I was trying to manifest something earlier and my mind began to wander. It wandered back to commercials of years ago, specifically one for Kool-Aid.

In the Kool-Aid commercial, the Kool-Aid man (a large glass pitcher of Kool-Aid with a crudely drawn animated face, two arms and two legs) is shown bursting through a wall with a loud "oh yeah!" to quench the thirst of a group of children. It now occurs to me that, up until now, I hadn't given a second thought to the Kool-Aid man, who is made of glass, bodyslamming (pitcher-slamming?) his way through a wall.

Wasn't it neat? A glass man, running through walls, and everyone would accept it tacitly.

Could it be that if I don't recognize my limitations, I can manifest better? i.e. if I don't believe I will shatter, I can manifest myself through a wall? Do I need to rely on others' acceptance of this worldview to more effectively manifest? Or is a more pragmatic approach required (perhaps the Kool-Aid man believed he was made of pyrex or something similarly robust).

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I believe the Kool-aid man suit was made of foam rubber and the bricks were loosely stacked foam rubber.

Are you asking if it is possible for glass to break brick. Yes it is possible, you would need to shoot the glass at the brick wall with a great velocity. So much so that the speed reaches the point of being far greater than the walls resistance.

I once saw a candle shot through a solid brick wall!

We have realms of possibility, so we need to understand that within the current realm we may not be able to do something but this only means with the attempts and attempted methods to date. Example we could come to a wall and try our best to dig through it, or we could climb over it, walk around it or tunnel beneath it.

We must be open to exploring new methods. Edison invented the light bulb not from trying the same thing over and over but changing what did not work each time.

It was once an impossibility to put a wax candle through a brick wall. But as we grew in understanding we found out it is very possible using the right methods.


Yes even cardboard can cut through a metal window screen if it has enough velocity!

True story here: many years ago on independence day my dad was shooting fireworks in our yard. He and Mom bought what they thought was a three stage fountain. You just sit a fountain on the ground and light it, it shows showers of beautiful sparks. Now three stage concussion bombs are very different and pro stuff we would never even consider buying! You have to bury them part way to stabilize them.

He sat it on the ground and lit the fuse. It was not a fountain! First bomb went off, poof way up in the sky BA-BOOM!!! Second bomb shot off poof right between all of us bounced off a friend's plastic base ball cap, just grazing it. It hit the side of our house and bounced back and went BA-BOOM!!! Third one shot off luckily again straight up poof way up and BA-BOOM!!! They were Red, White and Blue as I recall.

The next day in the daylight we saw the damaged aluminum siding from the ball but we also saw our window screen. It had holes in it and struck in those holes was nothing but small pieces of cardboard!

Thank God none were burned or harmed in any way! That is why fireworks are illegal in most states. Every year there are accidents people get hurt from.

So even paper can cut through metal screen with the right velocity!

Jai says that after the tornado that hit her town, back when she was a child, they found hay straws embedded into the side of a barn right near her damaged house! The tornado was an F4.

Anything can go through anything with enough velocity.


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Wade Casaldi

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true..evythng is possible if we use right methods..:))

(20 Jul '13, 00:51) supergirl
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