Why does the universe/God manifest our thoughts/desires? What purpose does it serve? Is this just a tool for humanity?

And if the Law of Attraction is one of the foundational laws of nature, then why isn't it widely accepted? If the roots are ancient then why is it only now that it's become more mainstream? I know some of you may point me to quantum physics, but as they say "word of mouth" is the best advertisement out there... So, if the Law of Attraction is working, has always worked, and people have been invoking it for milenia, why didn't it take foothold sooner?

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our time frames are relatively short, or we may be considered impatient

(19 Oct '10, 21:15) fred

Fear is what prevents the LOA from being more widely accepted. Throughout the centuries we have been taught that God is outside us and we must follow the doctrines and theologies taught by the religious institutions in order to obtain his approval and gain a place in his eternal kingdom.We have been held captive by external sources of power because they don't want us to realize that the real source of power is within each and everyone of us. The truth is that we always have that approval and we can't not be eternal because we are all part of that one Universal source or God, hence we manifest our own thoughts and desires as co creators with our source.

Humanity is reaching a point where the old fear based or egoic way of thinking is breaking down and we are beginning to wake up to our true nature.However, the old way of being will not let go without a struggle as each of us discovers when we begin to wake up, and can we see this reflected on a collective scale by some of the disasters happening on the planet. However, the more we can dismantle the old ways of thinking and being that have held us captive, the more we help our species as a Whole.

The only way this can happen is for each individual to become aware of their own power within and let go of those old, ingrained beliefs that have held them trapped in the illusion of fear. Humanity has reached a crucial stage in it's evolution and that's why the laws of the universe are now becoming more widespread or mainstream.


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After 2 months on

(17 Oct '10, 14:02) Monty Riviera

After 2 months on IQ this is the best answer ive seen. I simply couldnt have put that any better.

(17 Oct '10, 14:04) Monty Riviera

Thank you Graham :) - high praise indeed, although I think if you look through the archives you just might find a few answers more worthy than this one.

(18 Oct '10, 13:38) Michaela

Maybe more worthy but this was very current and topical to meY.our answer hit on a few points ive been dwelling on recently. The whole FEAR thing is very pertinent to a lot of people not daring to search for truth outside of their current religion/faith/group.

(18 Oct '10, 14:15) Monty Riviera

Glad you found it helpful Graham :)

(19 Oct '10, 01:49) Michaela
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Beloved, to understand why God/universe manifest your thoughts/desires you have to first know who you truly are. This can be found through meditation and asking your inner being for answers for your heart knows the truth.

Take only whatever resonates within you from what I am about to tell you. Your thoughts are answered because you are part of God/universe, an individual spark of the divine. And that's what you do, you create. This is basically your classroom. This isn't widely accepted because those in power have decided long ago to keep all knowledge within their small circle in order to give us a bigger struggle to find the truth and thus expand even more. LOA maybe mainstream in LA but over where I am, my whole family (who is catholic by the way and reject LOA) and I would pay a heavy price if I were to voice my belief (I tested the ground.) Why? Fear. People out here have the inquisition and witch burnig ingrained in their DNA. Anything other than the local religion is considered a cult. So there you have it. Everyone is manifesting, and have been manifesting for milenia as you say, but only a few have been doing it consciously.

Thank you, namaste


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But it has taken a foothold! its been part of all the major religions and their scriptures for as long as humanity has been putting pen to paper.How long ago was " as a man thinketh in his heart so is he " written?

Why does God manifest our thougts...because were made in His very image. He creates His own thoughts right? Our universe started with one of Gods thoughts. We operate the same way.

Were operating in our microcosm in the same way God operates in the universe. Its the way were built.Also we are ONE with our creator,theres really only ONE mind.Were all part of it.



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Monty Riviera

our part of the one mind at best may need to be dusted off,

(19 Oct '10, 21:22) fred

It may Fred,we misuse our minds ( and bodies ) everyday.But it doesnt change who we are or who were part of does it?

(21 Oct '10, 14:00) Monty Riviera

The Law of Attraction is a way to talk to Universe/God/Source/Creator. The thing is that through the ages we have viewed ourselves as separate from God. The Law of Attraction gives us back our personal power and describes to us our true nature. We are intimately connected to the Universe/God/Source/Creator and we can communicate with the Universe/God/Source/Creator via our thoughts and feelings and we have been the whole time. We are powerful beings capable of creating whatever we want, and we do. What the Law of Attraction has done is open the door to our inherent knowing that we are much more than our physical bodies. LOA has also allowed us to believe that we are much closer to God than we may have thought, so close that it would be impossible to draw a line between where we finish and God starts. You're Awesome!


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