I often feel cut off from source. I am a spiritual person, I am in awe of nature and life in general and long to have more experiences of a spiritual nature. I seldom have such experiences and it makes me feel so alone and unsupported.

I know that just saying these things prevents me from having more meaningful and spirituial experiences, but I don't think like this all the time at all, and I am often in appreciation and a state of love and joy.

I don't understand why it should be so difficult to feel a meaningful and joyous connection to source. I want the warm feeling of the Universe having my back. Abraham always says that we should just ask for signs from source and signs and synchronicities will happen. I feel like they never do. I try to be patient with this, but sometimes it makes me feel so sad or angry and alone.

I'm sure I will be told to just expect it to happen and it will happen, but I've tried this over and over again, and I've been relaxed and in alignment and positive. I'm so tired of it having to be such hard work. (And I know that if it feel like hard work, I'm "doing it wrong").

I just want to feel connected, supported, backed up and loved by source. But I've started to dread trying - I've asked for signs or advice so many times with a big silence for an answer. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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To get guidance from source, get really happy and then ponder your query or question. The answer you receive is the answer from Source. No need to try, no effort required. Loosen up and get happy.

(26 Jul '18, 20:54) Nikulas
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Hi Pebbles,

Reading your question above, this statement draw my attention:

"Abraham always says that we should just ask for signs from source and signs and synchronicities will happen. I feel like they never do"

From my experience, when I ask for signs and I trust that I will receive them, I always do ...but you say "I feel like they never do" and this seems to be the problem, I think you might block them with this belief.

For me this analogy helps a lot to trust: When I love a person and he or she asks me for something that it is my power to give, I would be so happy to give it to him or her.

I believe your source is giving you all the signs with a lot of love, each time you ask for them :) , it just cannot be otherwise.

I hope this helps you.


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White Elf

Some similar thoughts came to me just recently, and I came to a new understanding for myself because of it. Hopefully it might help you, too!

I've had times when I have felt very much in tune with the universe, "in the flow" is what I call it, but it's the same as the vortex or feeling connected, just another way of describing it. When that happens, I totally feel like the universe has my back, things line up, signs and synchronicities pop up left and right, off-handed comments and fancies manifest almost instantly. It's the coolest thing. And then it stops. Or at least on the surface, as far as I notice it, it stops. All of these fun signs and in-your-face things aren't throwing themselves at me and I can't help but start to wonder if I slipped up, if I did something wrong, if I fell out of alignment. If I question that enough, I feel disconnected and it is a lonely feeling that can, if it goes on, make me question what felt so natural to believe before... namely that total trust in the universe.

When I thought about this recently, though, I realized that the universe has my back all the time, I'm just not noticing it. All of these little match-ups and signs and alignments are happening, but they are so subtle that I can easily take them for granted and not realize that each thing that happens is happening because I'm aligning in a certain way with the universe and, because we are all always connected to that flow to whatever degree we allow, it is always forming the world around me. If I get really stressed out or worked up in a not-so-great way about something, or I start to doubt and then seek proof instead of just trusting in the connection, I don't notice the synchronicities or manifestations in the same way as I do when I'm just full force enjoying things and going with it.

My best example -- I wanted a sign. Badly. Too badly. So I demanded to see turkeys. I searched and constantly watched for them, but because it was coming from a place of needing to see them and not being sure I would because of that need coming from a place of doubt, I didn't see any. As soon as I let go and started just going with life, finding my footing in trusting that the things I was creating with the universe, and couldn't have cared less about signs proving it was happening... I heard turkeys from standing on my front porch, had them flying only a few feet in front of my car, and pecking all along the side of the road.

What I can suggest, because I understand the feeling and it's turned out pretty well for me, is to find something else to be feeling better about. It's much easier to trust the universe when you feel okay in general than when you feel crummy focusing on why you feel crummy about trusting it. Bit by bit, you could hopefully feel a little better, and if you stay receptive to the signs and synchronicities coming to you in ways that might be at first subtle and easy to miss, you might catch a few. I haven't quite figured out how to maximize my time with those constant in-your-face signs, but I am learning to truly appreciate all of the smallest and most subtle ones as much as I can, because I think that's where we find the most magic in life and build more and more trust in our connection and ourselves from. :)


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A long time ago I made a Yahoo group for just this purpose, the group is called The God Consciousness Experiment. I had very many experiments in consciousness and finding the true self as all is one.

It is similar to how I used to channel, I found I had to give up myself to the greater being of God, I have reached this point where I was doing amazing things just because I knew I could.

