A super model wore a fat suit and all of a sudden her entire reality changed - based on the physical.


My question is, are we ignoring the physical aspects of life too much?

Are there any down falls to only looking at the spiritual?

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We have to have self discipline in life, and when we focus on one thing, and neglect the other thing, of course, we will run into pitfalls. Therefore, it is our responsibility to maintain the balance in our life, and to walk the straight line. Every aspect of our life is a spiritual behavior that connects to the physical; also the negative and positive aspects of our behaviors are what we sometimes choose to put too much emphasis on that will sometimes lead us to the pitfalls.

So basically, it is really our calling to decide where and how we want to use our spiritual energy, and how we want to distribute it!


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Everything in the physical is a projection of the spiritual. So if your idea of spiritual is anything that you can't experience with the five senses, then yes, I'd say you are missing out. Spiritually.

If I am playing a musical instrument, and I am doing it in a spiritual way, that means I am becoming one with the instrument, and with the music that I/it creates.

The article you linked to seems to suggest that people tend to focus too much on external realities, when they should instead try to see people (and things) in their true nature.


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I agree with Vesuvius. We are spiritual beings experiencing a physical experience. In that sense we are totally spiritual. The physical is only a manifestation of the spiritual. The idea is to create consciously in order to have the physical experiences that are desired.


answered 01 Nov '10, 23:58

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if looking at only the spiritual aspect of our life you leave out the other two thirds of what it is to be human.


answered 03 Nov '10, 23:00

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