So, we are learning about the law of attraction.

We watch that cool movie "The Secret"...

We eventually find Bashar who finally tells us that it is not just about the 'images' in the mind but the PERSPECTIVE which will bring a state of being...

"Circumstances don't matter only state of being matters"

The real secret of the law of attraction!

If most people understand this, why do people still seek, when they know that the state of being of seeking will lead to only more seeking?

We are apart of the Existence, and The Existence (The All or as I say "The Whole") is playing hide-and-seek with itself pretending that it is not 'whole' by thinking that there is some other thing (beyond existence) that must be 'sought'.

Enlightenment is not something that has to be "sought" or "learned" we are already enlightened until all of the questions begin which makes us feel like we are "missing" something. This really messes up the energy.

Do you accept that you are WHOLE?

Do you accept that all that you need in this very moment is already here?

And if you do not have something NOW it's because you don't need it NOW in this very second?

If state of being is the secret to the true mechanics of the law of attraction - then what better gift can you give yourself than to realize that you are COMPLETE and WHOLE?

asked 18 May '13, 04:23

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Very few people can not want anything in a moment and thus have it all. Very few people need not to seek answers for they have no questions and thus understand it all.

(18 May '13, 05:13) CalonLan

we are a work in the making, that's how we are designed. with potential to find 'purity'. wholeness when looked at with linear thinking is flat and will not be seen as it be, but as you wish it to be for you only

(18 May '13, 07:05) fred

a "working in the making" , "designed"?

I have come to realize that we are Eternal.

(18 May '13, 17:44) arpgme

being in the physical realm is automatically seeking just by living in the now

(21 May '13, 05:30) ru bis
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seek the truth. the truth will set you free. As for your state of being is it able to accept the truth. If you are not at peace with the truth who can you blame? blessed are the peacemaker.

let there be light,Be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 18 May '13, 21:21

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white tiger

Truth is what's real (being experienced) and what's real is being seen now.

If you love the now, can you feel lack? Lack takes two, "this" (called me) and "that" (which I lack). It is a thought of something other than now. When one is in the moment the clear picture of now (reality/truth) can be seen, and HERE there is "peace" and "wholeness" (no lack).

Bashar (the alien) said that in his world everything is understood to be with synchronicity (each moment full of what is needed).

(18 May '13, 22:01) arpgme

Look at all my trials and tribulations Sinking in a gentle pool of wine Don't disturb me now I can see the answers Till this evening is this morning life is fine ;-)

(20 May '13, 09:53) CalonLan

Yes, it is all just happening. Life is perfect until we judge it as not being so.

(20 May '13, 23:16) arpgme
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I think the point is not literally that physical circumstances don't matter, or are somehow worthless. If we didn't have physical circumstances, then we wouldn't have a physical experience at all. However, if we want to have a happy and enjoyable physical experience, we must realize that all of our power resides within (and our connection to all-pervading Source), not in external circumstances or conditions.

Mastering this dynamic is, as Bashar has so aptly termed it, "the power of paradox."

So viewed in that context, there is absolutely nothing wrong with "seeking"...unless we allow that seeking to become an exercise in frustration (due to attachment to the outcome) rather than what it should ideally be--an exercise of enjoyment.

Why do I seek? I seek because I enjoy it. Because it's fun. And as long as it's "no big deal" whether or not I get what I seek, it's all a pleasant process.

Great question. So simple, but it gave me much to think about.


answered 18 May '13, 12:34

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edited 18 May '13, 12:40

@Lozenge123-This just abouts sums it up for me. Nice answer and great question:)

(18 May '13, 13:21) Satori

@lozenge123 thanks for explaining so clearly :)

(18 May '13, 13:24) ru bis

I didn't mean to make it sound like "seeking" is negative.

When ONE believes itself to be TWO, only then can ONE seek because there is something else to look for (ONE seeking another ONE / 2)

I guess that is the part of the game, but most tend to forget it is just a game of duality and actually believe their are two and cause themselves to suffer.

(18 May '13, 14:09) arpgme

"Why do I seek? I seek because I enjoy it. Because it's fun" Yes, that's it. The same is true of learning. We don't learn because we lack something. We learn because we enjoy the process and our growth. Great answer @lozenge123.

(18 May '13, 15:11) releaser99

Thanks, @releaser99 !

@arpgme - Technically speaking, yes, if you view yourself as a complete singularity, there is nothing else, no other entities, objects, or phenomena to "seek."

I think, though, you can feel whole, complete, and satisfied with yourself and the Universe, and still seek. The point is that you are not doing it from a place of lack. You can still enjoy the processes of life and existence (the "seeking") from a place of complete fulfillment rather than lack.

