Hi everyone,

I have my refugee hearing coming up in a few weeks & in this past year, I've become a student of the Law of attraction. I do believe the Law of Attraction applies every time and trumps all laws.

I'm writing to ask for your suggestions about Law of Attraction / Abraham-Hicks processes I can apply as I prepare for this day. I'm focusing mostly on feeling joy in general. I want to get to place of letting go where there isn't a shred of nervousness when I think about this day. The details related to this are from the past and that past was my contrast, I'm in a place now of attracting those things in my life that I want.

What LOA processes do you suggest related to this? Thank you all for your encouragement!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you Universe! Everything went well!! Success. I just focused on my breath, told the truth & kept finding things to appreciate about the judge, the room, focusing more on my breath...

Thanks for your support in this forum. The Universe always has your back. Listen to the call of source!

(23 Nov '10, 17:34) Ren
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I think that asking this question in general is showing some feeling of lack. Everything has already worked out in your favor and all of the things to prove this are in motion right now. Enjoy the process is my favorite process.

Congratulations on winning your refugee hearing.

Much Love



answered 09 Nov '10, 13:14

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jim 10

Great answer Michael! And yes, Congratulations on winning your refugee hearing Ren!

(09 Nov '10, 13:40) daniele

Thanks Michael for the wonderful reminder that all is well! Thanks Daniele for your beautiful words.

Have a fun Tuesday :)

(09 Nov '10, 15:04) Ren

Hi Guys. Everything went well!!! Thank you:)

(23 Nov '10, 17:35) Ren
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The LOA is working for you around the clock, but you must also do your part, and take action to manifestation your desire, and the right outcome.

Have you followed all the manifesting steps for your refugee hearing? Now do you have a legal representation, do you have your personal information, and documents in order, are you prepared for the interview, meaning have you done your homework, and are you prepared to answer the question presented to you in term of the status you are seeking? Do you know what to expect in your interview, and are you fully prepared to get what you want? If you have done your research work, you have legal representation, and you know what to expect in your interview, then you have done your part of the preparation. Now that you have following all the manifesting steps for creating your desire, you will get the results you have created for yourself! Good Luck.


answered 13 Nov '10, 06:51

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you Vee for your thoughtful answer! I have done my part for sure. I have an excellent lawyer & I've attended & participated in all my preparation appointments & submitted my documents etc. I am going to have three more time periods to review everything again & prepare & review & also spiritually center myself. I'm in a place a joy & positive expectation & do believe the Universe always has my back & has called me forth to this time & place for success. I am ready to receive the yes outcome.

I look forward to sharing my good news on this forum:)

Have a good week Vee! Thank you.

(14 Nov '10, 07:11) Ren

Everything went well - thanks Vee for your support!

(23 Nov '10, 17:35) Ren

Wonderful, I am really happy for you!

(24 Nov '10, 00:36) Inactive User ♦♦
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