I have asked for the perfect job for me from the Universe and I know that I will be doing that in a short while.

In the meanwhile, all my friends and relatives and neighbors keep asking me if I got a job or not, almost everyday, reminding me of the fact that I am right now unemployed! And the problem is I have to tell them that I am still at home and have to give an explanation to most of them (unfortunately) about what all I have done to find the job and in the end listen to them feeling sorry for me and wishing me good luck. Everytime I have to talk to someone I cringe only because I dont like the feeling of saying I am still looking for a job.

How do I ward off such questions and what do I tell people so that I dont feel negative about my faith in me getting my perfect job?

Whats the best answer I can give people instead of saying I havent got a job yet?

Thanks for your help.

asked 14 Sep '10, 14:56

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AVBhat 1

Have you ever come across the thought that the reason why it seems like almost everyone you know is asking you about the same thing is because you actually attracted, or manifested, them yourself in the first place? :)

(14 Sep '10, 16:45) kakaboo

Nope, honestly I never thought about it that way. May be I should become more aware of my thoughts henceforth. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

(15 Sep '10, 05:29) AVBhat 1

A personal favourite!! Likewise, how am I going to effortlessly attract a car when all I hear is barking in my ear from my dad "why aren't you saving?!!"

(24 Dec '11, 13:57) Nikulas
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It's a tricky one.

Because so many people are so physical-reality-focused, they will judge you by what they perceive of you and your life through their own physical senses. And in doing so, they will (as you point out) keep dragging you back into your current reality instead of allowing you to be free to enjoy your vision and its subsequent physical manifestation.

The funny thing is that physical reality lags vibrational reality by a long, long way. This is because it takes a thought to have condensed considerably in order for a physical manifestation of it to be perceptible to others. Abraham say that 99% of any manifestation is complete before it condenses enough to be perceptible to others in physical reality.

So you get people telling you that something doesn't exist until they physically perceive it. But they're wrong :) If it exists for you (even as a thought), it exists.

The upshot of this is that anything you see manifested physically is really looking into the past (at how your vibrational reality has been) and not the present...the present is the vibrational reality as it is now (in your thoughts) that is yet to condense enough to be physically visible to others.

It's similar to looking into the sky at distant stars. Because of the lag of the speed of light, you only see the light from the stars many years after it left those stars. So you are seeing those stars as they were, not as they are now. By looking at the stars, you are looking into the past, not the present.

So why is this important to your question?

It's because when someone asks you about your manifestations, you are perfectly entitled (without being untruthful in any way) to talk about your current vibrational reality rather than the in-the-past physical reality around you. You can tell them all about the details of your vibrational job and how much you are enjoying it.

And the bonus of doing this is that the more you do give your attention purely to that vibrational reality (through talking about it, or otherwise), the quicker it will condense anyway.

Of course, if these folks are currently so involved and intertwined in your daily life that they feel they have the right to demand to see physical evidence of your manifestations, then you may have to be a little more creative to keep them off your back. :)

Personally, I find the easiest way to avoid all these issues is to rarely talk about what my desires are to other people, and also avoid talking about what has already manifested for me.

To others, you just become that happy, lucky person who always seems to get good stuff out of nowhere. Sooner or later, some of those folks may start asking you why you are so lucky all the time...and then you can start being more upfront about what you are up to. Until then, it's better to stay silent about it all, in my view.

In any case, you'll find that it makes it so much easier for miracles to happen in your life when you don't have the thought at the back of your mind that you ever need to prove anything to anyone.

It lets you be much freer in allowing whatever is coming to come, and gives you the freedom to change your mind about what you want as often as you like without feeling a need to justify your new desires to anyone else.


answered 14 Sep '10, 16:49

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Great answer! Is it encourage to use a vibrational journal? I think I may experiement with that. where I talk about what is going on in my vibrational reality. Sounds like fun!

(14 Sep '10, 18:13) Chris 2

Great clarity, as always:) Thank you.

(14 Sep '10, 18:43) Michaela

very cool. I really like that part about how the physical world is lagging behind the spiritual...

(14 Sep '10, 20:00) Back2Basics

You're welcome folks. @Chris - a vibrational journal describing your vibrational reality is an excellent thing to do. If you think about it, the aim of most (if not all) the vibrational processes is to make your vibrational reality seem more familiar to you so that it more quickly becomes your physical reality

(14 Sep '10, 21:32) Stingray

When is Stingray going to writd a book?

(15 Sep '10, 17:58) ursixx

+1, I am very particular also with keeping my desires to myself. Silence is Golden is one of my top rules in LOA/reality creation.

(21 Oct '11, 07:20) Aphrodite

"the present is the vibrational reality as it is now (in your thoughts) that is yet to condense enough to be physically visible to others"

I've heard Abraham , talk of this before Stingray , but it didn't Gel till now , thank you , thank you , thank you ♥

(23 Jul '12, 21:48) Starlight
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Are you actively looking for work?

The Universe does provide, but you can help the process by taking inspired action. In other words, you need to be out there actively (and happily) looking for work, making contact with people who can help you with your quest.

I highly recommend "What color is your parachute?" It is a book that will teach you the "wholistic" way of looking for work, including a section on identifying your strengths, so that you can match those up with the work you seek.

It will also show you the most effective ways to look for work (hint: the way most people look for work, sending out resumes and waiting for phone calls, used by itself, is only about 8% effective in helping people find a job).


answered 14 Sep '10, 15:26

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nicely put......

(14 Sep '10, 16:11) Back2Basics

Tell them that a watched pot never boils


answered 14 Sep '10, 19:30

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Hi Chris, it is a matter of perspective. (1)they could be reminding you that you do not have a job or (2) you could remind them of your faith and belief. However if they sense that you are leaning more towards no. 2 then they are more likely to back off. If there is any sense of doubt within you, others will pick up on it and they will communicate it to you. So stay strong in your faith and others will know that you are not worried about getting the job.


answered 14 Sep '10, 20:56

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it will come in due time. make every effort to find a job and help people around you eventually something will come your way. be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.


answered 23 Jul '12, 23:52

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white tiger

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