Does anyone think that the contributors to "the Secret" are milking their fame to feather their own nests financially by offering the weakest a carrot of "there's more to know about Law of Attraction but you must pay to know?

Like most people who read "The Secret"I must say I did get positive benefit from it at a time when I really needed it. I did not receive the abundance , nor do I think I wanted abundance, just a way of looking at things in a positive light.

After a while I decided to follow some of the contributors to THE SECRET to learn more and it was nothing but a complete disappointment.

What I got was (not going to mention any names) X telling us that THE SECRET was only a foreword and if we subscribe a monthly contribution we will really understand THE SECRET. Another contributor who has many cars because of LOA is in to all sorts of sales even endorsing eye drops.

The main grievance I have is these contributors pushing Internet marketing and getting as many people affiliated to their sites as possible. It's a little like pyramid sales. I am not disgruntled by their action just disappointed how they lead people who are looking for help down a road of spending money which they don't have to join their schemes.

I did join one of the cheap ones a few years ago and the marketing leaves a lot to be desired.Things like " this offer closes tomorrow" or "this is normally valued at $3500 but we are not asking that , we are not even asking $1000. Not even $100. For just $95. In truth the commodity is hardly worth $50 and when you join you have to pay more money to get traffic once you are set up.

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It's the same with schools, you don't really need to go there to learn the stuff they teach. But most people do and listen to teachers anyway.

And ofc, they thrive on desperation of people wanting to escape the "hell" they deem their current life to be. The one who's at peace with himself doesn't need anyone to tell him how to live...or whatever the secret of living is.

(04 Sep '13, 01:54) CalonLan

Even Esther Hicks sells the video The Secret Behind The Secret. Really I own the original with her channeling Abraham and I liked it more than the updated minus Esther edition.

I remember James Arthur Ray saying right in the Secret movie, "People come to me about my seminars and say, I can't afford that!" I say, "The universe looks back at them and says, Your wish is my command." That is in the video "The Secret" itself.

(04 Sep '13, 11:52) Wade Casaldi
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Does anyone think that the contributors to "the Secret" are milking their fame to feather their own nests financially by offering the weakest a carrot of "there's more to know about Law of Attraction but you must pay to know?

Yes, of course they are milking their fame to make money. But one has to realize that the ones who do that are business people who are selling a (Law of Attraction) product so it's not surprising they would be motivated to do that. It's just good business.

The problem is that you can't make much (if any) money by telling people the simplest truth of all regarding the Law of Attraction...

Find ways to feel good everyday and you'll get everything you want in life

Whoops...Damn...I've just given away The Real Secret for free. There goes my Law of Attraction business...Oh well :)

It's like telling people that a few (free) behaviors, like drinking more water, will prevent 99.999999999% of all disease. How do you make money from divulging such simple information? You really have to make it seem more complicated to justify people parting with their cash :)

There's another issue though.

Many people don't believe that life (or even the Law of Attraction) is that simple so they are looking for something complicated, and they have an associated belief that complicated costs it suits those people to spend something in order to receive "complicated" information.

Those people are a vibrational match to unnecessarily complex information...nothing wrong with that, it's what they currently believe, and people will only accept something that resonates with their current beliefs.

So, in that sense, those Law of Attraction business people are satisfying a need within their market for people who desire "complicated" information.

There's enough free information already on Inward Quest for anyone in any life circumstance to completely transform themselves. So it's not that the information is not already freely available, it's just that many people don't yet believe that it is :)


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@Stingray-good reply.

(03 Sep '13, 04:24) Zee

"Many people don't believe that life (or even the Law of Attraction) is that simple so they are looking for something complicated, and they have an associated belief that complicated costs it suits those people to spend something in order to receive "complicated" information." Yes! And this does fulfill a need.

(03 Sep '13, 06:02) Dollar Bill

@stingray I think your answer is so dead on. So well said too.

I still have never seen "The Secret," closest thing I have seen that I would imagine is close to it is "What the bleep do we know?," I think it being so commercial and mainstream is probably what was the cause of me having no interest in watching it.

I must admit though, that while I really never have bought in to any of these type of schemes, I am most definitely guilty of needing the information to be complicated.

(03 Sep '13, 13:15) ikaruss21

I suppose you can create a business out of anything, the church has for centuries.i suppose what I am trying to say in My question is the "law of attraction "real, or is it another concept on spirituality that plays on humans when they are looking for answers to their grave problems ? and therefore filling the pockets of the contributors to "the secret" and other guru's.

(05 Sep '13, 01:36) Laucan

@Laucan - The term "Law of Attraction" is really just a modern-day fashionable fad phrase to describe a very old idea embodied in almost every philosophy and religion that has ever existed...the idea that what you put out is what you get back.