I had friends that needed me that were around the world, I said just call on me and believe I'll be there. They felt my presence and it came to them when they needed. I don't know how I did that then, I think it was just a matter of four dimensional frequency tuning. Space and time. There is no there and here, it is all one.

Back to the topic, I modeled what I wanted to become or find. I'd read stories of miracles and use what Jesus said, as I treat others I treat him, so others are him, so I'm him. So as I read of his miracles I think my miracles, these are stories of what it is to be human. The highest potential of human.

God is not out there to connect, he is closer than your own hair so you can not, not be connected. You can think and feel you are not, but that is just a different frequency in the spectrum of existence.

Know that you are in an ocean of God, know that an ocean of God is inside of you. It is all the same, imagine yourself in this universe, next imagine this universe in your center. Hold these images in your thought, feel them with love.

To understand this, study the torus, this can go infinitely large to infinitely tiny and be both at the same time.

Torus picture Torus with person in center and torus in center of person.

When we imagine we connect to God, we imagine something bigger than us that we are separate from and trying to contact. That is why the lonely feeling. Think more in terms of a hologram, the inside is the outside and the outside is the inside. The small is the large and the large is the small, the here is the there and the there is the here.

Now instead of imagining a God you need to connect to, imagine that infinite, amazing, powerful, all present, all powerful, all knowing being is right in the center of your being. You are at the center of God and God is at your center.

There is no need to search, there is no need to connect, the very thought "you need to connect" keeps you from knowing your oneness.


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Wade Casaldi

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Thank you SO much, Wade Casaldi. Your answer immidiately made me feel warmth and love and peace.

(27 Apr '19, 00:44) Pebbles

Ask...and it is given.

you have to understand that whenever you ask for anything- its always given- so if you are not receiving it- it means always a blockage coming from you- usually a limiting belief. because its being given- only a limiting belief can make it seem like thats not the case.

from reading your post i can perhaps help you with a couple of limiting beliefs you might have regarding this topic:

  1. I am cut off from source

  2. I seldom have spiritual experiences.

  3. Source doesnt want me to have spiritual experiences.

  4. I am alone and unsupported.

  5. It is difficult for me to feel a meaningful and joyous connection with source.

  6. Source will never back me, support me or give me signs, no matter what i do.

  7. Even when i am aligned and happy and in the vortex- i still wont get the signs because its just not going to happen for me.

  8. I have been trying for so long, it wont ever happen to me now. no matter how good i feel.

  9. source is working against me not for me

  10. i want to feel loved and supported by source, but i know that that wont happen.

try working on each of these beliefs- the reason you are experiences the reality you are- without spiritual experiences and feeling unloved and unsupported by source is because you believe that that is true for you- so no matter how much support love and spiritual experiences source is sending your way- your limiting belief is literally limiting your ability to receive the love and support- you wont have that just by feeling good- no matter how good you feel- if you believe something to be true- it will always be so no matter how good you feel- and you can also fall in a pitfall called it-doesnt-matter-how-good-i-feel-source-isnt-giving-me-what-i-want-this-is-stupid, which is a pitfall you dont want to fall in as source is always giving you what you want, and when you feel good its a double win because now your vibrating at the same level as source plus you literally feel great...whats not to love

but you have to work on the beliefs you have about being unloved and unsupported- sure that may be your reality now, but it doesnt have to be- you just have to believe that source loves and supports you- and you will create THAT reality

experiences, circumstances, physical reality everything that already has manifested no matter if it has been around for years and years doesnt matter, only your state of being matters- dont look at what you already have experienced and see that as the only way to go- it can be for sure, but it doesnt have to

its called creation- because you want to make something new- and you can do that- but in order to create something new you have to step away from what already is there- or else your not creating your just doing the same thing again each time a little bit more depressed

watch abraham hicks more- i feel you have a bit more knowledge to gather before you give up on yourself and source having a supreme love-connection ok?

speaking of, i have a message from source for you that source wanted me to pass on to you directly:

you are loved you are supported i care for you deeply stop saying mean things about me not being there for you on online forums

so there you go, one sign already in the pocket!


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Every person is different but I get very strong inspiration, nudges in a direction, answers to questions and new ideas from songs.

Hold the intention for a song to guide you and whenever a song catches your attention, it can be a totally random song that doesn't appeal to you at all, from a musical perspective. But, if it "speaks" to you, almost highlights itself, google the lyrics and it will surprise you how accurate the guidance is, tailored personally for you.

I also use TV ads, there is something about the sequence of ads, music, and ad phrases that click for me and I get answers to a multitude of my questions all at once.

Test it, see what happens. If you hold the question in your mind, LOA and Source have to answer.


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source is energy at
vibrations unable for
human senses to perceive,
yet seeds our existence to be


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