We all know instant manifesting is possible. Aren't we instantly manifesting all the time anyway? We live in a spiritual, vibrating, quantum leaping world that is constantly moving and changing. When we think and feel, everything reacts and changes according to those thoughts and feelings, instantly. In manifesting, we also talk about how the feeling of already having it, and the power of now are key ingredients in the manifesting process. So what is the feeling of already having it? What is the power of now? Thoughts + _____ = Manifestation. Jesus Christ is a deliberate instant manifestor and he teaches unconditional love. This is cool, any thoughts?


asked 07 Oct '10, 01:07

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Nice question Brian.

There are several words that come to mind to fill in that blank space but if I had to pick one I guess it would be - Faith. When we have complete faith we are asking from that place of knowing that what we want is already here, we just have to perceive it with our physical senses; we are completely free of resistance which is the big inhibitor in the manifestation process.


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Totally on board with this!

(07 Oct '10, 13:54) BridgetJones09

Brian, you gave the answer to your question "Jesus Christ is a deliberate instant manifestor and he teaches unconditional love." The time in which I did instant manifestation it came from my heart. I just looked at the lump growing under my arm, and felt love for it, a bright light showed from the area of my heart and went toward it. I pulled my shirt on and started my work, forgetting all about this. Later as I undressed, I noticed the lump had already oozed out and healed!

Thank you, namaste


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Honestly i dont know for sure. I would say thoughts + Persistence.I think a SUSTAINED habit of HABITUAL thought is the answer. Also i would guess that the more instantaneous the manifesation the more time the manifestee has spent controling and re training his /her thoughts. Its a lifestyle not just something to try once in a while. When you start pushing a broken down car it takes a lot of effort at first. When momentum is gained it moves easier and requires FAR less effort. Mind you ,you could say that about most things in lfe.



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Monty Riviera

The typical answer would be thoughts + "feelings" = manifestation. But what kind of feelings? And how can you feel like you already have it if you don't?

What I've found is that it's not so much the feeling of already having it as the feeling of "it's a done deal." Like when you're going to a concert and you have the tickets. You can eagerly anticipate it because you know it's coming. You don't have to worry or wonder "if" you're going to go.

So I'd say think about it, talk about it, feel about it like the plans are set and it's just a matter of time. And pretty soon they will be :)


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Maria - Manifesting Muse

Manifestation is always instant but often times we cannot see the result immediately then doubts start piling up. Most of us continue to be deceived by the illusion of what we call reality. Hence it is important to focus within and less on whats on the outside.

Another important point is that the focus should be more on what you are feeling rather than the things or experiences that you desire. Once you start feeling good and you maintain that feeling then you have achieved your goal. The rest will fall into place and it does not matter when or how because you already achieved the feeling. You are already there.


answered 07 Oct '10, 23:34

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1) Hold a "conscious intention" of the thing desired.

2) Focus on it's "realness" as an already existing fact.

3) Think, speak and act as if you already have it.

4) Take "inspired action" as the ways and means to make it a "tangible reality" show up.

5) Detach and Allow the perfection and simplicity of the process to provide the "desired outcome."

It TRULY is as simple and complex as that. Your ONLY job is to clearly define the why and the what.



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yes true though and feeling given to god!


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white tiger

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