Until today, I never do get why people are skeptical of LOA especially when all the books on it have backed them up with living testimonials. Even in modern society, every second and minute, someone is a living testimonial of a person that has employed the LOA workings to whatever he wants(proven by videos of people on Abraham-Hicks cruises and the likes).

It is also an undeniable fact that certain traits of a human being such as emotions, perserverance, honesty, pride, etc cannot be quantified in terms of normal logic and language. Yet they can be explained clearly in terms of the metaphysical plane and the LOA. But why is that so many people actually know this and still not be able to bring themselves to terms that the LOA actually exists?

And how did all these skepticism actually come about? Assuming that we all came from the same place and we knew that the LOA actually exists at the time of our birth for a brief period of time.

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especially when all the books on it have backed them up with solid proof -- Really? Which books?

(21 Sep '10, 15:07) Vesuvius

Ok maybe 'proof' is too strong a word. Living testimonials maybe? they can be found(real stories) in think & grow rich and some others

(21 Sep '10, 16:24) kakaboo
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A skeptical mind is born through reason and logic and anything that doesn't fit into that mold is rejected by the fear-based ego mind. The reason for skepticism is due to belief systems held by skeptical minds.

Remember that all truths are true. Beliefs are definitions and by their very nature, beliefs are self perpetuating and self reinforcing. If that were not the case, our reality would not hold together.

Be aware of your own bias towards skeptics. Remember that their MO is in proving others to be wrong and thus, at least in their minds, proving them to be right. Which again is action of the ego.

IMHO it's best just to let everyone hold their beliefs, without judgement. Through your own action and state of being achieved by your understanding and implementation of LOA, others may wonder and see your new perspective and thus move beyond their skepticism...

But then again, maybe not. Either way, so be it.


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I like your approach! namaste

(22 Sep '10, 07:50) daniele

Thanks daniele, you know it's reasonable and logical 8-)

(22 Sep '10, 09:54) Eddie

I guess because of childhood conditioning ingrained by the environment we grew up in and society in general. Most people are unwilling to step outside their comfort zone and open their minds to new possibilities because of fear, even when that fear holds them in a constricted way of being.

There is often comfort in that which is familiar even when it's not productive.It's much easier to be skeptical because you don't have to step over the threshold and possibly encounter something new. The ego thrives on skepticism because it knows that when we begin to move beyond that and open our minds, the old egoic way of thinking is being dismantled and it will claw at anything for survival.

As to why or how all this skepticism or egoic way of thinking came about, we could speculate forever. Different religions all have their own take on it and personally I don't think it really matters. What does matter is becoming aware of our own egoic way of thinking and dismantling those old habitual thought patterns within ourselves so we can live our life to the fullest and can thus reflect back to others their own potential.


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I think people ( some people ) get so caught up in religious dogma that they can see nothing outside their church/group view.

LOA doesnt FIT IN to their groups venacular so they wont entertain it.

Some people seem very spiritually lazy and prefer to accept and submit to an organisation or group doctrine.LOA isnt a traditional religion and isnt as dogmatic as some belief systems. Im so glad its not.There is a great lack of a quest in society today...the bible does say to KEEP asking and knocking.Some seem happy with the group view and look no further. Perhaps there afraid to because of a judgemental God.

Are some afraid to seek because they fear the reprisal of an angry God?



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Monty Riviera

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