Bashar has said that in the fall of this year, "everything will change." That's a pretty all-encompassing statement! What do you see happening, if anything? (Yes, I've learned to take most predictions with a grain of you-know-what.)

Possibilities he has mentioned: official and widespread recognition of the reality of ET life and sweeping economic reform including of the taxation system. I would assume the latter would be preceded by a crash. I guess Bashar did not want to emphasize the negative. Hmm, perhaps we will reach critical mass for a dimensional shift which would facilitate those potentials manifesting. Reflecting on his wording...Bashar has said that every change is a complete change. That any change puts us into a whole new reality--we are constantly shifting in every moment. So then, everything is always changing. It is just that we get stuck in ruts and we generally don't even notice. Bahsar's prediction reminds me of Terence McKenna's about the novelty zenith he saw happening on 12/21/2012. On that date, Bashar said:

This day we rise together to a new vibration, a new frequency, a new life. ...

We all share this moment, this threshold crossing moment. We cross together. ...

Stepping into a new reality we will explore together. ...

We are now free to choose. Tip the scales so the spiral will carry you aloft to worlds of wonder awaiting your discovery.

We are not the same as we were before.

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I have just been made aware of this Bashar quote which puts a bit of a different spin on this. If it is the true prediction, it seems he has been misquoted:

"In the fall of 2016, prior to your upcoming elections something unknown will change and then later on everything will change."

Something unknown, hmmm...mysteriouser and mysteriouser :)

(08 Nov '16, 17:05) Delphine

@Delphine - "upcoming elections...[snip]...everything will change" - Just can't think of anything significant that's happened recently :)

(10 Nov '16, 10:11) Stingray

@Stingray - yeah, same old, same old ;)

(10 Nov '16, 12:10) Delphine

I don't know about you all but personally I have this gut level feeling that everything literally HAS changed overnight. It feels like humanity has traveled to an alternate, exciting new reality. Or maybe I was just simply brainwashed by "Back to The Future" :) .

(10 Nov '16, 14:02) releaser99

@releaser99 - I am feeling some of that too, my reply to stingray was tongue in cheek :) At the very least, it will be interesting to see how the Trump presidency unfolds--or if it does! Love the clip btw :D

(10 Nov '16, 14:19) Delphine

Bentinho Massaro posted at his Facebook page:

An insider on Trump's victory and why it could be the best thing to have happened in a while

This is what a well-connected insider friend shared with me today:

"Amazing things are happening here on earth, we got the Clinton/Bush machine out of the White House and exposed!

(10 Nov '16, 17:32) Delphine

(cont.) Trump is simply a transitional person who is posing - and never had any intention of leading the country! He is well aware of the NESARA/GESARA Evolution. Look at the man, do you think he wants to work for Americans? No chance!! He is here to help bring in the New Republic of America and block the Clinton/Bush machine's further control. He will step aside soon, this has been planned for eons.

(10 Nov '16, 17:32) Delphine

(cont.) I can't freaking believe we got the Clinton/Bush machine out of the White House!!!! This is HUGE for the evolution of earth's people. Seriously, this man does not want to work for you and me so please stop fretting and lowering your vibrational frequency. He was brave to do this piece for humanity and will receive so much friggin money that he will be happy forever swimming in his riches. Kind of like a pig in slop and happy as a clam.

(10 Nov '16, 17:33) Delphine

(cont.) This is all about planetary freedom, and not the least bit about what's-his-name... Trump. So please don't judge or fight with others about your political beliefs & disbeliefs. Both candidates were an embarrassment for humanity, yet both were the perfect mirror to all that is wrong with the world today."

(10 Nov '16, 17:34) Delphine
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Just as you have mentioned, everything is changing all the time. Fall 2016 would not be any different.

If the concept of parallel realities really exist, then those who have wanted to experienced these changes would already have done so. And those who do not wish to experience them will not when Fall 2016 comes.

A lot of these chanellers or entities had also said that 2012 would be a year of great change, but when 2012 passed and some people asked them why they did not feel like there were much changes, they say oh there were great and huge changes in the vibrational levels of Earth, etc. Who knows, maybe Fall 2016 will be the same?

