I will try to ask this as simple as possible.

Since I have discovered LOA, I realize that I have always chosen my path now I see I can affect it "more" consciously.

So I have lived my life quite free. I have always been content. I have never been married because I never wanted it. I never owned a house, never wanted to. I have traveled to cool places and have had great relations with different people ;) I have moved a lot making a decent salary but not much saved up for retirement. My life has always worked out for me because I always believed it would. I think you get the picture. Smooth sailing come to think of it

Now in the midst of learning LOA, I want more abundance. A wife, maybe children and travel more.

Now my question is. Are we really all actually different and all assume a certain role? How many are successful at making a big turn? How many stories have you heard of people in mid life just all of the sudden have abundant lives?


Much love!

For the record, My life will be one of those stories that WILL be told about how this dude in his mid forties all of the sudden just had it all.

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jim 10

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, you can change your life in a big way and have a suddenly abundant life, if you want to.

But here's the trap to avoid...

If what you are aiming at feels big to you, you are vibrationally still a long way from it.

On the other hand, when what you want feels like no big deal to you, you're absolutely ready to receive it from the universe, if you haven't got it already.

So the funny thing is that by the time you do actually become this "dude in his mid forties who suddenly had it all", it will all seem so normal and mundane to you that it won't feel like enough

...welcome to the eternally expanding nature of life, the universe and everything :)


answered 28 Oct '10, 21:13

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good points.....

(28 Oct '10, 21:18) Back2Basics


(28 Oct '10, 23:13) Vesuvius

Well spotted, Vesuvius. I sneak in Douglas Adam's references from time to time. Am just about to reread the Dirk Gently books actually :)

(29 Oct '10, 06:37) Stingray

I know what you mean Stingray.When my manifestations happen it does seem mundane and normal. Bit of an anti climax really...but still good to receive.

(29 Oct '10, 11:38) Monty Riviera

@ Stingray-If we think about our manifestations to be really petty then would not it be difficult to generate some really good feelings .. like if you think a great car to be like a bar of chocolate then you would not be able to feel too good. Is not it so?

(29 Oct '10, 15:27) Pranay

@Pranay, you don't need to generate any "really good feelings" to get what you want...that's all taken care of in the moment you desired it. http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/8805/what-should-we-imagine-visualize-or-believe/8811#8811 All you have to do is not to stand in the way of it coming

(29 Oct '10, 16:57) Stingray

Thank you all for making this fun. I feel good being here. Thank you Stingray!

(10 Nov '10, 00:42) jim 10

I have a feeling that later in life I will be saying "Wow, that was easy"

(10 Nov '10, 00:43) jim 10

@Michael - yes, you will reach a point where you'll wonder why you ever thought there was anything difficult about all this stuff :)

(10 Nov '10, 07:07) Stingray
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If you believe with every fiber of your being that you can change your reality to whatever you want it to be, then you will.

For most of us this doesn't happen overnight as we generally have to get to the root of our beliefs- eliminating those that don't work for us and cultivating new ones that do. You are the only one who sets the limitations.


answered 28 Oct '10, 20:41

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Yeah, why not?

It is never too late to change paths.

If you live to 100, then half your life in not even over yet!

Like Michaela said, it is not an over night change but over time if you compare you will see a big difference if you stick with it.


answered 28 Oct '10, 21:16

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Thats good because I tell everyone that I am living to 110 years old. It used to be 100 but I upped it a few months ago.

And thanks Stingray I agree about the feeling as if is not a big deal. I am so comfortable that what I expect I receive. ALWAYS.

I am not even bothered that I did not think of doing this earlier.I look at it as if, "That's fine, I wasn't ready before but I am now"

(28 Oct '10, 21:46) jim 10

don't feel shy to vote my answer up if it was helpful =)

(28 Oct '10, 23:33) Back2Basics

I believe we do change our lives, however some continue thinking, speaking, feeling and acting the same way thereby changing their lives to the same thing over & over & receiving the same results. Life is ever expanding either consciously or unconsciously. As Abraham says be a deliberate creator & the life you desire can & will be yours.


answered 29 Oct '10, 05:22

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Can people really change their lives in a big way?

Absolutely, “believe it, and you will see it!” There is no shortage in the universe, and there is plenty to go around.


answered 29 Oct '10, 05:29

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