that they do not like spinach, because they taste it.

(10 May '13, 20:09) Dragonflybreeze

They learn not to hold an ice cube for very long because it is uncomfortable. I coul'nt necessarily say there was a vibrational match in their environment at that time that they needed to learn from an event in their life... Just a simple ooopps, that is hot, don't touch it again. Or oh, if I step on that wheel, I will fall, so lesson, do not step no that wheel again. Unless I perhaps do not understand the more indepth concept.

(10 May '13, 20:09) Dragonflybreeze

i dont know the answer to what brings a specific situation into your life... but according to law of attraction if you are predominantly feeling -ve and limited you will attract scenarios and situations that is -ve. Example - if you are negative then you may lose a job, or your car can get stolen, lose a friend etc.. but we dont know which specific one might happen. but whatever happens you will be match from your past vibration unless you change it.

(10 May '13, 20:54) abrahamloa

when a toddler explores environment you coudl say that their experience of that exploration depends on their vibration... meaning if their vibration is good, yes they do learn through cause and affect but they have in general pleasant experience...

(10 May '13, 21:00) abrahamloa

Ok, just wanted to make sure there was recognition on simple opsies.... becauseeven happy positive children fall down....

(10 May '13, 21:13) Dragonflybreeze
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