So after a long time finally got around to making a treasure map of my dreams. Only thing is its in digital format on photoshop. It measures over 50 inches square, and has over one hundred layers. I love it but quotes to print it out in color are way too much. Do I need a physical copy or can the digital format suffice ? Printing it smaller would only lose the detail. I could print it out in pieces but is a physical copy necessary. The spray mount it on board, but then I'd have to hide it from visitors. Can I just mediate or keep it as my desktop.

Also I could print it in black and white but would have have an effect on the manifestation.

Also using images, are literally things I want to do see, but some are symbols. Do loa understand that or does it have to be literal? Do I have to include what I have that I love. Can I put a particular love,(image of actual lover I wish to stay with) I wish, as well. I thought not, so I kinda kept it out bc I know law of attraction doesn't really work that way.

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the moment you decide that you want something..,it is given to you but, its in vortex and if it is not manifested it in your physical reality,it is beacause you are not in tune with it.

so..,your deciding about a particular thing applies full force of law of attraction.

once you decide,,simply..let go.. , simply wish once and let go.., forget about it and it will manifest in lightning speed.

i don't think you need to think so much about..,whether it should be black n white or colourful.. ., when u simply know that.."i want so n so.." and you hold that picture in your mind, u clearly know that.."what i want..looks like this.."..,it will manifest.

regarding picture of a lover, i would say.., ask.."what you want..rather than who you want..and let universe choose that perfect mate for you.." because our higher self knows more than us. we are not intended to understand each and everything in our life. we can see just the physical things but, our higher self can see both..the sides, the physical as well as the non-physical. with this..,you will attract a perfect mate to you. simply tell the universe what sort of qualities you want in your mate,describe them in detail..,and then simply let go. believe works.

hope this,light n blessings ur wayy.

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I have done something similar in photoshop and think that as long as you take time to remind yourself of all the lovely things that are waiting for you when you are in alignment with them and are in your vortex and that by doing so actually makes you feel better then it is good and is working. I have come to understand that it is more about feeling and that all the methods and processes are just ways to get you to feel better. Try to keep in mind that your higher self has a better perspective than you and you are limiting yourself by wanting EXACTLY what you put on your treasure map, instead use it as a means of guiding your higher self to what you wish to experience and then allow it to provide for you. It will quite often be a lot better than you could have imagined and most definitely better than what you have limited yourself to recieving by insisting that it is exactly what you want. So keeping it digital will be fine :) if you would like to understand this more please check out @stingray user profile and follow the links he has very kindly put together in the box on the top right, It is where I was able to understand this concept from and I have recently realised that I do not need to keep looking for more books and teachers on this subject as everything can be found in his knowledge and experience. Peace


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