Is it true that colors play an important role to work on pshycological factors? Are there any colors that brings immediate cheerfulness in times of sadness? Are there any colors that makes us understand love? Will it possible to alter a character by focusing on a particular colors? Will time get formatted by focusing on colors? Why water colorless? Or it is master of all colors. Why Air is colorless? Or all colors springs out from it? Does this means colorless life brings all colors in life? Are there any books written on colors pshycology? Are there any colors that brings richness in life? Any colors that helps to win the lottery? Is there a maths that helps us understand colors and brings colors closure to life?

What is true defination of colors? What is the color of the sky? Change in distance will change the colors? Are there infinite colors or only finite. Oh! my mind getting freak out. Please help me to understand and enjoy the true colorful life. Thanks for your efforts in advance for taking pleasure to answer this questions.

asked 11 Nov '13, 02:33

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Every colour possesses a different vibration to it, it's why there is a variety of colours. No single colour is 'better' nor 'worse' than others, just different. Red, for example, is a hot colour that represents masculine energy, confidence and active passion, hence, you see the correlation between attractive people and them wearing red.

(11 Nov '13, 03:36) Nikulas

@Nikulas Thank you for giving an example of red color. I welcome you with more colors and more examples.

(11 Nov '13, 05:23) PERFECT GOOD

red can also be seen as anger, like when someone see red or a bull charge against someone that is wearing something red. the blood is also red. pain can also be seen as red. does the bull suffer some pain when he is seeing red? and that is why he is charging from the overflow of is heart that produce evil. will it help the bull or cause him more pain to him and those outside of him? what if the bull could get to know him self and see it just as a color and not have overflow from the heart?

(11 Nov '13, 13:51) white tiger

there is many things to be aware about in and out. who is the living one inside that is looking out? if one remove the ignore paint and the darkness in is water solving is division and is overflow from the heart he will get to know him self. if one see only this water as a windows to the outside where he is painting on the canvas to react to the outside how much is he missing? see the truth with mercy since the one outside are in the same predicament, even if they have hurt you they have hurt-

(11 Nov '13, 14:02) white tiger

you they have hurt them self even more and they do not know it. Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(11 Nov '13, 14:03) white tiger

@white tiger might it take a life time to understand a bull that the red color doesn't harm it anymore. But I put all my efforts to understand not to influence or fear through any colors which doesn't harm me.

(11 Nov '13, 23:03) PERFECT GOOD

@perfect good if one influence someone else he becomes responsible of the one that he influence. as for the one that is influenced he is responsible of letting him self be influenced. as for fear with truth, wisdom and understanding one does not need to fear. example: one can be afraid of fire if he learn in truth everything there is to know about fire, he will have wisdom and understanding to have mastery of the fire element. then there is no fear to have. ignorance brings fear.

(12 Nov '13, 01:36) white tiger

Wowwee!!! That is a whole lot of questions in one!

It will take some time to answer all of these, to even figure out everything you have asked.

I do want to get to this because I find it interesting.

(12 Nov '13, 14:18) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi You are directly connected to me, by liking my curiouscity about nature. You need time, take all the time of the universe and please get back to me whatever catches your interest.

(15 Nov '13, 23:54) PERFECT GOOD

@IQ My complete focus is to practice Dynamic thought. After mastering the exercises mentioned in the book. I want meet a new me and a new world. Love you all.

(18 Mar '14, 03:24) PERFECT GOOD
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all color comes from the white light when it pass through a prism it is divided in seven main colors. when you unite those colors you make new variation of colors. I suggest to you to look at light spectrum and what the human eyes see. and you will see that there is a lot that it does not see or is not aware about. with out light you see colors are not seen. and you walk in darkness and stumble. know yourself, Find the water that is inside of you so that you can clean that cup and see the light that you are, the living one that you are. is that not better then the lottery? would you not like to see all the colors and shape that it can show you, so that you can be whole again. the water is like a screen a mirror a reflective surface so you can put any colors that you want on it, some even put ignore paint on it. so they become blind to some thing after a while they do not remember why they see this that way? some can even be dye to any colors by the outside and often end up in place they would never have want to go. you see the water and the light each have attribute that works well together if they are divided they cannot work together. look at a tv screen when there is no light the screen is dark. you are able to see it outside of you do you see it inside of you? what kind of program is playing on that screen? is their many colors?

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 11 Nov '13, 05:02

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white tiger

I'm keeping efforts to see the lights in me. Pray for me to understand what you have understood in all forms of life. Thank you.

(11 Nov '13, 05:29) PERFECT GOOD

I have put this video if it can help you out, the guy speaking speak some truth and in some place he is in error when he is divided or see division, yet this video will help you to know what kind of light you are in you. experience and enjoy:

(11 Nov '13, 16:08) white tiger

Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.

