sorry for not being for a long time. probably i missed out all many things here. i am feeling a deep grief to let you know all that i lost my mother. she passed away 15 days back. i and dad was with my mother till her last breath. we cared for her till her last breath. we did lot to save her but unfortnately , she left us.

perhaps, my question here is, on the last day of her life, the day when she died..i saw her activities. i and my dad we noticed that she had a very usual behaviour, like she seemed normal on the day of her death. she couldn't get up all the month long of her illness but, on her last day..she herself got up., she performed all daily things as she is normal. and on that day..i saw a different brightness on her face. her face was glowing on that day. and i tell you..,i noticed that thing on her face. she seemed beautiful and really cute that day.

to be more clear, my question here is,what is the reason behind this? that i saw on her last day? do she came to knew this..that she must be going that day ? or did her soul came to knew that? why her face seemed so bright on her last day?

just curious to know..

i really apolojise if i failed to express my question well..please do forgive me..

thank you so much for reading and putting forward ur views..

love,light and blessings to each one here...

supergirl.. :))

asked 05 Jan '14, 10:06

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Hello dear supergirl. When my mom was living her last few days, she told me that she was being visited by people - by spirits, I guess you would call them. She was not frightened by these visits, but very curious about them.

The best we could figure was that so close to transitioning, the veil between the two worlds gets very thin, and people were showing up to guide and welcome her. Maybe your mom felt energized and happy sensing this. I couldn't say for sure, but it seems to be what my mom experienced.

Think of how happy and free our moms are right now, sweetheart. Maybe they will get together and talk about you and me - about how proud they are of us both, and how very much they love us. What a lovely thought. :)

I am sending you lots and lots of love, and a great, big, warm hug.


Love, Grace :)


answered 05 Jan '14, 11:00

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@grace- thank you so much darling.. :)) so true..grace..our moms are free souls now. n sure dear..they both must be very proud of us. m feeling good reading ur answer. thank u so much grace. hugs to you too. love,light n blessings to u..grace.. :)))

(05 Jan '14, 12:54) supergirl

Yes i feel sure that your mother knew is was her last day, the glowing that comes from within when all the earthly barriers fall and you clearly feel uplifted as if guided by a pure inner being, liberated from physical constraints

alt text


answered 05 Jan '14, 13:56

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true,,gp..thank you fr the wonderful answer.. :))

(06 Jan '14, 10:19) supergirl

Maybe the person knows that they are about to truly become one with God and that Presence begins to fill them as they are transitioning.


answered 05 Jan '14, 12:19

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Dollar Bill

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yip..bill..may be..this can be..thank you fr the lovely answer. thank you so much. love,light and blessings ur way :))

(05 Jan '14, 12:56) supergirl

Hey Sweetie ~ I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. It wasn't too long ago when your Grandpa passed. That's a lot for someone so young to have to go through. A mourning heart is very, very fragile & I hope you are taking good care of yours.

Your moms face was glowing & appeared younger & more beautiful because she knew she was leaving this world & was at peace with this. She was happy & relaxed. She wanted you to remember her like this.

As you know, everything in this universe be it visible or invisible is in constant vibration. Sometimes, especially with a long illness there is a rise in energy at the end & a loved one rallies. This is NOT unusual. You were watching your moms aura changing. Her energy body was expanding connecting to a higher plane, before her spirit left.

I've also heard others explain the glow as your loved one getting closer & closer to the white light ~ as the white light was beginning to surround her. The white light made your mom appear brighter.

How blessed you were ~ being there to witness this. I hope you find comfort in these memories. This was a very sacred time for you & your father. Your mom was giving you a gift.

With Love & a Huge Hug ~ Ele


answered 06 Jan '14, 03:00

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edited 06 Jan '14, 03:12

yup..ele.., i agree with u. love n hugs to u too. thank you..so much ele fr the wonderful answer...may Godpa n Godma blesses u.

(06 Jan '14, 10:22) supergirl

there is light in a person of light and it shine on the whole world if not it is dark. Do not be trouble. the physical body is dead but the spirit(light) and soul(water) become one and live on. even in science they say energy cannot be destroyed. if she spent 1 month not able to get up she most have reflected a lot and come to term with what was bothering her dispelling her own darkness from there the rise in energy and she looked brighter on the outside because she was brighter on the inside. one day you will see her back for the moment experience and enjoy life use the time imparted to you wisely.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 06 Jan '14, 03:47

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white tiger

yip..dear.., thank you so much dear... ;))

(06 Jan '14, 10:23) supergirl
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