(18 May '13, 16:20) lozenge123

This is where the un-attachment or dis-attachment to outcome is key.

For instance, one thing that I really enjoy is the process of "seeking" information on obscure, mysterious, and arcane topics. For instance, tracking down a rare book rumored to contain ancient spiritual techniques, etc.. Often I find myself purposely drawing out the process, because I enjoy that process so much. When I find what I'm seeking for, it will be cool, but then it's over! So I really revel in that "seeking" process.

(18 May '13, 16:26) lozenge123

It reminds me of reading books that I never wanted to finish, because I was enjoying the reading of them so much. I'd look and see that there was still 400 pages to go, and be happy that there was so much left to experience.

We can still seek to "eat" a piece of good food...and enjoy it because it tastes great. We don't have to think "oh man...I really have to gobble up this piece of food now...otherwise it might rot or someone else will eat it."

(18 May '13, 16:26) lozenge123


If there is ONE what else is there to seek? Seeking involves at least two, and saying now is not good enough.

ONE believes itself to be many and then plays the game of 'seeking'.

How can ONE seek if one is complete? If one is whole, there is no space to fill.

Again, I'm not saying 'seeking' is wrong, just that it is a game of division (many) not wholeness (one).

Bashar says in his world there's a knowing of synchronicity (all comes when needed - no lack/seeking - WHOLENESS).

(18 May '13, 17:09) arpgme

@arpgme - Isn't that kind of like saying, "If there is ONE what else is there to eat? How can ONE eat if one is complete? If one is whole, then there is no space in one's stomach to fill with food."

Yet, for whatever reason, most of us born into this physical existence still choose to eat. Even (most of) those great spiritual masters of non-dualism. :)

I think we run into these same sort of semantic issues with the concept of "seeking."

(18 May '13, 18:32) lozenge123

@Satori - Thanks!
@ru bis - You are most welcome.

(18 May '13, 18:39) lozenge123
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We are already perfect and making progress towards our desires. Our physical being has this survival instinct that seems to propel is into ever wanting to be better and do more, have more. It's like an itch that has to be scratched. The joy is in knowing this too is part of the plan .IMO


answered 18 May '13, 07:55

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It may feel good to scratch and itch, but imagine an eternal itche that you can keep scratching, eventually it turns to pain and this is what seeking does.

I agree with you that all is well though because this is just a part of the plan/game of duality.

ONE can only believe that there is something to seek when it believes itself to be TWO (ONE seeking another ONE).

(18 May '13, 14:11) arpgme

Yes, we come to play the game and some people like to keep scratching, other decided not to itch so much , others figure out how to do it all with out itching and scratching. I love how diverse we all are in our journey. In the end loving self and others is key,yes.

(19 May '13, 22:01) clearheart

I agree with the last comment. We are complete and whole. I guess thou that our lower dimensional self still gets so much joy and pleasure from a physical manifestation, or answer to prayer or circumstances.

Our 3 dimensional self has an inkling of this wholeness but perhaps its only completely understood by our higher selves.

As spiritually minded as i can get i still have so much pleasure from the circumstances and physical aspects of my life. My next glass of wine, my next boat trip or my working week can still bring so much pleasure and sometimes pain.

I think we seek to gratify our lower selves. And i think that perfectly right and acceptable. We are after all on this physical plane ( partially ) its the only one i can remember at present and actually the only one i can really even imagine.

So i seek to make "this" incarnation as good as i can make it. Maybe thats a little mercenary, but im sure im not the only one who feels this way.


answered 18 May '13, 09:41

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Monty Riviera

From my perspective: You are multidimensional (whole). There's no separation. All dimensions are joined.

The lower-self gets 'pleasure' from seeking, but it won't find constant peace. Always seeking will lead to restlessness, and if it isn't found, there's aggression.

If one is WHOLE then there is nothing else to seek. Each moment arises already WHOLE (nothing missing) and if something must be done it'll be done in the very moment that it needs to be done.

(18 May '13, 14:19) arpgme

I agree arpgme, but my belief is that my higher self has this peace already. Its my lower self that needs to align with this. But im not downplaying the Joy of seeking and finding. I would like to think that i can enjoy a measure of peace AND the thrill of material manifestation. Both sound good.

(21 May '13, 02:09) Monty Riviera

@Monty...haha! You agree about the wholeness and completeness, yet in the very next sentence you call out for division and duality.

So do you really believe we're whole or do you believe in division to lower and higher self?

And what about left and right self, the in front and behind self. ;-)

(21 May '13, 02:20) CalonLan
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