when i first realized i could sense another's emotions i was 10 it started with my dog skylee i use to have when ever her emotions were high like sad without making a sound i could sense it. it felt like a overwhelming sadness just hit me and i had to comfort the dog.

it's only when it's anger or sadness do i feel these emotions my dad had severe depression and when ever i was around him it felt like a dark cloud was hovering over and it made me feel horrible as well. when i look into a persons/animals eyes i can read their emotions it's something about the eyes that helps me read emotions something so strong i don't know if i'm seeing the soul or what.

there was a time when i was talking to someone and i felt an overwhelming feeling of jealousy and hatred coming from him i stopped talking and walked away. there's also been times where i looked into a persons eyes and seen the person was a jerk and tried telling people hey don't mess with him he's not right in the head and they come to find out he was a bad man or she was a bad women.

does this have to do with my sixth chakra the third eye psychic abilities and such just curious.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, I can do exactly the same thing with the eyes as well, I've only heard of a few other people with this. You sound a lot like me.

I asked Rob's Treb about all of this stuff with myself, and he said it is because I have an expanded third eye and crown chakra than the average person which allows me to perceive a little more than what the normal person can. The feeling and sensing of other's emotions is Empathic abilities. You probably are a lot like me then.


(25 Jun '13, 16:22) ikaruss21

If you like, I could link you to the recorded sessions I had with him with a lot of the same questions you are asking right now that I asked him. A lot of it might answer a lot of your questions since you sound really similar to me in the psychic abilities sense. Just let me know.


(25 Jun '13, 16:25) ikaruss21

thank you i have also been able to explain/answer things that I've never learned or heard before that could possibly be from the crown chakra.

(25 Jun '13, 17:53) XxemogirlxX

Yeah for sure anytime. I've had that as well with knowing/learning things I never knew before.

Just so you know, I am very shy about sharing this stuff of myself with others, which is kinda why I didn't turn my response into a full post because it's still something that's very personal to me.

But I know this will most definitely help you with getting a more detailed explanation for these abilities, so here you go :)

(25 Jun '13, 19:00) ikaruss21


(I was extremely nervous on this one, it was one of the biggest days of my life for me, in finally getting the answers to questions I had been seeking my entire life, I didn't get a chance to ask about the reading people through eyes thing though, ran out of time, It was definitely on my list to ask though, but more so in the direction of why there were some people whom I couldn't read through their eyes.)

(25 Jun '13, 20:06) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21 The session was great - good stuff! You did great! You asked some excellent questions. Thanks for sharing this. I know it took courage to do so. Much Appreciation! Rob & Treb - Kudos!

(25 Jun '13, 22:40) ele

@ele Thanks, I actually tried to purposely edit the link in the comment so the video wouldn't show all big windowed like that lol. Still kinda shy about sharing that stuff with people whom I talk to everyday on here now.

And yeah I couldn't agree anymore, both Rob and Treb are truly awesome.

(26 Jun '13, 15:30) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21 You did not say anything to be embarrassed about; you're pretty dang cool imo. I wish I was 'free' to 'share'. I'm sorry, I did vote the link up; but I think it was Barry who "fixed" your link.. I just voted it back down - but it didn't help any..

(26 Jun '13, 18:29) ele

@ele Thanks man, means a lot :)

Lol thanks for the attempt with the downvote, it's all good. I guess it really doesn't matter as much as i think, thanks a bunch though once again dude.

(26 Jun '13, 20:41) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21 I'm laughing so hard - thanks. You thought @Snow was a she & you think I'm a he? Love it! But I'm a she. Your psychic skills are not so good. lol! Snow changed his profile to reflect his gender; I honestly never thought I would have too.. Soo funny & I'm not offended -getting in touch with my yang side I guess.

(26 Jun '13, 22:16) ele

@ele AH I KNEW that was gonna happen!!! LOL i totally hesitated and thought about that exact same time when I messed up with Snow a while back as I was typing that, Shoooulda listened to that gut feeling, BuUuuusted!

Lol anywho, thanks for not burning me to a stake, my bad.

(26 Jun '13, 22:29) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21 I'm also old enough to be your mom & @Snow 's too..

(26 Jun '13, 22:33) ele

@ele So I truly am a Young'Un then. I will l be sure to address you two as Sir and Mam accordingly from here on out.

lol I kid of course ;D

(26 Jun '13, 22:40) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21 No, you misunderstood - Snow is 23. Don't you dare call me Mam.. Just in case you weren't kiddin' Still LMAO - thanks I love a good laugh..

(26 Jun '13, 22:43) ele

@ele : I don't know ele I consider you as one of my bros here regaurdless of your gender!

(27 Jun '13, 00:28) ursixx

@ursixx Thanks bro.. That made me laugh...

(27 Jun '13, 00:42) ele
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This ability of yours is wonderful and at the same time, a curse. When you are with happy people, you feel their happiness, their joy. Same with the opposite side of the coin: when you sense the meanness or pain of a person, you can tell by their eyes.

I developed the same abilities at a very your age, but probably not for the same reasons you did (or maybe so). My parents were dangerous at times, and it was to my benefit to be able to read them like books or I would end up in BIG trouble...You said your Dad was depressed. You perhaps were living on eggshells, then? In other words, you could not even look cross-eyed at him without setting him or his emotions off like a bomb. So you learned to cope...Your third eye and crown grew large to assist you in coping with this (possible) danger.

If this is not your situation, you may have just been blessed with an acute sensitivity to others- empathic abilities that always astonish those around you. I could always tell when somebody was lying to me. Their eyes would shift, often to the left. It was there like a flash, and then gone. Poof! It is these flashes that give away our true emotions to those who can read them.

I will write more when I am feeling better...I just didn't want you to hang out there, all alone, for too long. :)




answered 25 Jun '13, 18:36

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is it possible that its a curse only because you think its a curse? Just like you developed the ability to read emotions you can switch on the positive ones and leave the -ve ones. Example i have couple of friends who are nurses and they work with people who cant get out of bed and cant even move and are in v depressing states. But one friend says once she is out of work everything is out of her mind and goes out dancing and the other has her work stress pour into her regular life.. just saying!

(26 Jun '13, 19:57) abrahamloa
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