(11 Nov '13, 17:08) white tiger

I want to be silence. The video really made me peace.

(15 Nov '13, 22:46) PERFECT GOOD
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Everything is vibration and the source of vibrational energy on earth is labeled by the scientific community as electromagnetic energy, color is the visible part of this energy, the non visible part of the spectrum is also colored, though this part of the spectrum is generally invisible to most humans on earth. Vibration causes color, in the same way that it is at the origin of sound and forms.

Red extends into infrared, then black then negative green, and violet extends into ultraviolet then white then negative green. though this part of the spectrum is invisible to the human eye, humans are sensitive to the whole range of the spectrum, and so too is the whole of the visible universe including animals, plants and minerals. Plants in particular have the capacity to combine sunlight, water, carbon dioxide from the air and convert this blend into visible green carbohydrate energy.

alt text

Humans can consciously explore these hidden domains using tools such as mathematics, scientific instruments but most of all by using natural human sensitivity in conjunction with human mental capacities.

Electromagnetic is polarized energy which form all physical matter, at one end of the pole is pure electric and at the other end of the pole is pure magnetic, both poles start and finish in the negative green sector. Electric/magnetic are synonymous of positive/negative, masculine/feminine, yin/yang and signifies the dynamic mechanism of the law of attraction that regulates the entire physical universe.

Source energy is represented by the center of the circle, which can be symbolized by a black spot

alt text

symbol of everything and especially in this case a black hole, a region of time and space from which gravity prevents any vibrations from escaping including vibrations of light.

The outer circumference of the spectrum can be symbolized by a circle

alt text

and represents the manifested positive visible world, combine the central negative energy with the expansive positive energy and the whole dynamic mechanism can be represented by

alt text

Everything is moving light, the whole of creation is moving light. Source energy is the initial flow of consciousness, the spiritual life force, the essence of everything, permeating the whole of the physical world and can only be perceived by it's manifestations. Polarized energy, these negative and positive vibrating forces can be represented by an intertwined pattern forever pushing and pulling, swirling and dancing together

alt text


answered 18 Mar '14, 05:45

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edited 20 Mar '14, 04:27

@Jaz well impressive answer, it could be more effective if it describe the various level in energies (or colors volume) that direct link to the human emotion. :)

(18 Mar '14, 09:37) PERFECT GOOD

@jaz (o) 4x180 degree inside and outside making 8 quarter circle half. visible in this world as 3 dimension or 3 intersecting line(depth, wide, height). yet it is incomplete since one see the only 3 part of 4. from those 8 curves making 2 complete sphere 2 curves are missing to the eye sight. it is the two curves from the back that one does not see when looking at object in this world.

(18 Mar '14, 12:21) white tiger

yes @PERFECT GOOD linking volume of colors and the scale of human emotion would be useful ... @white tiger i appreciate your comments and have consequently rendered my text more supple

(20 Mar '14, 04:32) jaz
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perhaps colors are not unlike
sound, yet slightly different
cosmic energy of our
solar logos homoginized

the role is as we make it
by two dimensional thought
even if it be designed


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I had forgotten these questions but as promised I am going to attempt to answer them.

I have a book called The Secret Doctrine of The Rosicrucians. In this book it explains everything is frequency. String Theory backs this up from giant universes to quantum mechanics.

In the example they used a toy top image. You are to imagine a top spinning. This top does not slow down but spins faster and faster the more it spins.

At first you start hearing a low pitched hum. As the top spins faster this changes in frequency and hence the pitch changes higher and higher. This continues until only dogs can hear the pitch but now this top emits new frequencies. What we call heat, the top starts heating up, getting hotter and hotter until it is so hot it starts glowing a faint dull red. But this is still speeding up the red gets brighter and brighter and starts changing color from red to orange, then yellow, then green, blue, indigo, violet, then white! This white light gets brighter and brighter until you can't even see the top anymore! It seems to have disappeared! Just like before with sound there are animals that can see it, it is now infrared and still speeding up! This goes through those colors to ultra violet then gets into radio waves, gamma, xray waves but this keeps spinning faster and faster and eventually reaches thought waves and then no thing.

Interesting the top stops existing once it gets beyond thought! What would happen if we now started with the thought of a top spinning and slowing down?

I hope this helps with all those questions.


answered 18 Mar '14, 13:05

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Spinning top example gives a new insight, thank you.

(22 Mar '14, 03:17) PERFECT GOOD

I watched a Sanskrit language movie(Adi Sankaracharya) and it says Red for 'Sacrifice', White for 'Truth' & Green for 'Prosperity'. I feel like spiritual answers is the combination of continuous actions (infinite process). Energy flow answers (deep satisfaction). Cheerful :)

(22 Mar '14, 03:33) PERFECT GOOD
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