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News story about a lady who openly said during interview she was channeling her ancestors who helped guide her to picking the winning numbers to the powerball.

Irony abound, she did pick the correct numbers but missed the time on the purchase by a tiny window.

Can you imagine what it would have been like if she actually did win? Either way, I find it both humorous and engaging channeling is starting to see public light.. In success stories (or nearly just) no less.

Think channeling will end up being more widely accepted as time goes on?

asked 21 May '13, 15:10

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well there is always next week...

(24 May '13, 05:57) ursixx

Yes, this really goes to show collective consciousness, now that this is in the public.

But of course there is free will and even if all channelers were winning the lottery one has the freedom to not believe and just say it was "coincidence".


answered 21 May '13, 23:03

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