Hi, these days I am looking for a career change.I need to have to get out of my current job and find a new one. I know exactly what I want my ideal career to be like. For example, it should have a lot of travelling, with a good paying job. One that allows me to improve the life of people around me, at the same time allow me to explore the world with a good pay cheque and pursue my hobby of writing.

I am trying to find a job where I can fit everything. However, till date, I haven't found a particular profession which would encompass it all. I don't even know if there is some particular name for this kind of profession (like being a doctor or engineer or journalist.) Its like that i have an idea about the big picture of the kind of job i want, but am still lost as I don't exactly know what it is or how to get to it, then in such a condition how do i ask universe to manifest it for me.

Hope you guys are understanding my point (I know its a bit confusing). Any ideas or suggestions on this would be really helpful.

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I don't think you necessarily need to find a specific name or profession. It's not like you actually have to look down a list with a limited amount jobs and just pick the best one out of the lot. That would almost be like forcing something into your life instead of allowing it to come into your life in a fun, easy, and unexpected way.

Your question really gave me a powerful bout of synchronicity, or you could even say an "Instant Manifestation."

As soon as I read your question, I was inspired to find a particular Bashar video on youtube. I knew exactly what I wanted, but I just had to try and find it. As soon as I clicked on my youtube channel, the first video I saw was the exact subject that I was looking for. This video wasn't the original, but it was a brand new condensed version of what I wanted. I wanted to share this because it helps to reinforce the idea that when we throw a thought out into the universe - with no resistance - we can sometimes instantly manifest what we desire.

The following video talks about a person wanting to travel but not knowing how to without money. Bashar talks about the original subject that I was looking for up until the the 4 minute mark when she then asks a different question.

Bashar - I Need Money To Travel

I also found the actual original video I was looking for.

Bashar - How do you travel around the world?

It's not actually about trying to find the right profession that fits into your idea of what you would like to do. It's about immersing yourself and putting all of your attention towards what makes you happy and passionate.

Your "positive vibration" that you send out from the enjoyment of writing and travelling is enough for you to match up to a similar frequency and find a profession that may not even exist yet in the human language. There were many times in history when the definition that we give to careers and profession today did not even exist yet. People had to first experience them to eventually give them a label with a name.

Can I ask universe to create a perfect life for me when I don't exactly know that what exaclty it would be like?

So instead of asking the universe to create a perfect life for you, live your perfect life every moment that you can by continually doing, thinking, and fantasizing about the things that bring you joy. The lady in the Bashar video followed her passion of photography and it led to all kind of positive outcomes that she desired including money and travelling.

Focus as much as you can on what excites you, and all the other things that you desire in your life will be attracted to you with ease and effortlessness. Let your high frequency of desire match you up to something that you may never have even expected was possible.

Don't limit yourself with a certain title, because so much more is possible.


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The perfect life is one that exercises your talents, and causes you to grow as a person and spiritual being.

That doesn't necessarily mean that it will be perfect in the sense of everything meeting your specific expectations. If life did that, there would be nothing to learn, and no way to grow.

Most people need to be uncomfortable for awhile in order to learn and grow to the next level.


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vesuvius, yet the new knowledge of who you are and your capabilities usually throws one off balance, hopefully only till readjusting

(24 Jan '14, 06:21) fred

@fred: Yes, that's right. That's how it works, and that is why the notion of a life that is perfectly balanced all the time is unrealistic.

(24 Jan '14, 17:29) Vesuvius

Something that is in perfect balance stands still. Who wants to stand still when you can dance on the edge instead?

(25 Jan '14, 03:41) ursixx
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