I have been on quite a ride vibrationally. Last night, I came across one of my own answers here from 6 months ago when all the things that I had been learning on IQ had just clicked into place, and I was seeing things clearly and feeling great! Reading that, I found it easy to reach that place again. I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face, just glowing inside. :D

We all have our own specific things that have a strong effect on us; different strengths, different tastes, etc. Finding my own way again via my own signposts was easy-peasy.

I try to keep myself aligned with my Higher Self using meditation, Focus Blocks, and The Placemat Process, along with Rampages of Appreciation, and simply reaching for just one better thought. I was living usually in and out of the Vortex about 75/25% of the time - not perfect, but not bad considering. :)

Then in March of this year, I seem to have just lost my grip on all of it. I could make myself feel better using these methods, but I can't say I felt good. I found myself pretending to myself that I was ok, but I wasn't. It was like a nightmare returning. The only real trigger for this I can see is a visit from a family member, but it wasn't that big of a deal, and doesn't really explain why I ended up in a such a very difficult place, and for quite a while.

I think my question isn't so much about how to stay in alignment, as it is about how to remember my lessons; remember who I really am. Reading that old answer, I reconnected fast, but I don't want to forget again. I still feel a little sore inside, like I've been punched. I have a feeling that I have missed an important point somewhere. Is there a method that you use that I didn't catch? How can I keep my lessons close to my heart?

Any advice you have for me would me much appreciated. Thank you.


asked 23 May '13, 12:44

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@Grace Sounds familiar to me and I guess also to many others :). "Then in March of this year, I seem to have just lost my grip on all of it" What happened at that time? How often do you do vibrational work? Do you have a daily habit or ritual? Did you skip a few days/weeks of vibrational alignment at that time?

(23 May '13, 14:16) releaser99

@releaser99 - The only thing I remember that happened at that time was the visit that I mentioned in my question. I did slack off on my vibrational work (on and off) for those few days, and picked it up again when the visit was over.

My usual practice is to wake up at about 5:30 a.m., put the coffee on and lie back down to meditate to A-H Vortex meditations for 15 minutes, then I do about 20 minutes of Focus Blocks and a Place Mat. I let a Rampage of Appreciation come if it wants to...

(23 May '13, 18:36) Grace

... if anything gets in the way of that usual morning, I just do whatever I missed when I get home between 5 and 7 p.m. I sometimes skip a day here and there without much problem, unless it stretches out too long - then I really feel it.

(23 May '13, 18:37) Grace

@Grace - Regarding your routine, you are doing your Vortex meditation first. I do it last :) ...the reason being if you put yourself in the vicinity of the Vortex then any subsequent "clean up" work you do will be considerably less effective because you will already be out of vibrational range of what's bothering you. That means the next time you are out of the Vortex, those issues are waiting there for you to turn up like landmines :)

(24 May '13, 02:52) Stingray

@Grace - A more effective routine order you may wish to try out...

  • Placemat (as a mind-dump exercise)
  • Focus Blocks (to move you into the Vortex vicinity and do a simultaneous clean-up)
  • Rampage (to check you are now in the Vortex and keep you there longer)
  • Meditation (to keep yourself in the Vortex longer)

The longer you stay in the Vortex, the easier it will be to return in future so those exercises that "milk" the Vortex feeling will probably be more effective as a final group.

(24 May '13, 02:57) Stingray

@Stingray "landmines" love it

(24 May '13, 02:58) ru bis

seen from this angle the lower down the emotional scale you are, the more you're in the "dumps" so to speak, the more magnified your negative emotions become

(24 May '13, 03:36) ru bis

@Stingray-"Place mat process-(as a mind dump exercise)." I agree. I find a daily To-do/what's bothering me list essential now:)

(24 May '13, 07:21) Satori

@Stingray - Why didn't I see that? I know just what you mean. Thank you so much for putting my schedule in order for me, that looks perfect. :) And yes, as @ru bis said "landmine" is a perfect way to describe how those things feel. I know this will help me, thanks again.

(24 May '13, 15:23) Grace

@ru bis - Yes, back in the Vortex, it doesn't look so bad from here. But from down there, negative emotions feel huge, and almost intolerable once you are used to alignment.

(24 May '13, 15:24) Grace

@everybody, I have great answers here, thank you. I hope you know how much I appreciate being able to come and get my head straightened out, with kindness, by all of you. :)

I still have one thing I don't understand. I am appreciating and relaxing into the reassurances that it is ok to be out of the Vortex at times, but does it seem reasonable that this lasted for months? I actually hit rock bottom again. I can understand days or even a week or so, but months? It seems excessive to me.

(24 May '13, 15:33) Grace

@Grace - "It seems excessive to me" - Nothing wrong with a bit of drama now and again: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/44882#45027 . One appreciates the sunshine more after a period of rain, and one appreciates a bit of rain when it's been sunny for too long :)

(24 May '13, 17:28) Stingray

Hahaha thanks @Stingray! That does it then, I will take your word for it and quit worrying about it. Ahhhhh. The air sure is better up here though! :D

(25 May '13, 23:18) Grace
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It's probably just an old programme / belief in your vibration that's been activated again from your "past". And from your higher vibration it probably feels much worse than it used to. Situations like these are always an opportunity to integrate the experience.

