I am not being able to manifest anything. I tried to manifest a simple flower but could not do it. What is wrong with me?

asked 31 Oct '10, 18:35

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The mere fact that you are saying; "I'm not able to manifest anything" (So it Is) "what is wrong with me. (is attracting the answer) Your questions are self fullfilling. Actually you are being very successfull at manifesting.

(02 Nov '10, 12:24) RPuls
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Sorry, but you've failed at being a failure...so you are actually a success :)

The reason I say that is because you manifest an entirely new universe in every moment you are alive.

But because the last universe you manifested is extremely similar (because of your habitual thought patterns) to the one you manifested just now, they seem to follow on from each other...but this does not need to happen.

So, the fact that you are here now focused in this physical reality of yours reading this answer you've created for yourself through using my own consciousness as a conduit, means you are a Master Manifester of your physical reality...and being a master of something is a long way from failing at it.

I'm not talking symbolically here about manifesting your universe in every moment, it's all absolutely literally true.

But what your issue is, is that the universe you just manifested a moment ago is so similar to the one that you manifested just now that you can't see any noticeable difference.

And because you can't see a noticeable difference, you're not giving yourself credit for the Master Manifester you really are (and all of us humans are), so you feel you have failed at manifesting...which from what I've just said above (and meant every word of it) cannot possibly be true.

So what you're really asking is...How can I make each of my sequentially manifested universes different enough, quickly enough, so that I can see that it's me doing it?

And the answer to that is probably going to sound too simple to be helpful, but that doesn't stop it being true...

Don't try so hard!

Just ease up a bit, be kind to yourself, treat of all this stuff as a playful game, put a smile on your face and have fun with the processes, and you'll be amazed how much more effectively the universe (your manifested universe) responds to your consciously-projected thoughts.


answered 31 Oct '10, 19:19

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So I guess going to the flower shop is out of the question? Sorry Stingray, but I have no idea what you're trying to say here.

(01 Nov '10, 01:17) Vesuvius

I believe this is one of Esther Hicks concept.

(01 Nov '10, 06:47) Pranay

To understand this, it's helpful to look into the ideas of probable and parallel realities. I find Bashar most helpful.

(01 Nov '10, 10:07) Eddie

@Eddie: OK, but we're talking about multiverses here (one possible interpretation of quantum theory, I might add), and the OP is talking about a flower. Is it really that complicated? I'm personally intrigued by the answer, but I don't see how it helps the OP.

(01 Nov '10, 16:05) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius - As Eddie says, check out Bashar if you want more information on parallel realities. Abraham talks about them too but not in such explicit terms as Bashar. Regarding the answer, people mistakenly think that manifesting is producing something out of nothing so if they are not achieving that, they are failing. But it's more complex than that and it is needlessly self-punishing to think of it in that way and berate yourself for not achieving it, even for a flower. And it is that self-punishment that is preventing perceptible "results", not that they are failing at anything.

(01 Nov '10, 17:19) Stingray

Can I gold-plate the third sentence in your last comment, and hang it on my wall? :)

(02 Nov '10, 05:05) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius, no sorry - I hereby claim universal copyright over that sentence for eternity. You'll have to find your own :)

(02 Nov '10, 10:16) Stingray

and as i read somewhere here on IQ, "95% of the manifestation is complete before it physically manifests"

(17 Oct '11, 12:47) Nikulas
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Pranay, you have to take action to manifest. It's not creating and manifesting out of thin air. You have a flower in mind, go to the nursery and find it, or notice the flowers on the sides of roads and pick it.

Abundance is all around you. Manifestations will be brought about through people, places, and modern commerce.


answered 31 Oct '10, 18:45

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See buying something is not an option for me. If I would have been so rich then I would never have started all this manifesting and stuff. It is causing a whole lot of problems like I have sleep disturbances and then I am not being able to concentrate etc.

(01 Nov '10, 06:49) Pranay

Ok Pranay, I didn't say go buy it, I was giving suggestions on how you may bring into your awareness the flower. Go for a walk and see flowers and pick the flower you envision. Maybe you will meet someone on the walk that you befriend and learn that they grow flowers and they happen to give you one out of the kindness of their heart.

