I have been listening to Bashar more extensively these past few days. What he says makes sense, but, sometimes it feels that it would be so much better to have more clarification on some subject or topic. There are so many things that I imagine asking him. It would be so much fun to interact with him. His concepts are mind-blowing and mind-bending. Sometimes I get headaches from listening to him for long times, have any of you had similar experience? Have any of you guys attended his workshops personally? how does it feel? have you had holotope experience? how does it feel? Does it ever feel to you that you get the things while you are listening to them, but when later you mull over them and try to digest the information or apply the principles to your day to day experience, you would like some more clarification? For those of us who do not have access to his seminars to go and ask personally how can we seek clarification? I was wondering if anyone here would know if Bashar does private sessions over phone or skype like other entities.


asked 18 Nov '13, 18:05

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Bashar does do private sessions, though I've not had one and I don't know what the costs are. Given his popularity these days, it might well be quite costly.

See http://bashar.org/privatebashar.html


answered 19 Nov '13, 03:11

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Yes. They can be done either in person (somewhere in L.A I think) and through skype. Last year I asked and if I remember well it was around $300 per hour.


answered 19 Nov '13, 19:07

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Yes, having done one.. it cost $300 for a hour 20 (bashar took the session a little over ;) )

Also my understanding is that because bashar's energy is over-whelming Darryl or something? Darryl won't even give you more than a hour or 2..

that's why lectures/events now feature 2 recorded videos of a hour worth of content or so.. because that way way bashar can give 1-2 hours worth of channeling for the rest of the event..

Bashar mentioned many years aog.. his relationship with Darryl would change in 2012 or so.. and it has..


answered 28 Nov '13, 13:50

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@themaster - "Bashar mentioned many years ago.. his relationship with Darryl would change in 2012 or so.. and it has." If I might ask, how has it changed? Is this a reference to "Bashar 2.0"? Many thanks.

(28 Nov '13, 22:05) lozenge123

No, I explained how I see it has changed.. I think if say a bashar event was a average 4 hours of channeling through Darryl it would have a profound effect on the physical health of Darryl's body at this time.. again this effect was "the change" in the last few years.. but feel to ask bashar for yourself :)

(29 Nov '13, 20:57) themaster
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