My advice would be not to worry or fight it. Don't worry about not feeling good either as that can just add to the resistance. In my experience its pretty fruitless trying to work things out from an out of the Vortex state.

Just find a simple way to feel better like meditation for example. From a better feeling place all those things you thought you had forgotten will start to float back into your awareness. You see you don't need to "hold" onto to anything.

Let go of what you think you need to know for you will know it when you need to know it.


Not sure if I have said anything you haven't heard before but I hope it helps Grace:)


answered 23 May '13, 18:53

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edited 24 May '13, 07:22

Thank you, @Satori. I do wish I never needed to be reminded. I spent a lot of time here, trying to work out what I had missed, but I guess I needed to talk to folks about it.

I think you hit something that I wasn't seeing; an old program. The visit I mentioned was welcome, but it did bring up the roles I used to play, and the mess I made of things that are over with now. It's all good, but it did trigger the feelings of old struggles. Thanks again for your thoughtful answer, as always. :)

(24 May '13, 15:39) Grace

@Grace- Your welcome:) I think I know what you mean. I don't know if its quite the same thing but I've had a few awkward situations meeting relatives and friends I haven't seen in years. It's almost as if their attracting that old version of yourself from you because that's how they remember you. Your experience might be a form of clattering ?


(25 May '13, 09:54) Satori

@Satori - It's as though my old self clattered out of my new self's life. Is that even possible? :)

The roles that I used to play with this person are just not me anymore, but in this case, my visitor wasn't the one with the expectations of me - I was. I had determined a long time ago that I would be this wonderful person, and I kept up the effort for many years. It isn't for me, I know now after spending the last year learning to put myself first, and figuring out what I like to do ....

(26 May '13, 09:58) Grace

.... which was something I hadn't considered before. Now, I'm getting more accustomed to making myself happy, so when I was suddenly around someone I had always been selfless with, I balked at it, and didn't know what to do. I think that led to some guilty feelings, and those old feelings of unworthiness that I have been so determined to leave behind. It was all me, though. My visitor woud much prefer that I "chillax" (LOL!) as he puts it, and just be happy. :) ...

(26 May '13, 10:05) Grace

.... It looks to me now, that the fallout from this is what has been going on, but I didn't know it til just now. Can you clatter out of your own life? :)

(26 May '13, 10:06) Grace

@Grace- I've left myself a bit short of time lol. Ill get back to you later. Thanks:)

(26 May '13, 11:45) Satori

@Grace- It's sounds like you have sussed out, this experience you had:) That's a good thing because once you have an awareness of something you can change it and come back stronger. If anything its showing you how much you've changed for the better. Good for you. Always remember everything is happening for your highest good even though it may not seem that way at the time. Now you can chillax about this;)

(26 May '13, 19:53) Satori
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Meditation with intention to connect to Divine everyday for little time is most important than anything else. This is the Source connection. When you place your highest focus on Divine for at least small amount of time your life experience will change. then all things can be brought onto you. you will become non-attached and nonjudgmental, more grateful, more loving, experience more passion and joy in life etc..

So the answer Everyday practice - so it will not let you slide in to out of alignment. Even if you its ok, you realize it and you come back into it. be easy on yourself.

You should also have few phrases of affirmation right before meditation that you said you want to remember who you are. And when you do this everyday like this it will give you the strength mentally and anchor you to what and how you want to be.


answered 23 May '13, 17:10

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@abrahamloa - Thank you. I know you are right. It has to be every day, I think maybe especially for someone who is still a relative newbie. I want to be like @Stingray when I grow up, but let's face it, LOL, I'm nowhere near just yet.

Phrases of affirmation, now that is something I used to do all of the time. I had been telling myself for decades what a rotten person I am, so the program just slips back in whenever it gets the chance, and I forget who I really am....

(24 May '13, 15:55) Grace

...I will put affirmations back into my daily practice, and thank you for pointing that out as specific to how my head works, I really appreciate your taking the time and effort to see me as an individual like that. :)

(24 May '13, 15:55) Grace

I did slack off on my vibrational work (on and off)

My experience is that when I skip a few days, sometimes I can experience some "all hell breaks loose" scenarios. (See conversation between Stingray and me in the comments section to this answer).

Here is a theory about your experience.

When you live 75% of the time in the vortex, your vibrational frequency gets higher and higher every day. You feel better and better. But...your capability to take punches from old limiting beliefs easily gets lower and lower. No longer you can tolerate those limiting beliefs. They can no longer be part of your new vibrational reality.

But I think this new sensitivity is a good thing. And IMO this is also the answer to this question:

How can I keep my lessons close to my heart?

Your lessons are so close to your heart that it hurts immensely when you unconciously depart yourself from your lessons. Your emotional guidance system is so sensitive to old limiting beliefs now that it no longer can tolerate them like it did in the past. Because it knows that you have the ability to focus and change every belief with your tools.