Another thing is that sometimes huge changes might feel small or not surprising to you if you are constantly in touch with them. An example is a mother or father with a baby. When they raise the baby to a teenager and then an adult, they sometimes do not feel like the baby has changed much because they are always around the baby, so the small changes go unnoticed. It's only when they compare the adult with the baby then they sometimes go "wow", but it usually goes like "it's not a big deal or surprising at all".

Some of the changes he mentioned are not really surprising either. ET recognition has all along been among the masses, lots of people already know the economic system is going to collapse or due for a reform sooner or later (just search some youtube videos on it), and there was someone who posted a video on free energy in one of the comments/questions on Inwardquest not too long ago too (forgot where).

So all in all, if we are really changing all the time (billions of times per second as he says), the changes in Fall 2016 would not be a big deal. We just change like we normally do, and life goes on.


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Thanks for your reply kakaboo. You're probably right. I'm still excited to see what transpires! I found a thread on this topic if anyone would like to check it out:

(28 Feb '16, 17:32) Delphine

Well actually I was as excited as you when he first made those predictions and I made a thread on it here:

But I don't know why but now it suddenly feels to me like it's not a big deal anymore :)

(28 Feb '16, 18:19) kakaboo

@kakaboo "if we are really changing all the time (billions of times per second as he says), the changes in Fall 2016 would not be a big deal". Yes, I think that's spot on. The manifestation is only "wow" when you think about it first. But as you focus on it more and more and you don't resist the idea and the excitement behind it, it becomes less and less "wow" but just interesting in an intellectual way or even boring.

(07 Mar '16, 18:14) releaser99

And also, as you focus on it without resistance, you begin to attract incremental steps and ideas (aka vibrational matches) to that wow-vision. And now it doesn't feel like magic anymore because you know what simple tricks the magician is using to make you go "wow" :). I still wonder in an intellectual way about smart phones and I think they are incredible but there is no more "wow" feeling there.

(07 Mar '16, 18:14) releaser99
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Hello all, I want to share the persective of TReb & Aridif for the fall of 2016, and the election energy in the last 2 years of transmissions. All things said below were also stated that in the energy of that moment being shared, that it was the highest probability.

  1. In July 2014 TReb said that the election has a huge part of the "fall of 2016" change. He said one candidate would talk about disclosure and although the conversations with Clinton looked a bit small on this topic, she did discuss it several times.
  2. On the same transmission, TReb also said that this election would show us corruption in the government and show us disclosure on how that works. This was shown in hidden emails, back door deals of people, and manipulations of the primaries on both sides.
  3. in mid 2015 Aridif also stated that the elections were a representation of the peoples will.
  4. In July 2016 Aridif explained more about this election showing us the reflection of our will vs the will of others or "the elite" . This was when Trump was already the Republican candidate, and Bernie & Hillary where still left on the Democratic ticket. Aridif said that the three people remaining where a representation of the old vs the new. Aridif said that Hillary was a representation of the old system, born and bred in politics, having a charity organization that was tied deeply in political connections. Trump & Bernie represented a new energy of different types and styles of leadership. Even though those two people where so different it showed us the split in the country, conservative vs liberal. No matter what the outcome was, it would be a change that was spoken for FROM US... not forced upon us like EVERY OTHER ELECTION in our lifetimes. This doesn't mean Trump is right for us, or that Clinton would have been bad, it means that the voice of the people was heard, and that this is the 1st step in many that will show us how to keep manifesting the persons voice instead of that slavery program, humans have run for so long. Even if Trump sucks at his new job, the events of his presidency will open new doors, and show us even more about how broken the system is and how we can change it TOGETHER !

Video explaining this more in depth:

Aridif explaining in Summer of 2016:

Other links found in 1st vids description on YouTube.


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TReb Bor yit-NE

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@TReb Bor yit-NE - Very interesting, Rob. Thank you :)

(15 Nov '16, 03:56) Stingray

@stingray You are welcome. I miss u and love u brother.

(15 Nov '16, 17:08) TReb Bor yit-NE

Bashar had also mentioned in that transmission that events in 2017 could be traced back to when the change began in the fall of 2016. Bashar finished by saying it was a very good idea to get in alignment with yourself. I believe we are now witnessing that change, and can see the fear and anger in a lot of people in the US who are not in alignment with themselves.


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