(02 Nov '10, 01:14) RPuls

Look what your comment says."buying a flower is not an option" (you limited that option), "If I was rich,I wouldn't have started this stuff" (you are lacking in thought) "It causes problems" (that is the attraction then) "I have sleep disturbances" (To be a loving friend, I will be frank and tell you what you need to do, You can act upon it or you can find more reasons and excuses. here is my advice. "Have fun and forget about it.")

(02 Nov '10, 01:23) RPuls
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You manifested the flower in heaven will call it. Then you gave up before it to got earth. Advice, fill out you profile and keep practicing. Maybe start with improving your belief and life. Somewhere it says we have Dominion over things. See how far you can get in this life time. This should be a thrilling experience for us all.


answered 01 Nov '10, 03:18

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Nice. I say it will be for sure. I get the sense either I or we are about see some cool stuff. Just a feeling I have. Or maybe I just found the Vortex. Either way, I'm on fire!

(01 Nov '10, 03:46) jim 10

I felt in some way we did click. Or maybe you found the Vortex. Anyway nice for sure

(02 Nov '10, 02:58) Tom

I wish someone could answer this question effectively. I understand where the person asking the question is coming from as I to have visualised and asked for something simple that I am able to detach from to attract and I suppose "test" the LOA and I have not seen evidence of this manifestation in over 6months.

"Sorry, but you've failed at being a failure...so you are actually a success :)"- This is a cope out answer. No one can manifest nothing. I am certain this person didn't visualise not being successful at manifesting the flower or manifesting nothing at all. Also their reference to not being able to manifest nothing is after evidence of not seeing their visualised item manifested not them having visualised nothing first. Hope that makes sense.

Anyway if anyone knows why this happens and has a sensible answer that one can apply to start seeing the actual thing they are desiring to manifest please share.


answered 06 Dec '10, 06:16

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Everything that happens to you in life is a manifestation. Just because the absence of what is wanted is manifested instead of the presence of what is wanted, it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with anyone's ability to manifest - it means they just need to adjust their focus. You may wish to read the following answers to grasp the point being made: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5571/will-my-new-house-manifest/5575#5575 and http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6051/please-share-your-success-stories-using-the-law-of-attraction/6054#6054

(06 Dec '10, 07:04) Stingray

More than one philosopher has said"To do is to be". meaning that all of this "trying" is becoming a hinderance. "What you resist persists"~Jung

I have been quite successful manifesting lately on a few accounts. Once I let go, just let go, by putting a stop to all worrying and anxiousness and fear and most of all questioning, stuff started to happen.

First I manifested my fitness. I imagined a flatter stomach and definition. In no time there it was, lost ten pounds. I never EVER doubted that it would not happen. When I looked in the mirror I saw it. I am sure I must have started to eat less or change my diet but I did not try. Or maybe my body sped up its metabolism. Either way it happened.

I manifested movie passes this week just by talking to a friend about it and we talked about what we would see.

I found some cash last week and I knew I was gonna get some from somewhere. I think I might be almost in the vortex ( i say that hesitantly)

The money and the flat belly were written on paper and put in my 'Box"

The best I can say is the level of your doubt greatly affects your ability to manifest. Your belief of something is what creates the environments that enable you to manifest in it. When you believe that it is already done (and it is) all you have to do is grab that event and bring it to you...and you will. Only powerless people say powerless things. Believe you have the power and you will the law is undeniable.

I am also starting to see a trend of being able to foresee things in the super near future like knowing what people are going to say right before they say it and written words a paragraph or a couple of sentences ahead.

I'm telling you crazy stuff is going on...sweet

That's a mouthful and that's my belief that is slowly evolving.



answered 06 Dec '10, 07:12

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jim 10

Good for you Wandering Dude! I find this answer very cheering. In fact, I'm very excited for you about it so maybe it's putting me in the Vortex!? It's always nice to see specific examples - at least for me it helps more than abstract descriptions. :)

(29 Dec '10, 18:58) aquamarine
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