Here's a zinger that even I themaster don't know ;)

I intend to ask my teacher very seriously about this one.. (maybe I'll fill in the answer here if I can explain it/understand it)

What I know is bashar has stated we weren't designed to be thinkers.. we were designed to be "experiencers" and bashar has talked about how we don't really think at all..

So how does thinking work? (I know that thoughts or perhaps energy that is of a certain vibratory nature collects with other energy and is stored in earth.. I believe :))

So that's what I want to know.. I want to know about have you been the star of your own movie in your head?? Have you spent a lot of time imagining how to rearrange your house etc. in your head?

I want to know where that comes from..?? I mean sometimes we believe that we initiate that energy but I'm not quite so sure.. I know that some of it may be transmission of information from "simultaneous concurrent incarnations" but more so.. if I understand correctly those who are designed to be thinkers.. we communicate with them somehow?

So welcome to my stumper of a question.

So let me say clearly one more time.. pretend that thinking is a illusion.. so where does thought and imagination scenario's.. where do they come from?

Pretend that we 'download' information from a central server/aspect of us designed to be thinkers.. (as clientS) so again where does that come from?

Okay, I ran into this thread.. checking if the question had been asked before..

But it doesn't have the answer.. it has some good answers though.. I like some of them...

Let me "expound" a little here okay..

Let's pretend were J. K. Rowling or any author out there.. we're sitting at our typewriter/computer (we believe in our heads that we are writing the story.. and sure that's sort of true) but in truth we are downloading/channeling the story from non-physical and even excitingly putting it to paper :)

So my question is.. what aspect of us did J.K. Rowling download the Harry Potter stories..? was it her oversoul? soul? beings designed to be thinkers? angels? who?

I'll add one additional piece here.. "thoughts are electrical, emotions are magnetic"

There is no doubt in my mind that those of us in physical reality believe that we create these things.. but we do not? (illusion) So I want to know who is on the backend download of j.k. rowlings download..

To clarify a bit more.. here is a picture of how the internet works cough how we work I think...

alt text

We are all networked back to non-physical......

asked 23 Dec '13, 11:40

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answers to my own question have been coming to me.. so I'll write out a theory I got...

Imagine for a second were all channelers/downloaders okay?

That we can all write the book "harry potter" but obviously if I do it.. do to my unique configuration.. I will write it in a variable based on my energy configuration.. whereas J.K. Rowling would write it in their unique energy one would get 2 separate downloads/books interpreted through their unique energy fields

(25 Dec '13, 00:29) themaster

But the idea is we are channelers if we are to be a WRITER.. we tap our minds into a channeling writing-dramatic structure being.. who already understands a story needs a hero and a villain and a climax and a act 3 death.. and a act 4 climax.. bause all of this comes from the entity/being your channeling..

Whereas if you were to channel art.. you would know that a certain brush stroke comes first then you can apply a 2nd coating of paint/brush..

anyway it's just a theory.... :)

(25 Dec '13, 00:31) themaster

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Awesome question.

I've been wondering about an aspect of this a lot recently, because I'm an artist. Where do my ideas come from? I used to think that I generated them myself through hard work. (Now I think that's ridiculous. Hah. How things change.)

Recently I have been focusing on letting everything but feeling good go, and this was initially pretty scary to me in a work sense, because if I'm not "working hard", where will my inspiration come from?!?

To my amazement, ideas have been downloading into my head with increasing regularity. I am having ideas that beyond ideas I've ever had, rich in detail and about things I instantly recognize as being something I'd love to do.

So where do these ideas come from? One thing I've wondered is: are they the manifestations of people who have been asking for certain kinds of art? That is, have humans been looking at the contrast of life and thinking "What I'd really love is something about X and Y, why isn't that out there?" and then at some later point, that idea pops into the head of whichever artist is the best match to it?

Or am I having ideas that I myself have put into my vibrational holding account? Have I thought "I wish I could have a really great idea about X and Y", and once I relax and allow, boom, there it is?

Or both?


answered 24 Dec '13, 18:00

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thanks for sharing your experience :)

and this was initially pretty scary to me in a work sense, because if I'm not "working hard"

Sounds like you neutralized a belief system :)

(25 Dec '13, 00:39) themaster

working hard is not as good as working smart. if you go in extreme you bounce back on the other side. but if you are balanced right in the middle. you can see the left and the right. and keep going in the middle. x and y why like the male and female gene? if both side are in the extreme opposite it does not work when they come together in the middle that is when the magic is happening and creation can happen. as artist you are probably more in the creative space when you are in the middle.

(25 Dec '13, 04:03) white tiger

though and imagination come from the spirit(light). you see them because of your soul(water). even the computer that you see on the image do they not work using energy made from light and water? are they not created using energy? even what connect them together is it not a link using energy wireless (radio wave), phone, cable or fiber optic sending energy packet in the wire from one pc to another. even in this world everyone as a physical body that work because of energy. when that energy is not there that physical body is dead is it not? look at that screen in front of you it work sending you back light and energy close the light in the room and you can still see it in the darkness of that room. close that screen and that pc and it will be dark in deed if there is no light in the room. yet who is the one that did all those things? you have free will and are created in is image, in the image of the creator of all this, you came here to play in this field experience, enjoy and grow.

when one does not see or comprehend that he is the creator of is own imaginary things that he put on is canvas before sharing it with other, can we say that he does not know him self?

if someone sharing something with him then he put it on is canvas what he create is still is even of it was shared with him since he created something else on is own canvas to go with it. before sharing it with someone else.

the image that you have use is a good representation of the physical and none physical all is connected when it is not in division. the first one that created all this the father is the main server that as the most knowledge and awareness and he made the other in is image they just need to grow and accumulate data and create other stuff on their canvas.

when one is divided it is like a computer that is unplug from the network.

if you think that thinking is illusion then you would not have asked this question. even using a computer require that you can think and know it. you should know this. why do you want to see your self like a robot or something used that is not able to think? do you hate your self that much? why not stop pretending and know the truth. you are the only one that can make that choice for your self, you have free will as all the other people on this network.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 24 Dec '13, 07:58

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white tiger

edited 24 Dec '13, 08:11

"Robot" has nothing to do with it.. understanding how the links and to who in non-physical or astral that's the question.. that is my curiosity

At some point in my life I will become a full/restored creator god.. capable of dissolving a physical computer to air or turn it into water (alchemy) so my curiosity is how to connect into these energies and aspects of us consciously because the connections for now seem to be semi- "unconscious"

(24 Dec '13, 11:19) themaster

so my curiosity is how to connect into these energies and aspects of us consciously because the connections for now seem to be semi- "unconscious" I have told you all ready, you are that energy made in is image know your self. make thine eyes single. clean the inside of the lamp, solve your division, light up your lamp. listen to this video what is the size of your golf ball of water? what do you see?

(24 Dec '13, 14:35) white tiger

@white tiger - thank you for posting this fascinating video!

(25 Dec '13, 08:53) Dollar Bill
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