Sex is by far the most pleasurable way to spend one's time; however, is it just for pleasure or is it simply a tool for procreation?

asked 19 Sep '10, 17:19

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First and foremost, sex is for protecting and preserving the species. Since this is the case, it was made the most pleasurable act.


answered 19 Sep '10, 22:18

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Let's say that species with non-pleasurable sex activities aren't there anymore to complain :-) They are extinguished for that very point.

(12 Oct '10, 10:51) Pierre

I think it is the ultimate way for two people to express their love for one another and connect on a level that is not just physical but also spiritual - thus it is the ultimate pleasurable activity and the one we utilize for assisting a soul in the non-physical to transition to this physical plane.

Hence, it is for both pleasure and procreation but more importantly for expressing love and connecting with another being on a spiritual level.


answered 19 Sep '10, 23:36

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what do you want it be?


answered 19 Sep '10, 23:41

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Sex can be pleasurable. As many people engage in sex post child bearing years, sex has multiple purposes.


answered 19 Sep '10, 18:02

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God created both male, and female, as sexual human beings. Sex is a part of who we are internally, and externally. Both male and female has sex hormones, so it an inborn desire for both parties to have sexual needs, and indulge in sexual acts for the fulfillment of their own sexual needs. A man may desire a woman just for pleasure and to fulfill his own sexual needs, so can a woman! On the contrary, couples will indulge in sex for both pleasure, and child’s birth, procreation.

In other causes sex is abused and is not used for pleasure or procreation: such as rape, and incest, and if it is without consent, sex between male and female can impregnate the female, causing child’s birth, procreation. When the act of sex is forced by one party, without mutual agreement and respect, it is fulfilling one’s lust, more so than one's pleasure.


answered 20 Sep '10, 00:25

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Inactive User ♦♦

Sex is such an amazing gift. Not only is it pleasurable and brings in new souls onto our planet but is also one of the doorways to infinite intelligence. Sure it had been misused, those deprived of this natural gift become angry (that's why it was common to deprive warriors of sexual relief to harness their anger for battle). Those who attempt to suppress this anger turn greedy and those who suppress even that, such as monks and nuns, have a big ego issue.

Furthermore, sex is the ultimate energy exchange. When the male and female come together in love there is the exchange of needed energy. The male gives the female strength which he has excess of and the female gives him blessing and inspiration which she has in excess. This exchange has also healing properties. It is recommended to men who have back pain due to prolonged sitting (on the computer perhaps?)

Thanks and Blessings, namaste


answered 20 Sep '10, 15:55

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Daniele, Based on your question and answer to your own question it sounds like you may be trying to convince yourself it is OK to have for pleasure because at some level you feel bad about it?

I would think that it is obviously for procreation..without it we can not have kids.

It appears the pleasure aspect was almost designed as a trick... to get us to procreate.

Just imagine if it didn't feel good and was like doing the dishes (Well maybe for some women it stil is, haha)

Anyway, whoever designed it had to have know that the pleasure part would be seeked after separate from the procreation.

This may be off topic but it can become a problem when it is addictive, used to medicate, is perverted like mentioned above, done in a cheating manner, etc...


answered 20 Sep '10, 18:36

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Deary me, I have been found :) I guess my ultimate disappointment is in not having opened yet that doorway to infinite intelligence! But time is on my side :)

(20 Sep '10, 18:46) daniele

@daniele: haha! I think very few have opened that door. I definitely have not, yet ;)

(20 Sep '10, 19:35) Back2Basics

From my personal experience, I would say that sex seems to be primarily for pleasure. However, there is the additional benefit that you can procreate as well if you wish to.

Sex is a basic need just like our other basic needs like hunger, thirst etc. And we experience pleasure and joy when we satisfy all of our basic needs.


answered 10 Oct '10, 11:03

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Pink Diamond

If each act of intercourse were meant to produce a child, you would have overrun the planet before you began. Sexual activity is therefore also meant as enjoyment, as an expression of exuberance. A woman will often feel her most sexually active in the midst of the menstrual period, precisely when conception is least apt to occur.

Source: The Nature of the Psyque-Its Human Expression (A Seth Book)


answered 31 Dec '10, 15:30

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If you feel good about t afterwards, continue.

If you feel guilt afterwards, stop doing it. Then for crying out loud find a way to end that guilt.:)

~Boom Chaka Boom



answered 31 Dec '10, 15:35

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jim 10

What if you are a nun and you feel guilty about your last solo play date? (This is not a serious comment requiring an intelligent answer. I just felt like throwing it out there)

(31 Dec '10, 18:12) The Traveller

When I was a child I was once bit by a dogma :)

(31 Dec '10, 18:14) jim 10
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