My friends cat got out of the house and has not come back yet. I experienced this same situation many years ago and although it caused a lot of fear, my family tried to stay positive, did the usual putting up signs and contacting shelters, and a week later she just wandered back to the house on her own, even though she was an indoor cat and it was the middle of winter during a snowstorm! We called it our Chrismas miricle and made up stories about the adventure she had. My friend is fluctuating from hope to despair just like my family did. I am trying to keep his hopes up and on my own I have envisioned a beautiful, joyus, inspiring resolution to the situation. Every day I have meditated, gotten myself fully in the vortex and then created various versions of this story which of course results in the happy reuion with his beloved pet. I am staying positive with the belief that positive is more powerful than negative energy, which will cancle out some of his doubts. What else can I do to help?

asked 20 Sep '13, 10:19

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Show them evidence of other miracles that have happened before so they can start to pull to them the probable reality where the cat comes back.


answered 23 Sep '13, 16:53

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