It knows that you don't need to tolerate them anymore. Because you are now a different, more powerful and skilled person. And I'm sure you know how powerful you are with Focus Blocks, Meditation and Rampages now in comparison to "Grace Version 1.0" who lived without all of that :).

Yes, I know it hurts immensely when all hell seems to break loose again. But remember, you now have the ability to focus and neutralize negative beliefs.

Another good thing is that this drama is a Step 1 moment. You put more good stuff into your Vortex and it feels even better to be aligned afterwards. And I must admit that I really enjoy it when I experience contrast.

Then I can use my tools and align myself again. And it feels way better than it did before. I feel like a new man. This feeling of going from hell to heaven in 20-40 minutes is irreplaceable for me.

But what to do if I don't want to experience so much drama again? What if I don't want my emotional guidance system to keep my lessons close to my heart? What if I want to do it myself?

For me the answer is simple now.

  1. Don't skip days of vortex alignment anymore. My new motto is: "Vortex alignment is not an option. It's a necessity." Nothing and nobody is more important than vortex alignment in my life.
  2. Have a morning and evening ritual. Move yourself at least once to the vicinity of the vortex every day.

When all hell still breaks loose sometimes and you are too confused to make your tools work, I would recommend just lying in bed and doing inner body meditation. It works wonders. The Mc²Method is my emergency tool. It works each time. Here is the Audio Program (www.mc2method.com, free access code: MC2FREE).


answered 23 May '13, 19:34

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Thank you, @releaser99. You have reminded me of my potato chip theory. :) I eat mostly good, healthy food nowadays, and my body is used to that now. So when once in a while I decide it's ok to eat something not so good, like potato chips, they make me feel so sick! And I used to be able to eat anything I wanted! Not any more. It's the same, as you remind me here, with my emotions. I simply cannot tolerate junk anymore. And that's a good thing, tho it feels sooooo bad! :) ...

(24 May '13, 15:48) Grace

... I think you really hit it when you mentioned the tool to use when you are too confused to make your tools work.... @releaser99, that's what I need. "In case of emergency, inner body meditation!" ;) I gotta get me an emergency tool kit. Hey, that sounds like a great IQ Wiki! Thank you again for spending the time and effort to help me, I really appreciate it.

(24 May '13, 15:48) Grace

@Grace I'm glad you found value in it. Just a tip: If you want to make inner body meditation work for you during bad times, I would recommend practicing it often before "all hell breaks loose". This way you are prepared.

(24 May '13, 17:23) releaser99
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Grace, I think it is normal to cycle in and out of a state of high peace and being vibrationally top-notch. I have done so my whole time since I sought wellness. Sometimes, I do great, and at other times, for apparently no reason, I slide out of it and get frustrated with myself and with life. What happens then is I seem to try so hard to get back that feeling that I try too hard and push. Not good- pushing it seems to only push it away faster.

Try meditation and prayer. Deliberately concentrate on nothing while meditating; just seek a place of quietude in your body and mind. I had to do this myself last Monday because I was so out of whack. I found out that I needed to make some changes in my routine- new changes I had not previously needed. I also found that I was holding a lot of anger in my body. It seems that I store my emotions more in my body than in my mind these days.

Wellness is a series of spirals- you really do not go down, down, down, but up, up, up and around circling back to a new high. I think this is a normal part of being human, and vigilance when we "lose it" is required to start spiraling up again.

Try it and see. i think that this will help. Don't freak out...you are just being human!




answered 23 May '13, 15:36

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Thank you, @Jaianniah. I appreciate your thoughtful answer. This question must have seemed so silly, but it was so sincere. It's not easy to admit that I do still need help, that I have not mastered these things, but I do, and I haven't! Or I did, but I lost it LOL!!! I'm here for help from you all, and I appreciate it so much. :) ...

(24 May '13, 16:03) Grace

... I had not been thinking in terms of spirals, but in terms of a pendulum swing. I thought that this would have lessened in severity so much more by now than it has. Now that I've typed that, I think I've said that here before, hmmmm. I think that my expectations need to be adjusted, then I won't feel so panicked when they are not met. And that panic, of course, helps keep me out of the Vortex. "Don't freak out...you are just being human!" is good to hear. Thanks again. :)

(24 May '13, 16:05) Grace

Grace have you ever heard of Bio-rhythms? I don't put much faith in plotting the future but it can help in diagnosing how you are feeling. You look at it and see why you are having an odd week. "Oh it says my spiritual frequency is low this month! That's the problem! Everything will be all right. alt text


answered 26 May '13, 05:02

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Wade Casaldi


@Wade, I remember there was a biorythm machine in the drug store when I was growing up. Haven't thought of that in a very long time. I didn't have any idea what it was about, we just thought of it as fun, sort of like the newspaper astrology predictions. Thanks for bringing it up! It will be fun having a look at that again. :) Found a fun site: http://www.facade.com/biorhythm/

(26 May '13, 09:49) Grace
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