In many ways, the idea of promoting it as The Secret is just a money-making marketing exercise because it has never been a secret but at least the conspiracy notion of it grabs people's attention and gets them thinking about these spiritual ideas

(05 Sep '13, 10:02) Stingray

You are right Stingray, it is a very old idea that is modernised by "The Secret" . My main idea in asking the question originally was more to do with the contributors saying the law of attraction worked great for them, but when you examine how it worked in their case it was by using their fame to set up a network of Internet marketing , affiliations , expensive courses.

(05 Sep '13, 14:03) Laucan

I would not on moral grounds do what they do. You may say its "business" , but really I have seen cases where they offer you a look at a course or site for a dollar , get you bank account details and deduct a much larger amount each month.

(05 Sep '13, 14:05) Laucan

@Laucan - "on moral grounds" - In my experience, playing the morality game (judging certain actions to be right or wrong) is a sure way to a miserable and self-imprisoning life experience. You can never ultimately control the actions of others because you can never ultimately control their thoughts. And to add insult to injury :) the LOA will bring someone more of what they consider to be "wrong" since that's what their attention is upon.

Better to think of life as a buffet of...

(05 Sep '13, 15:35) Stingray

@Laucan - ...experiences. One can choose what they like to eat (experience) from the buffet and leave behind what they don't like, since that might be to someone else's taste instead.

As I implied, there's more and better quality information available on IQ for free so it's not about the information not being available, it's just that some people (because of their beliefs) end up paying for it :) That's just what they've chosen to take from that buffet of life...and you can't stop them :)

(05 Sep '13, 15:40) Stingray

@Stingray I have to admit that I like the buffet of marketing (products) and complicated info. And I still buy them though your're right and one can find much better information on IQ for free. So there are people (like me) who like things that others find stupid. But isn't it always like that? I guess there are also millions of people who find it stupid to read/write something on IQ. Maybe we should go find them and tell them how wrong they are and spend our lives arguing with them :).

(05 Sep '13, 17:08) releaser99

@releaser99 - "I have to admit that I like the buffet of marketing (products) and complicated info. And I still buy them" - I get them too because I find studying these products endlessly fascinating as a kind of hobby :) ...and occasionally there's a useful insight or two in them.

"Maybe we should go find them and tell them how wrong they are and spend our lives arguing with them :)" - That's probably the real reason why I'm still here posting on IQ after a few years :)

(05 Sep '13, 18:40) Stingray

@Stingray "That's probably the real reason why I'm still here posting on IQ after a few years" lol! Maybe there is really some truth in it. That's probably also the reason why I've written my initial comment to this answer in the first place :). There is probably a rebel in all of us :).

(05 Sep '13, 19:16) releaser99

@releaser99 - Yes, the "upliftment game" - which is almost argumentative in nature if you think about it - is a fascinating one.

You have to care enough about what other people think in order to present them with a more empowering point of view but you also have to not care what they think enough so that you yourself don't get dragged into disempowering points of view when they fail to respond. Definitely needs some kind of "rebel" mentality :)

(06 Sep '13, 10:32) Stingray

@Stingray "argumentative in nature if you think about it - is a fascinating one." Agreed, it's absolutely fascinating and it's one of my most enjoyable challenges. It's funny because I always had that desire to uplift - doesn't matter if I'm out or in the Vortex. The difference is just that out of the Vortex it feels like pushing and trying too hard, and in the Vortex it feels like fun - like a challenging game. I guess this desire was put into my Vortex before this specific life time.

(06 Sep '13, 23:15) releaser99

Because it's so strong at every emotional setpoint that I cannot resist it no matter what :). Another indicator is that I can only learn anything when I imagine how I could teach it to another person. Otherwise it's not possible for me to learn anything. Seriously. Even in school it was like that. And it was always that way till I first really realized this phenomenon in my mid twenties.

(06 Sep '13, 23:15) releaser99

@releaser99 - "I can only learn anything when I imagine how I could teach it to another person" - Ah yes, the other big paradoxical secret of participating on IQ :) ...providing "helpful" answers to others is really just a "front" for getting clearer on those subjects yourself. I've said it many times here yet some people still think I'm on some altruistic crusade. Probably like you, I ultimately just want to get better at this stuff myself and helping others is the fastest way to do it :)

(07 Sep '13, 12:29) Stingray

@Stingray Yes, ultimately teaching is about being selfish. I teach because I get something out of it. It's like buying food from a shop. The reason I buy it is not because I want the shop owner to have more money. I just want to have something to eat to fulfill my own desire. I want to satisfy my hunger to feel better. It's just a side-effect of the process that he gets money from me in return. And if I believe that it's a good thing that he gets the money, I feel even better - not him :).

