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A derivation of Murphy's Original Law says this: If anything can go wrong, it will.

You can read all about the origin of Murphy's Law here. It is very interesting reading, and funny, too.

But I got to thinking about Murphy's Law, and suddenly something went "click" in my mind/ The LOA says that what you expect, you will get, right? So if you believe in Murphy's Law, even at a subconscious level, then what you will get is an inverse of the LOA, which is negative results.

I got to wondering just how many of us use Murphy's Law in our everyday life, without thinking about what we really are projecting out to the Universe.

When I talked about the Mind of God, I saw that every thought, no matter how fleeting or insignificant it may seem, streaks out into the Mind of God. You can read my original post about The Mind of God at

So in order for things in your life to go well, you really have to discipline your thinking. And if you are a fan of Murphy's Law, then you are actually using the LOA in reverse!

I just thought that it is interesting that probably more people fervently believe in Murphy's Law than in the LOA- most probably do not even know about the Law of Attraction.

But if Murphy's Law seems so powerful, then why can't the reverse be true? If we try to believe that if "Everything tends to go right", it should, because of the LOA.

It is interesting that the negative, Murphy's Law, seems to be proof of the LOA- and that somebody, somewhere, should have noticed that its reverse also holds true!

[Of course somebody noticed- that's why we have the LOA in the first place!]

Isn't it interesting to ponder? Why is the negative easier to expect than the positive?

Merry Christmas, Everyone! 2013

Ring Christmas Bells,

Jai ♥

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"You experience what you believe, unless you believe you won't, in which case you don't, which means you did." -- Harry Palmer

(25 Dec '13, 21:37) Wade Casaldi

Great quote @Wade.

(25 Dec '13, 22:09) ele
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Murphy's Law ~ If anything can go wrong -- it will.

If this is one's belief ~ then this will be what they attract or manifest into their reality.

Murphy's Law is a Belief. The LOA is working all the time whether you believe it or NOT.

The LOA is working all the time even if you've never heard of it.

The LOA is working all the time whether you're aware or conscious of it.

"It is interesting that the negative, Murphy's Law, seems to be proof of the LOA- and that somebody, somewhere, should have noticed that its reverse also holds true! [Of course somebody noticed- that's why we have the LOA in the first place!]"

I agree, I think Murphy's Law is a great example of LOA in action. I don't agree with the rest of what you said. LOA was not invented to counteract Murphy's Law.

The LOA has always been & has existed long before Mr Murphy was ever born. LOA is NOT anything new & certainly NOT anything created by man.

LOA is NOT a belief or a religion; it simply is.....

"Why is the negative easier to expect than the positive?"

It's NOT & I don't think most people believe this either. I think it's much, much harder to expect negative events. It takes more work or energy to think/expect/be/do/vibrate negatively because this state of being goes against our natural state of being which is to be happy ...

Happiness is a state of being as is love or abundance. If you expect negative events then you are vibrating in the state of lack (fear).

I know I am responsible for everything that happens in my life whether I realize it or not at the time. Be it consciously or unconsciously, whatever I choose to believe, pay attention to, focus on, and feel will manifest itself in my life in some manner or another.

As the late, great Bill Hicks said ~

It's simply a choice between fear and love. Simple as that..

"probably more people fervently believe in Murphy's Law than in the LOA"

Again, I disagree. It's possible more people have heard of Murphy's Law as compared to LOA; but I think most people laugh & speak with a light-heart when they talk about Murphy's Law.

I think people who fervently believe in Murphy's Law simply can't take responsibility for their own negative manifestations or creations. It's easier to make an excuse or put the blame on someone or something else. Some blame God ~ some believe they are being tested spiritually & some believe in Murphy's Law.

It seems like people who believe & take Murphy's Law seriously are focused on the negative & do not appreciate or notice all the positive things which happened that day ~ sort of like people who can't see the sun for clouds. I think they are stuck in some type of negative feedback loop..

Murphy's Law is ONLY a Belief & a Belief can be Changed. It's Simply a Choice.

Yes, I agree @Jai . It's always better to expect the best (positive)...

Merry Christmas to you & Wade.


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Merry Christmas to you, too, @ele!

