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this is more informative then a question. just to inform that there is a free tool to test web page for new internet browser 8 to 11. it help with making web site.

here is the link:

Simon might find that use full.

I have run the inward quest web page in it to see how the site is going and it is doing pretty well.

here is the minor thing that I have find. using this free tool.

What did we find?

We've found this webpage is missing a DocType that recognizes modern web standards like HTML5 and CSS3 in Internet Explorer 9 and 10. Declaring a DocType can make it easier for you to support many modern browsers together.

Why is it important?

Your users might not be getting this webpage's best experience in Internet Explorer 9 or 10.

Using a DocType that recognizes modern web standards can increase site performance in Internet Explorer by an average of 30%.

We want to help you reach as many users as possible with the best browsing experience. 23.3% users visit with Internet Explorer 9 and 10 on desktops PCs according to NetApps (Mar 2013).

What did we find?

We've found that this webpage layout may have not been designed for a full range of smaller or larger screen devices. Using responsive design techniques that target horizontal screen resolutions or "breakpoints" can improve your user experience across many devices and may decrease the costs of building device-specific experiences. This scan currently detects minimum and maximum properties of media queries, which may be one of many indicators of responsive web design; however, it's not a complete scan for all best practices.

Breakpoints should be defined according to the content on your site. We suggest the following common breakpoints as a starting point to target desktop, tablet, and mobile form-factors:

Why is it important?

Your users may not be getting this webpage's best experience on devices like Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Kindle, XBOX 360, and other modern browsers on smaller or larger screens. These mobile experiences account for about 12% of the global internet traffic and are expected to grow quickly in the next 5 years (Business Insider, Nov 2012).

The graph below shows the window widths for which we detected media query support (in green). We recommend testing your site at the non-highlighted window widths to confirm it works well. NOTE: This graph uses common breakpoints which may help you target specific form-factors.

What did we find?

You are not using any technique to load content in advance while your users are reading your content and improving your website's performance. Check if using some of these techniques improves performance.

Help us improve modern.IE - Submit feedback.

Why is it important?

By using these techniques you are providing your users a faster experience while browsing your content and keep them more engaged.

What did we find?

Your server doesn't use any compression mechanism. You should think about enabling gzip compression or similar.

Help us improve modern.IE - Submit feedback.

Why is it important?

Compressed content is important to reduce the load times and the required bandwidth to enjoy your website.

What did we find?

We've found that this webpage is not enhanced for touch-based browsing in Internet Explorer 10 on devices running Windows 8.

An increasing number of users browse the web from touch-enabled devices. We suggest you take advantage of IE10's touch features to deliver a fast and fluid experience for your users.

For some sites, a good touch experience simply means making sure you take care of the basics, such as using appropriately sized buttons and avoiding mouse hover menus. Read our guidelines for quick tips on how to make sure touch users can effectively use your site.

You can also optimize this webpage for a richer touch experience by using gestures or specialized panning and zooming behaviors. Consider using Pointer Events to support touch, along with mouse and pen, for more advanced interaction. Recently, Microsoft submitted the Pointer Events specification to the W3C to help the web move towards interoperable touch interactions.

Help us improve modern.IE - Submit feedback.

Why is it important?

Your users may not be getting this webpage's best experience on touch-optimized devices like Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, or Windows 8 PCs. Mobile devices with touch capabilities are expected to grow quickly in the next 5 years (Business Insider, Nov 2012).

What did we find?

Your page is not using the "prev" and "next" link relations. These attributes help search engines and browsers better understand the hiearchy of your website content and enable new features to improve the browser experience of your visitors like Flip ahead browsing

Help us improve modern.IE - Submit feedback.

Why is it important?

These attributes will not only enable the flip ahead functionality in modern IE (making page navigation a lot easier) but will also help search engines to better understand how your content is organized for SEO purposes.

What did we find?

We've found that this webpage hasn't built a Windows 8.1 Start Screen tile. A Start Screen tile puts your site logo closer to your users when they can "pin" it and launch this webpage right next to Windows Store apps.

This can be completed with two lines of code and a PNG image like this: <meta name="msapplication-TileColor" content="#123456"/> <meta name="msapplication-square150x150logo" content="square.png"/>

If you want to provide more image options for the different tile sizes available in Windows 8.1 go to to know more.

Also notifications can help you engage more with your users and get more frequent visits.

Help us improve modern.IE - Submit feedback.

Why is it important?

Your users may not be getting this webpage's best experience on devices like Microsoft Surface or Windows 8.1 PCs. This feature helps them personalize their Windows 8 Start Screen with their favorite site like yours.

on the rest you are all good, Good Job Simon.

and when I say good job it is really good job I have seen business web site not up to date and making internet explorer 11 crash.

so this site (inward quest) is very good.

asked 06 Nov '13, 20:51

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white tiger

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So there is new updated software and the Inward Quest site is up to date? Then just experience and enjoy :)

(06 Nov '13, 21:52) releaser99

yes that is very good the web site is up to date. so no crash in new browser. that is all ready a very good thing. so that we can experience and enjoy. some business web site are at j-query 1.2 and you need a minimum of 1.6 for new browser 8 to 11. the latest j-query is 2.0 it is help full information.

(06 Nov '13, 22:20) white tiger

@white tiger - If you are going to post things like this, you should do so on IQ Meta not here

(07 Nov '13, 00:45) IQ Moderator ♦♦
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Wow Simon it is nice to see these improvements to IQ coming!

I use IQ on my Droid phone. These would really help the experience be easier and better. Will all this be coming soon or within the next year?

Good analysis to keep improving the IQ experience.


answered 06 Nov '13, 21:43

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

I agree with you wade that some of the improvement could be use full web page would load faster use less bandwidth you could use on different device and windows 8 and 8.1 user could pin the site logo directly on the computer metro app for direct access.

(06 Nov '13, 22:59) white tiger
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