(07 Sep '13, 20:27) releaser99
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Of course they are and I almost fell for it a few times till I discovered that I could get all the answers I would ever need and much more for free reading books and watching documentaries via internet. I didn't want to pay for information that is my human right to know in the first place. The only thing I pay for is meditation music and sounds that I enjoy, even those are free on the internet. I 100% believe that it is all in the good vibrations we put out through our feelings, very simple yet so new to me. I still vibrate at a low positive level at times due to years of negative conditioning, it's getting better. The ultimate law is the law of love and that can only be felt in the heart, I believe. I chose Christ Consciousness and it is priceless.


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sharing is caring

(05 Sep '13, 01:18) ursixx

Petitesweetyme, you say you did not pay for your information, however, how did you get ahold of the books you read? Did you pay for those? Or, did you go to the local library, where your tax dollars paid for it? You watched free documentaries on the internet, but didn't you pay for the internet? The point is, when someone offers valuable information put together in an organized format so that people do not have to search through the good and the bad information out there, it has some worth. If this information was offered for free, the consumer would not take the information as seriously or put as much value on it than if they paid for it. This is simple business. Business employs people and puts money into the economy. There is nothing wrong with people charging for valuable information and there is nothing wrong with wanting to make money. Universities do it all the time.

(08 Sep '13, 13:48) Katheryn Olsen

Nothing wrong with an exchange of energy...

(08 Sep '13, 14:27) Roy

Hey if it feels right for you then do it by all means. I just don't feel it is worth it for me when all the answers are within me and that is all I need to know about LOA. My money and time is being spent to improve my chosen field of work. Thank you very much "Higher Power" finally, I am free! From this day forward it is only going to get better and better. I am the most powerful human in the world we actually all are, most of us just do not know it yet, we have lost focus of this truth. You are all you need to be to have everything you may want, there are no limits.. Look deep inside and Believe believe believe because it is true.


(08 Sep '13, 20:13) petitesweetyme

What annoyed me about the Contributors to "the secret" is they ask people to join their sites or buy their books and many other schemes on LOA ,people that are searching for answers spend money they hardly have and that money goes to the contributors and makes them rich. Now they are able to show off this wealth ( garage full of cars, house on the beach, skiing trips ) and they say they ATTRACTED this money due to clicking into the wavelength and vibration of LOA.

(09 Sep '13, 01:27) Laucan
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As always @Stingray - a wonderful answer. It's funny though, I guess it's what we're looking for. When I first saw the secret I immediately received a message. I went in search of more information but I didn't follow the 'marketers'. I can spot them from a million miles away and I've never believed in them or their methods. I never believed that I should have to pay money to receive a message from the Universe or from God. So the 'marketing' doesn't bother me - I just don't take part in it and the answers still come.


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By the time I came across this website, I knew it was probably time to stop buying self-help books. It finally clicked that all most self help books are teaching is LOA, with varying degrees of success. The last book that I bought on this subject was 'Ask and It is Given' and that was mainly because it was name checked a fair bit on these pages and it seemed like a good reference point for finally putting this stuff into practice the right way.

Due to this website, I have finally realised that all the information necessary to improve my life is out there free of charge on the internet. If the contributors of the Secret are helping people and those who pay possibly large sums of money get a positive life change out of it then that is ultimately good for those individuals, but the sooner as many people as possible realise that most LOA stuff is already on the internet and they don't need to regularly hand over cash the better. Of course, thinking that you have to hand over large sums of money to 'get to the promised land' is not a good situation at all and may understandably put the person paying these large sums into a fearful and negative state about whether they are going to get their moneys worth or not. If The Secret contributors or anyone else are charging large sums presumably to line their own pockets for teachings that are available for free if you look hard enough then they are generating negative energy in my opinion and should be steered clear of.


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colino green

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Most things you can learn online for free. I will use universities, for example. Most of what you can learn at college can be learned for free online, too. The fact is, college courses are put together to streamline the learning process on different subjects and you pay a good penny for a college education. I would have to say that colleges presumably charge for classes to line their pockets for teachings that are available for free if you look hard enough, too. Does that make them bad?

(08 Sep '13, 19:00) Katheryn Olsen

well, universities and colleges often charge and their students often cannot avoid these charges if they want certificate or to graduate so that is a very different situation. With loa and self help your graduation is subjective, so if you can improve your life free of charge, all the better.

(08 Sep '13, 19:14) colino green
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