(25 Dec '13, 22:59) Jaianniah

Murphy's law is based on what is considered as being right and correct from a scientific point of view of the physical world, When sooner or later flaws appear, the scientific conclusion is that the universe is imperfect, it's perceived as deviating from what is judged as correct, ,,, anyone who's aware of the law of attraction knows that the physical and non physical worlds are intimately linked and inseparable, they're interactive and interdependent,

The law of attraction is polarized energy and goes with the flow of life, When you base your point of view of the world from a purely scientific angle, the reflective spiritual part is concealed and so the faithful law of attraction kicks you in that fleshy part of your body that you usually sit on, by exposing flaws a clear indication that you're going against the natural flow of energy

alt text


answered 26 Dec '13, 03:53

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jaz, the natural flow of energy has a cycle for each of her kind, how far removed is the shadow each chooses to see

(26 Dec '13, 05:22) fred

if there is a law of attraction there is also a law of repulsion. in a balance system you always have a balance between 2 opposite. left and right, up down, inside, outside, male and female, positive and negative,

one should seek balance and understand the truth and how one reflect and relate to the other.

as for law we make the law in this world. yet one should not go only by the letter of the law but first by the heart of the law.

lets face the truth of the matter law are made to help people not fall in to error and cause harm and problems. yet some law sometime are not complete for each given situation and become obstacle. to do what is right. if a law is incomplete it cannot serve properly what is was mean to do then it needs to be corrected and be completed, the fact is that no one can retain to much information by memory alone. and a law that is created for a simple things can become very big in size overtime because it grows in complexity to its additional related things that it interact with, look at a book of law and you will see that it is made like a tree it as many other related law made over time it will say reference to law number a-1234

letter of the law: truth, knowledge, wisdom.

heart of the law: justice, mercy, good faith.

symbol of lady justice: sword, blindfold, balance.

as for the law of attraction and repulsion you could look at how a magnet work. law of polarity. in magnetic field.

as for murphy law it can apply to some stuff and sometime not to other stuff. like any law it as flaw.

nice it rimes: law and flaw = so a law to does not apply is false. it is flaw. f stand for false.

flaw n 1. an imperfection, defect, or blemish

  1. a crack, breach, or rift

  2. (Law) Law an invalidating fault or defect in a document or proceeding

vb to make or become blemished, defective, or imperfect

any way if there is a lesson for all this is that one should not stop seeking until he find. and when one does not know something he should seek to find it. then he would not be flaw. imperfect or in error. no one is perfect in this world any way so: love the neighbor as your self. and even if they would be perfect love them as your self also.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

also merry Christmas to all of you.


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white tiger

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@white tiger yes a law that doesn't fit sometimes gets changed. Example the law of Prohibition, the government decided it wasn't working and erased it from our Constitution. They actually changed the constitution to remove that law.

(26 Dec '13, 15:08) Wade Casaldi

@wade Casildi When a law is flaw it should be corrected or changed to serve its true perpace. when people are suffering and are not able to do what is righteous because of a law does it help them? When you know that we can blow up this world many time over and people are poor and in inequity. can you say that things are in balance? or would you say that things are out of balance? people seek power at the detriment of them self and other. they think that their desire for power will solve-

(28 Dec '13, 20:27) white tiger

everything, eventually they realize that what they desire does not make them happy. then they have another desire and another and another.... is it a lack of vision? a short term desire? a lack of truth? When does one forsake him self? is it when he make the choice to divide him self? or when he make the choice to stay in ignorance? then how can is light Grow and not be darkness? eventually one need to come out of division and ignorance and come in to truth then he will be set free.

(28 Dec '13, 20:35) white tiger

@white tiger I agree but how do we go about changing the law of attraction to be more fair and work better? You are right we need to implement a better law that is more fair. This would make an excellent question. Is it time to change the law of attraction to a better and more fair system and if so what improvements would you add or what would you remove? Maybe it is time for us in the world to update or change the law completely.

(28 Dec '13, 21:56) Wade Casaldi

@wade casildi like I said before if you have a law of attraction there is also a law of repulsion. how do they work together? How do you attract good things and repulse bad things? or is it a problem of properly alignment? if you have ever played with magnet you know that they can attract and repulse each other. what make this happen? is it the alignment the position of the magnet? then could we say that when they are going in the same direction they attract each other and work as one. and when-

(29 Dec '13, 00:17) white tiger

they are going in opposite direction or facing each other they repulse each other. example: electro-magnetic motor.

(29 Dec '13, 00:24) white tiger

so how do you produce a movement? is it only by attracting? or by properly repulsing things in the right direction? some will say to you that you cannot create something out of nothing, but nothing stop you from creating something from what is already there? when it is used properly. if energy cannot be created or destroyed, then it simply exist. you need energy to make a object move. and friction is a waste of energy. is it not the same as what science say? then why does some say it is pseudo-

(29 Dec '13, 01:35) white tiger

science? maybe some are like doubting Thomas. they see and do not want to see. saying and need to see and touch to believe it is true. then doubting Thomas take some magnet and test it yourself. what is the difference with a natural magnet to make a motor, and a electric magnet to make a motor? natural magnet do not need electricity to make a polarization. and electric motor use electricity to make a polarization. in both case it is the same magnetic property moving the object. and magnet are-

(29 Dec '13, 01:43) white tiger

used to create electricity. making electron move in to the wire when a wire pass through a magnetic field.

(29 Dec '13, 01:45) white tiger
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