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UPDATE June 16, 2013 Father's Day USA

I am in Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA. I have been here since Friday.

This has been terrible for me, but more so for Wade...The pain in my head has been so bad that my personality has "shattered" and I have been switching into my various parts...I also have been switching handedness- clinically interesting, but a pain in the a$$.

I am trying to write while I actually have a's very difficult to type and think... The great news (!!!!) is that they found a non-narcotic "fix" for my brain, and can stop the migraines. So your prayers have borne fruit! Thank you so much.

I Saw the MRI of my brain...have white matter disease...

I wanted to thank you again, and keep you updated.

Please pray..the pain is incredible and very scary. I wanted especially to ask for prayers for Wade...He has been quite frightened having to deal with everything from a two-year-old me named Shee-Shee to Jai, Jeannie, Delainie (who spoke French at him), etc. Now you see why Wade needs your prayers. And I thank you very much!

Happy Father's Day to all you daddies out there!

Jaianniah June 16, 2013

alt text


Something is wrong with me, wade will take me to hospital. So sorry if I hurt anyone..

Can't walk at all. Cant talk., but can write.Please pray, Okay? Stupid thing makes me write a lot of words..sorry so sorry right now if I hurt anyone...Please pray real hard, okay?

Real sick feel real sick and dizzy reals scared keep falling over

Just wanted you to know wish this thing would just print up but keeps saying not enough words

Why can I write but not talk?

This is so stupid won't let me just post must write a lot of words Dumb thing

{lease pray..Love you Fairy princess and Tsingray and Niki and SSnow and Dollar Bill and just everyone

Makes no sense to me

Love you all very much. Don't know what is wrong. Please pray for me, okay? Wade will keep you informed.

Love you all very much.

So very scared right now

Why can I write but cannot walk or talk?

Fall over, cant walk

Hope you will help by praying please pray love to yoou all

alt text



Jai is back in the hospital with me. She can not speak at all right now. She is communicating by writing.

She is very scared, I am myself so I imagine to her it may be like ten times worse.

Please keep the prays and healing coming.

Thanks so much.

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Perfect health, perfect clarity, perfect peace, and perfect love, Jai.


(11 Jun '13, 14:32) Grace

She is in the hospital right now. I'll keep you updated.

(11 Jun '13, 17:08) Wade Casaldi

can i add her to a prayer n healing list ? if so, message me at and need her 1st name, age and what party fo world she lvies in,

(11 Jun '13, 21:43) TReb Bor yit-NE

sending prayer, healing, love ot her

(11 Jun '13, 21:43) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thank you so much all our IQ friends here, and even if you are new or never post but pray, you are an IQ friend as well. We are humanity, one big wonderful family. :-)

(12 Jun '13, 12:30) Wade Casaldi

I love you Jai! I will pray for you now, and keep you in my prayers. Be well. Any time you catch yourself claiming disease, sing, "I am well." even if it's just in your mind. It has helped me so much. Sending you love and healing. Blessings

(13 Jun '13, 00:41) Fairy Princess

My sweet kitty, Shadow, sends you love and kisses. ;) ♥

(13 Jun '13, 00:44) Fairy Princess

Praying again. Love you!

(16 Jun '13, 12:10) Fairy Princess

Here is a link to help you understand these parts. This is far from complete, I spoke with many she didn't write for.

(16 Jun '13, 12:56) Wade Casaldi

I pray they are investigating this well ..a stroke? annurisym? I pray for your perfect healing and clearheart.

(16 Jun '13, 20:50) clearheart
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@Jai - When I read your post last night, I rushed over to you in spirit and held your hand asking that you be healed, I hope this reached you and I'm glad to know that you're doing a bit better now.



answered 12 Jun '13, 12:29

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@Wade Casaldi . It take a lot to be strong, but sometimes that strength can come from the simplest things. Keep the happiness alive between You and Jai. Because of all the pain and terror of her past and present you may find the path difficult. But remember the happiness you brought each other. The light of your Love.
The light of Jai's Smile
alt text
You have all of our Love and Light from all of us at IQ to help you two see you though this time.


answered 16 Jun '13, 17:15

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Wow, what a beautiful picture of Jai - gorgeous smile. @ursixx - you're awesome & so is your message - which I second.

(18 Jun '13, 00:58) ele

Thanks @ele

(18 Jun '13, 03:11) ursixx

@jai - Just saw this. Smoke and prayers from us in Atlanta. May God hold you in His lovng hands and give you perfect health, perfect peace and perfect Joy.

@Wade Casaldi - Anne and I also hold you up and ask for Peace, Strength and Joy in God's loving hands.


answered 16 Jun '13, 18:49

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Dollar Bill

Lots of love for you.No need to be scared. plz hold on.Time is going to change for better ,in ur favour.sending u prayer n healing.


answered 12 Jun '13, 07:18

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From me to you, I send you love. From here to there, I give you strength. And as the waters flow, from streams to the seas, it is with this ease you shall recover. So don't be scared, be strong and remember the love that surrounds you.


answered 12 Jun '13, 00:28

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(From Friday or so)

Thank you all.

The hospitals were not helpful with this. It seems that if you are not having a "life-threatening" emergency, they are not interested in helping you.

I left the hospital with slurred speech, not able to walk, and double vision- but it wasn't life-threatening so they sent me home like this.

I called upon Wade's Mom, who is a channel and a healer, and she came over at 11 pm and worked on me. I should have gone to her first, not last.

The effects I am experiencing I believe are from my basilar migraines. They suck big time.

But I floated on your love and now feel at peace.

Thank you all. I love you very much.


alt text



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love,light n blessings ur wayy jai..,i l pray fr u dear..u l be fine soon :))

(12 Jun '13, 03:11) supergirl

I am praying for a full healing for you and never to have this again.amen

(12 Jun '13, 07:18) clearheart

@Jai I'm glad to hear you are doing better. Not 'allowing' yourself to let go of your past takes a toll at a cellular level & can affect you spiritually, emotionally as well as physically. Forgiveness is key - forgive yourself. I asked you once if this was an emotional issue or a spiritual issue - you said "it was a emotional issue & not spiritual".

(12 Jun '13, 23:44) ele
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